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hey hey
so what do u wanna do ?
I have an idea like a story lol um so we go to a wedding in the best man your the brides made and we h8 each other, but the bride and groom get food poisoning and we have to go on there honeymoon trip
sorry that’s so specific lmaø
ur fine
oohh I’ve read that book ! ur talking about unhoneymooners right ? and can I pls be the girl, I’m nearly always the guy in bxg
yeah! and fs I’ll be the dude
thanks, and I’ll remix my character in a sec
you wanna start it should I?????
can you start pls ?
yeah fs fs
* tightening up my tie in the bathroom before the wedding*
*I’m in my room, laughing with the other bridesmaids and my sister, getting ready*
* someone tells me to go get the bride so I come and knock*
* I laugh at a joke a friend said and go to open the door*
hey- is your sister in here??? the bride??? * peaks behind you to see in the room*
uhh yeah… *mutters obviously and rolls my eyes when I go to get her*
* rolls my eyes at the fact that you rolled yours, and tells your sister to go see her mom bc she asked for her* see ya at the wedding * says to you with an annoying face*
hope not too *smirks at you and slams the door in your face* {to my friends} uggh!
*stands outside the door for a sec in a little bit of shock and goes to the spot where the weddings gonna happen*
*I rant with my friends for a while and then we take our places at bridesmaids at the wedding venue*
*stands next to my brother at the alter, looking charming but it disgusts you*
*I wait for my sister to come up the aisle, standing and whispering excitedly with a friend of her’s*
*you catch me looking at and then looking away quickly*
*I shrug it off and my sister arrives*
* the wedding happens and everyone’s having drinks together* * ik talking it up with everyone *
*I dislike alcöhöl so I decline all the drinks except water*
*walks over to you* no drink??
*shrugs* not thirsty why ? want to get me one ? *smirks knowing we h@te each other*
*chuckles a little* over my dead body
I was just asking
of course *smirks and leaves*
*smiles rudely* *talks to your sister*
*talks with my sister’s new husband*
* everything settles down and the next day everything goes wrong*
*my sisters calls me and tells me that both she and her husband are extremely sick*
* I get the news two and we both go to there house to help them not knowing we’re both gonna be there*
*I get there five minutes before you and sit at the kitchen table with my sister and her husband*
*I walk inside* oh- hey * ignores you* how ru guys feeling
*I roll my eyes* well they’re obviously not okay if they had to call you.
oh shut up *rolls my eyes*
{sister} soo.. as you know, we haven’t been feeling well, but the problem is that most of the wedding guests haven’t either…
*nods* yeah…. and???
{husband} well… the things is, well, you both know about the honeymoon to Spain we had planned, right ?
*nods again* right yeah
{sister} so, since we’re sick, we can’t go ourselves.
{husband} so we phoned our parents or any couple we know who came to the wedding, to see if they wanted to go, they’re all sick as well. you two are the first to not be sick.
*shakes my head* no, no no no noooo I’m not going with her
w-wait what ! g-go with him ? *stares at you in disgust, then looks at my sister again* you’re not serious, right ? this is just a bad joke ? right ?
{ sister } you guys need to calm down, the tickets aren’t refundable and someone needs to go. now go get packed because the plain leaves tonight
I just stare at her as you leave* *you leave* what on earth are you two thinking ! I h@te him and he h@tes me ! you’d be lucky if we won’t k!ll each other !
{brother} give him a chance, please, I really don’t think you guys are gonna h8 each other as much as you thinkkkkkkkk
oh I’m sure we’ll all be holding hands and dancing around the campfire eating s’mores and singing by the end of this, won’t we ?
* your sister looks at you * { sister } just go, i guarantee he he doesn’t wanna go just as much as you
* brother } yeah but don isn’t gonna be a baby about it
*i sigh* I hope so *I thank them and leave*
** the night comes where we both have to leave. we meet at the airport both pxssed about this whole thing *
*i get the airport and check our * I call dibs on the window seat *i scowl at you, waiting for your reaction*
* rolls my eyes and gets on the plain putting earbuds in*
*takes out my iPad and starts watching a movie once we’ve reached cruising altitude*
* falls asleep * * as I’m sleeping my hand slips on to your lap*
*i dont notice until a while later* what the… *i move your hand back on your lap and go back to watching my movie* *slightly blushing*
* wakes up a little when you do* why are you touching me???
