💕tapp plz!💕
heyy!! <3 how are you all? I am SO SO SORRY! I haven’t been posting much lately, but I will try to post at least once a week :) I will be posting more in @DORAAA- (my extras!!)🫶🌷 summer is FINALLY here!! (yayy!) more cap in comments✨


💕tapp plz!💕 heyy!! <3 how are you all? I am SO SO SORRY! I haven’t been posting much lately, but I will try to post at least once a week :) I will be posting more in @DORAAA- (my extras!!)🫶🌷 summer is FINALLY here!! (yayy!) more cap in comments✨

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🌱more caption!!🌱: heyy it’s Dora!! <3 soo my summer is going pretty well!! I do look forward to spend more time with friends and family, also enjoying the summer weather!!💕 how about you all? shoutout to the best person I’ve known in real-life: @dayydreamerrr! today is Alyssa’s birthday, PLEASE go send.her some love🌷 qotd: July or august? aotd: July!!💕🫶
this is stunning and yw!
hey Dora!! I miss you so much too! how’s everything?
this is so pretty!!! you’ve improved so much Dora!! ❤️
I’m good thanks for asking! how are you?? im definitely over my ex now but I’m nervous he might have caught feelings again😬 tryna get over it tho hahah anything new with you??
this is so stunning!!
and i’m sorry i haven’t written back, but i finished school in may and summer has been pretty good, wbu?
and for the collab, is it possible that we could just remix it on one of our other collages instead of making a chat page?
hey I know you’re probably busy w summer plans and such but when you get the chance could you check our chatpage
I remixed the final product but if you want me to change anything lmk!
I love this Dora!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that we have more time, could we maybe get back to that collab? 😅😅😅
this is gorgeous!💜
ahhhhh love love loveeee aotd: august slipped away into a moment in time…
thank youuu! yes i do hope so!
fav song probably hits different or bigger than the whole sky
<3 yep i understand that feeling aha 🫠
whoa this is gorgeous!!
and yes that’s completely relatable oml. struggling with confessing to my crush because the last time we will see each other for a long time is Tuesday afternoon and i’m sad about it lol
and nothing much really is happening! moving on wendesday and that’s like all lol
I will! please check E-Mails soon😂
oh my gosh me too! I have adams phone number now, just send him a Message🙈
I really hope he likes me back🤞💕
omggg this is amazing 🤩
do you want to make a chatpage or should i??
oh i’m gladd what have you been up to lately
this is so pretty omg I love this soooo much you’re so talented!
no no you’re all good! I haven’t been on for quite a bit either! 😬 i’m doing good! i ended up being able to go on the trip and I had so much fun! how are you doing? anything fun happening for you? <33
aotd: so hard because I love july but august is fun because of the taylor swift song 😭
hi!! I’m so glad I’m back, I’m doing good! hru?
Omg Tysm!
hey dora!! how are you? I just wanted to tell you that I can’t talk a lot on messengers (something you have to pay or things like that)…do you have Snapchat?😂💕
yes of courseeee! 🫶
love this💜
Aww Dora you’re so sweettttt😭💕 I’m trying to make them as fast as I can :)
Ahh this is so gorgeous!
Here for you always and I'm kinda the same with the feelings thing!
Sorry but maybe in a bit, things are just really busy for me right now so I don't want to rush it. Looking forward to it so much though! x
great, do you wanna post it??
im good! just made an update just for you!
hbu hru?
AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HAIR COMPLIMENTS- i bet yours is so beautiful!!🩷
Omg this is gorgeous 😍
Thank you!!
I'm good, how are you?
tysm doraaa🫶🏻💕
TY 🫶
yeah!…hmm, maybe when the holidays come up (for me:))
this is so pretty!!💗 summer vibes coming <3
hey Dora how have you been?
this is gorgeous!💕 (tap my icon and visit my profile)
HII! how have you've been? 💓 your collages have improved, this one is so pretty 🤩x
I MISSED YOU SM TOO!! you're such a fun person to talk to 💕 that's great, I've been pretty well thank you! Also congrats on graduation, loved hearing back from you 💓
alsooo, I'll be thinking of returning back but I'm not 100% sure if I'm ready for it again !