••• I know you’re gonna tap this •••
Can’t wait to see what you ask! 
QOTD: Favorite animal?
AOTD: Dolphin! 🐬


••• I know you’re gonna tap this ••• AND YOU DID 😛 Can’t wait to see what you ask! QOTD: Favorite animal? AOTD: Dolphin! 🐬

75 6
AOTD: to many to choose from😂
tysm! ❤️
AOTD: cheetah 💕
AOTD: duckkk 🦆 ahahaha don’t ask
AOTD: red panda
yep!!!! [a] doggie x3 or panda one question, what colour are your eyeballs o.O jkjkjk reeal question, are you those kind of people who surround themselves with like 10 friends or you prefer to stick with 1-3 friends? (this is a random question but, im curious :p
hiiiii! congrats again for winning my contest (the one with a the sunflower stuff 😂)! so...you have the choice if you want to do a collab with me...let me know if you’re interested!
I did the answers 🤪
WHOAAAAAA I NEVER REALIZED THATTTTT (curiosity kills the cat//there’s a cat in the picture) whoa ur smart 😂
yussss collab! wanna do background/quote or text?
ahhhhhh its pending review O_o
hey. i’m kaia wanna be friends??
AGHHHHHH ITS STILL PENDING REVIEW!! maybe...can you do the text on the background you have, and I can um do pngs...? wait no ahhhhh
I’m going to use this one, if that’s okay! do you have a quote?
and...also (fjdjskskks I feel so bad for making u do all this stuff 😂) do u think you could remix just that one bigger? tyyy 💕
AOTD: love them all
ohhhh yes I love potatoes
Question: favorite fast food? btw lol fyi tbh brb omg
ik these comments are annoying but here we go😂could you please enter my summer contest? it’s my first one and i want a lot of people to enter. thanks! 💞🍍🏝😚
nooo I don’t want to kill you! u seem way too kind!
LAST CALL FOR MY SUMMER CONTEST! Go enter, the winners will be picked TONIGHT at 8 pm. GOOOO AND ENTER!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!🍍🏝🍓😂💖
hey.. do you think sketchy is okay? she hasn’t been chatting and she normally chats A LOT... 😥
dun dun da
ikr! 😖 I’m so worried!!!
can you post a new collage
GOOD JOB! 🎊🎈🎉 You got an HONORABLE MENTION on my SUMMER CONTEST🏝🍍 Your prize is: collab or icon, it’s your choice! There is a post on my acc to congratulate you. Your icon, if chosen, will be sent to you within the next hour. GOOD JOB👏🏻👏🏻 ~Kaia💞
hmm... probs a collab but it’s totally up to you.
a horse
what is your real name?
haiii can u pls answer my question xddd