*stares at you* your touched me first ! *move my hand back on my iPad and start playing video games*
what ru talking about?* rolls my eyes getting my phone out*
*rolls my eyes at the comment and keeps on playing*
* hours later * how long is this plain rideeeee
*I glare at you* we’re going to Spain, you idiot. it’s in Europe. how can you think this would only take a few hours ?
oh shut up I didn’t think it would only take a few hours I was just asking a question * sighs*
*smirks at you and keeps playing* **when the plane arrives*
finallyyy * gets up * in so ready to be off this plain oh my god
*mutters* and I thought we’d never agreed on …
*walks over to the Starbucks place at the airport and orders*
* gets my bag and comes up to you waiting *
**i go sit down at at a table and look around, smiling*
* sits there with you, someone walks up*{person} hiii I just wanted to say that you two are just the cutest!! like couple goals! * I look at you in disgust * oh ahaah we’re not together but thanks we appreciate it *smiles charmingly*
*scoffs* yeah, he wishes he could date me, but thanks anyway *smiles at her and goes back to my drink*
*she laughs* ofc * I look at you annoyed * can we go now ?
*I roll my eyes* oh, by all means, please leave *I get up and grab my bag* we should really go get the rest of the stuff, it’s not like they don’t steal here..
I know that I’m not stupid * grabs the rest of the stuff with my muscular body *
well you look it *starts to walk over to the luggage place*
*rolls my eyes ignoring you*
*grabs my bag with ease, and looks at you expectingly* well ? are we going to get the Uber or not ?
* looks at you with disbelief * you- ugh you make me so mad * turns away from you calling a uber*
*smiles* I hope I do *calls my sister to tellher we’ve arrived*
* hangs up waiting outside the airport with you for the Uber * where are we staying exactly???
*hangs up* the family castle… it’s supposed to be broken down, I don’t know what my sister was thinking ….
the family what now??!!
family castle *rolls my eyes* my mum’s family used to be nobles here… *the Uber arrives*
geeez that’s crazy * mumbles* no wonder your so stuck up
*hears you* well it is pretty normal around here *gets in the cab and gives the address to the driver*
guess I’ll be fitting in great * gets in*
of course you will *I smile at you and the Uber starts driving*
* can’t tell if your being sarcastic or not and just gets in*
*we get to the entrance ark and the Uber leaves* I hope you like walking Donavan *smiles*
why do you say that?? * looks confused *
you didn’t seriously think the castle was going to be at the entrance, did you ? *i laugh a little and open the doors with an enourmous key*
well yeah I kinda did * chuckles * i thought we where just gonna stay at a resort or something
yeah, me too… *i grab my bags and start walking along the overgrown grass* guess my sister thought it’ll be some romantic thing or something…
i guess so * walking through the overgrown grass* ugh I can’t walk through this anymore it’s ruining my shoes * I say and you think i sound so annoying *
*i roll my eyes* well the. try to find the path then your majesty *i say while rolling my eyes at you*
* rolls my eyes looking around for a clear path * * walks over to the clearest spot *
*wondering if I should tell you about the marshes but decide to grab my phone and film you instead*
this is disgusting Sena, I swear to god once im there im not leaving- *steps in one falling over*
*i start to laugh and keep filming* I think your good right there *keeps on laughing*
i h8 you * says while laughing and getting up*
*stop filming and walk over, grabbing your bags and pulling them out of the mud* I know
* laughs more * thanks * gets up covered in mud * I’m taking a shower
well start walking your muddiness, we still need to walk for a few minutes *starts walking checking how muddy the bags are*
here I can take those * reaches for the bags*
*passes you the bags, keeping some of the mud that was on them*
* we make it to the front doors both muddy at this point* leaves my bags on the front porch *
*i grab the key and try to push open the doors, without success* are you going to help me or not ?
I didn’t know the doors where that heavy * pushes them open with no trouble*
oh shut up *i roll my eyes and walk into the hall and my jaw drops* I didn’t remember it being this big….
* walks inside * holy cr*p… wow * looks around *
well I’m gonna find a room *starts walking up the stairs on the left*
yeah me too * walks up after you finding a room and setting my stuff down * I’m taking a shower * goes into the bathroom but you don’t hear me say than I am*
*i sit on the bed and scroll through my phone for a while*
* gets out only wearing a towel and finding something to wear*
*i don’t know you’re in the bathroom and go to open the bathroom door still on my phone*
hey, hey, hey I could’ve been n@ked in hereeee
holy sxxt !i turn around and close the door behind me*
* laughs a little shaking my head * * gets dressed and comes down to the fancy kitchen *
*im still a bit embarrassed and I. in one of the rooms next to the kitchens*
* sits down in a chair on my phone drinking some coffee*
*just wanders around the place and somehow ends up in the kitchen*
* looks up at you * I know you loved seeing me in that towel * laughs teasing you*
oh yeah sure I did *i rolls my eyes and turns away from you to make some coffee*
* nods * ah new it * turns off my phone looking out the window at the water *
*starts drinking my coffee and sits on the counter looking at you* how long is this going to take anyway ?
huh? what?
the « honeymoon » *i say with finger comas*
oh * sits back in the chair * a while
what does that mean ? a while can be a long time donavan !
chillll, my brother sed two weeks
*i grown and sit and jump off the counter* I’ll be in my room if you break something *i start walking towards the door*
* rolls my eyes * cool, I’ll be at the beach * I know that you want to go to *
*i stop at the door and look at you, then decide that it wouldn’t be that bad if I went as well* do you even know which are the good beaches and which have sewers the size of this place ? trust me, you’ll probably go there and come back covered in sxxt. I’m going with you *i cross my arms*
* laughs * okay I’ll meet you outside
*i run upstairs and get * *i come downstairs after a while and come over to the kitchen*
* I’m on the front porch on my phone waiting *
*i grab my phone and a book and walk over to you* so when we leaving ?
if your ready, now * stands up *
sure *smiles a little but tries to hide it for some reason* race you to the door
I’ll beat you but okayyyy * starts running *
hey ! *runs after you and catches up after a while*
this is seeEePpPp * says while running and can’t stop *
oh *pants* I hadn’t noticeddddd *falls on top of you while tripping on a branch and we roll down the hill*
* we fall all the way to the door * ow… * is holding you because some part of the fall I ended up holding you*
well that hurt *i’m hugging you for the same reason, then realise what I’m doing and let go quickly*
* sits up in pain * I’m gonna be so sore * gets up with a grunt * well we made it to the door at least
yeah *ismile* at least I walk to the door where the Uber is waiting and give him directions*
* gets in the Uber * I have a cut on my arm * says while examining my hands and arms *
let me see *i lean over and take a look at the cut*
* shows you, and it’s actually pretty bad*
* i since a little* are you sure you want to go to the beach ? I don’t want to tell your brother how you lost all your blood surfing…
wince** (fxxk autocorrect)
ummm, you know I’ll be fine * laughs*
you better be, cause I’m not going to your funeral *i think for a little while* unless there would be cake
why would there be cake at my funereal??
i don’t know *i shrug* I might have to bring it myself. *i think for a while again* there was cake at my grandmothers though, so I guessed it would be the same for all funerals…
* laughs * your an idiot * says joking * I don’t want cake at my funeral
then I’ll bring cupcakes *i smile and we arrive at the beach*
* laughs * fine you can bring cupcakes, but I doubt you’d actually come to my funeral
you’d be surprised *I smile and get out of the Uber*
*smiles a little, surprises at you being nice* * gets out * it’s so nice hereeee
*laughs a little* yeah, but the weather changes pretty quickly, so we should start finding a good spot *starts to walk towards the beach and looks back at you* are you going to be as slow as usual or are you actually gonna make an effort ?
* rolls my eyes * I’m faster than youuuuuu
oh yeahhhh, you wish ! *starts running downhill towards the beach*
* runs after you catching up quickly *
*glances at you when you get near and slows down when I get to the sand*
* you beat me bye a little bit * * out of breath* you got a head start
sore loser *i’m. out of breath as well but I smile*
nooo I’m just saying the facts * laughs * walks away from you finding a spot *
*I roll my eyes and smile, following you*
* sets my stuff down in a nice sandy spot taking off my shirt *
*I put down my stuff and lay on a towel taking out my book*
your gonna read??? while we’re at the beach with surf boreds???
*I roll my eyes and look at you* yes, I’m gonna read, I’m not gonna get sand all over my hair today. especially not after that plane ride.. *I go back to my book and you notice the title*
wow you really are no fun * sighs * hm, good book though
*I smile then frown* was that an insult, or a compliment ?
what do you mean? * laughs * I just sed you where no fun. not a complement but yeah good book
*I smile* you know, you remind me of *annoying character*
damnnn your meannnn, im leaving now * laughs and walks away*
*I smiles and watches you leave from the top of my book, the. realise what I’m doing and blush*
* smiling to myself and then stops talking to the person with the surf boards being nice and charming
*I go back to my book, occasionally looking at you, then mentally slapping myself each time I do*
* gets my surf board and is actually good at surfing *
*I raise my eyebrows at you since I didn’t think you were actually that good*
* when I finish I walk back up to our stuff and grab my towel to dry off, I then putt my shirt back on*
*I put down my book and turn to look at you* so are we gonna leave yet ?
* looks at you * I’m ready if you are
*I stand up* im gonna walk around those rocks *I point towards to them* see if I can find some seashells or stones *I grab a small bucket I brought with me and walk towards the rocks*
okay, have fun with your rocks * smiles annoyingly and goes on my phone *
*I roll my eyes and keep on walking, I come back after half an hour with the bucket filled with seashells*
wow, what you gonna do with all those?
make a necklace, I’m gonna see if I remember how too.. *I put the bucket down and pack my things* we leaving now ? or do you want to go get wet with your new buddies again ?
* laughs * somebody jealous because I’m just soooo likable * smiles and gets up * I’m just kidding let’s goooo
*we walk to the edge of the beach and I call and Uber to come pick us up*
* the Uber is taking a while* where do you work again??
*staring small talk*
*we get there and by the end of it we know a lot about each other*
ugh I’m exhausted * walks inside the castle/house*
hmm *walks to the kitchen and starts looking for food*
hey can I use your sea shells for something real quick?
sure… *is clearly suspicious of you but gives you three big sand dollars*
thanks * takes them leaving and going into a dog room *
*I raise my eyebrows and run after you* hey !
different*** ( not dog haha )
calm downnnn I’m not gonna break them
I’m gonna paint them don’t worry * looks at you* why do you have this room anyway?
(lol) *I take into account all the different music instruments in the room, and walk over to the different guitars* cool…
do you play guitar?
oh, yeah, yeah I do.. *I stare at them in wonder*
damnn one thing we have in common * smiles * you should play it
yeah. but *I play something short and wince at the sound* I’m going to have to tune them…
dang, for sure * gets up stopping my painting * there nice
*I walk next to you and try not to look too impressed* nice painting
thanks, told my boss I’d have a beach themed collection so I have to do that * smiles * well you need to make sure your food isn’t burning
*my eyes go wide and I sprint to the kitchen* holy sxxt!
* laughs, shaking my head *
*I turn off the oven and take out the food, it ends up looking good and eatable* it’s not burnt !
hm that’s surprising!
oh please can you at least look happy, it’s empanada gallega! *you look at me having no idea what I just said*
*i laugh* you’ll see. probably one of the best foods Spain has ever created. *I show you something that looks like a pizza, but with crust over it, so it looks like it’s only bread*
* tilts my head looking at it * can I believe you though??? * chuckles *
yes, unless you think I’ve poisoned it, and you don’t like tuna
I mean you never knowwwwww * looks at it again * okay okay, I’m just kidding let me try it
sit down *I nod to the table behind me and walk over to the cupboard and find a knife*
whatever you say * sits down *
*passes you a plate with a slice on it and starts cutting one for me*
thanks * tried it * hm, actually good
*i smile a little* well if I’m going to be stuck with you I might as well give you some culture
yeah, might as welllll * smiles, stops myself, enjoying my time with you *
*i laugh lightly and finish my food, then take your plate and take it to the washing machine to clean the dishes*
* I walk in and come next to you helping you with the dishes * * our arm touching so often *
*im blushing softly because of your touch and I pray that you don’t notice*
hey I can clean the rest of these if you wanna go relax or something * says while drying a dish off *
*i look a little surprised* really ? thank you ! *I smile at you and run back to my room to take a shower*
yeah * smiles a little and finishes up*
* I finish showering and climb onto my bed in my pjs, scrolling through my messages*
* continue to paint and hours pass *
*I start to get worried in case you got lost and I walk around the castle/house looking for you*
* gets up leaving the music room to wash my hands, I have paint on them and paint on my face by accident *
*I walk into the music room and stand next to the painting taking into account how pretty it is*
*walks back in and sees you, smiles softly* you like it?
*is a little startled and blushes slightly before nodding* hmm, oh yeah, it’s surprisingly really good *i smile tauntigly but kindly*
* laughs a little * dang you thought I’d be bad huh? but thank you * says In a full of myself way *
*laughs softly* so you’ve been painting for 5 hours and you aren’t tired ?
eh- who sed I wasn’t tired? * laughs raising my eyebrows obviously exhausted*
*i roll my eyes and sigh* you are going to sleep this instant, before exhaustion kills you before I do*
wow, your very rude * bites my lip and sighs * I’m gonna go sleep since you insist
oh I insist *i raise my eyebrows and walk over to you* do I have to drag you to your room ?
I mean if you “ insist “ * looks at you plainly *
*grabs your arm and tries to get you out of the room, whiteout success*
* laughs * damnn that was hard to watch * smiles and walks mostly out the door *
*rolls my eyes and lets go of your arm* well how about I… *points at a guitar* sm@sh that guitar on your head
that would be painful, and a waist of money * lifts my shoulders being cocky *
*i sigh and pu my arms in the air* fine ! I guess I ´ll just have to use your painting…
* is almost to the stairs and turns around * don’t you dare
oh I’ll dare …. *i walk slowly to the painting, still facing you* you have 30 seconds…
* shakes my head * I h8 you * runs in grabbing it and going back to the stairs *
hey ! *runs after you, chasing you to the corridor leading to the attic*
* runs up the stairs and more stairs and more, you very close behind me * Jesus how many stairs are there
l-lots *i try to grab your wrist but end up grabbing your hand*
* when you do, naturally I hold it back and then realize what I’m doing and let go stopping on a high floor out of breath *
*i collapse on the floor, sitting down, exhausted*
* sits down closely beside you can’t helping but to lay down *
it’s… it’s too early for this..
your telling me * sighs * I was just about to go to sleep
why couldn’t you just paint in the morning ? why at night ? *i turn to you and try to ignore how close our faces are*
* turns towards you our faces inches away * I don’t know, I’ve always been like that though, I just can’t do it during the day
but whyyy ? i mean, sure it’s a lot nicer at night, when everything’s nice and quiet, but…
don’t ask I don’t know, I just don’t feel creative any other time * yawns *
fiiine *i look at you then at the hallway, clearly curious* I know you’re tired, but I’m gonna go check this place out. you should go sleep
* nods * I shoulddd…… but i wanna see too
okay then *i stand up* you coming mr « I don’t want to sleep but I’m tired » *says tauntingly and is clearly excited*
* smiles and gets up * yup * walks up next to you *
perfect *walks quickly to the nearest door and opens it, revealing a dark room* ummm shouldn’t we get a lamp or something first ?
I don’t know, here wait * gets out my phone and uses the flashlight *
*i walk inside the room and use my own phone’s flashlight to look around*
* screams, and it makes you laugh * oh my god * putts my hand to my heart *
what is it ? *i walk over to you and stare at the painting of a family* you were scared by old tatara tatara abuelo ?
* laughs a little * sorry I’m just paranoid rn I feel like I’m gonna be murdered by some sacred doll or sun
*i laugh* you’ve seen too many horror movies. do you want to look at another room in the meantime ?
* laughs * sure * walks out and into another room *
*i look around the room and find a trapdoor on the ceiling which I can’t reach* hey Donavan ?
yeah? * walks in *
can you reach that lever ? I want to see what’s up there…
* walks over and opens it up * u sure you wanna go up there, there’s probably spiders
y-yeah, that’s why you’re coming with me !
noooo, I didn’t agree to that
well you just did *i smirk and look up to the weird place* if you don’t, I’m summoning a demon with the ouija board I found
oh shut up * starts to clime the ladder to get up there *
*smiles to myself but is still worried about the spider comment*
you better be claiming that ladder rn coz I’m not being up here alone
coooming *starts climbing the ladder and you arrive to the top of it*
wow, so excited, an old dusty attic * takes your hand helping you up*
*I stand and hold your hand for a little more, then realise what I’m doing and quickly let go* oh yeah, and that’s not a balcony
* blushes softly but it’s dimmed by the dark room* where?
*points towards glass doors leading towards a stone balcony, covered in ivy*
dang this place doesn’t disappoint * walks towards it having to lean since the ceiling is low*
*I follow you and open the doors after a few tries*
* I hear a creaking in the floor under you and grab you quickly before the boards under you fall to the floor below *
*I hold you tightly, and stare at the floor in shock, not even bothering to cover up my blushing*
oh god… you okay?
y-yeah… *is still staring at the floor in shock, and slowly loosens my grip on you*
u sure * smiles * your holding onto me like your about to die
*I glare at you and let go* shut up *I walk over to the balcony, testing the floor in case more of it is broken down*
* laughs and follows you out onto the balcony *
*I look out of the balcony and notice that the sun is already going up* wow…
what time is it? * checks and it 6am * that’s so pretty
hmm *I stare at it a little longer then turn to you* shouldn’t we go downstairs now ?
um, I kind wanna watch it rise, the sun, but you can
okay, don’t fall of the roof then *I smile and start to climb the ladder*
* can’t believe what I’m about to say * you should stay… watch the sun it’s only a couple minutes anyway * smiles softly *
**im equally surprised* okay then *I smile and walk next to you, walking carefully around the hole*
* leans my elbows on the balcony * * the sun shining on my chiseled face *
*I cross my arms over my chest and look at the sun, occasionally turning my attention to you*
* looks tired but is glowing a bit in the sun * * glances at you noticing your pretty eyes *
*holds eye contact with you for a bit, then looks down blushing slightly*
* looks away biting my bottom lip a bit, fidgeting with my hands *
*I try to focus on the sun, but end up just staring at you more*
* I know your looking at me and I hold back a blush, the sun has fully rised now * * clears my throat a little * I’m gonna go to bed now, I don’t think I can keep my eyes open * laughs a little*
*I laugh as well* yeah, I should go to *I yawn behind my hand and walk over to the ladder*
* I climb down an the next day comes around *
*I sleep for a long time and by the time I’m awake it’s lunch time*
* I’m asleep on the couch with a throw blanket falling off of me *
*i smile and walk past you to make lunch*
* starts snoring and is deep asleep *
*sits on a couch next to yours and starts eating and scrolling through my phone*
* wake after about 20 min * what time is it???
umm *checks my phone* 2 pm, why ?
Jesus Christ * sits up and yawns * late.. * my hair is super messed up, which you’ve never really seen *
Nice hair *I smirk and stare at you, waiting for your reaction*
oh shut upppp * feels it’s with my hand running my fingers through it to fix it quickly *
there’s food in the kitchen I you’re hungry, just don’t bother me, I’m gonna go explore *I stand up*
okay thanks * gets up * okay that’s easy
it should be *I smile and walk towards the stairs, you notice I test them all before climbing them*
* chuckles a little and you hear me from the hall waking in the kitchen *
*I explore for some time and I find some interesting things*
* has taken a shower and gone for a run during that time *
*when I finish searching I go downstairs to the kitchen to try to open some sort of safe*
what are you trying to do over there? * says from the table *
open this box *I sigh and put the tools down* *I look at you and then at the box, amazed that I’m going to say this* c-,could you help me ?
* smiles to myself * yeah, thought you might ask * smirks cockaly and walks over, I’m shirtless from my shower *
*I blush a little and hope you don’t notice, you unfortunately do*
why the pink cheeks? * says while opening the box/safe*
why the comment ? *I blush even more and look away*
* looks at you * just stating what I see that’s all * opens it * there you go little strawberry * winks and laughs *
strawberry ? *takes the box and smiles slightly because of the nickname* *pulls out of the box a pendant and a few letters*
yeah, you don’t like it? * laughs and smiles annoyingly * what’s with the letters ?
no idea… *I look at the pendant, and try to open it* since you’re soo good at opening things, how about you open this thing ? *throws it to you and looks at the letters*
* catches it and fiddles with it trying to get it open* what do they say?
no idea, but the first one is addressed to Jean Foix, and the Foix family was an important noble one in France….
damnn, you should open them * gets the pendant open * here * hands it to you*
yeah, in the 1800s, while the war with spain… *stares blankly at the pendant* it’s a…
* looks at you * what?…
*I show you the painting of a light green eye* a lover’s pendant,I’ve only seen one in the movies, but I think it explains why letters to an enemy of my family are doing here…
what’s a lovers pendant? * still confused *
okay, imagine you have a secret lover, but nobody can know because you’re not allowed to be together, because of social class, families, etc. then, you would buy a pendant and have a painter paint the eye of the person you liked, and you would put that in the locket.
oh wow… so someone in your family did that too a French dude?
*I wince* I guess… *I take a look at the letters and then back at you* I’m gonna go read these, see you later… *I start towards the door*
heyyy, I wanna know what they say, I did open the box after all
*I roll my eyes* fine *I give you half the pile* there. give me 30 minutes and I’ll have enough information on this… affair
* smiles and takes it * okay take your time * starts reading them *
*I finish reading and look at you, waiting*
* finishes * huh weird * hands them to you *
what ? *I take the letters and put them in a pile next to me*
I dunno, the letters just seem so sad * puts a hoodie on*
*i nod* yeah, it must have been horrible for them
* nods * yeah * yawns * I wanna go to a party or do something fun while I’m hereeee
I’m boredddd
oh wow I hadn’t noticed… *I think for a while* there’s usually a circus travelling around here, you can go if you like
a circus? * laughs * is there anything else? like any beach events?
yeah, but you’re gonna have to walk, cars can’t get up there. it’s an outside movie theatre in the mountains
walk… we should go, it could be fun *
*I shrug* I suppose.. *I check my phone* it’s in two days
oh well still we should go * sighs * I wanna do something while I’m here
*I nod again* I found some art supplies upstairs, maybe you could paint the house, and you could always go to the beach o al espigón
you know I can’t understand that * laughs * I’ll do the painting * wanders to go get the supplies *
*I smile a little and takes you to the kitchen, where I have all the supplies*
so, what exactly do you want me to paint?
*i shrug and toss you the locket* what you think this guy looked like, I’m gonna figure out who these letters were from
you want me to paint him based off his eye? * looks at the locket *
*i shrug again and turn away from him* use you’re imagination….. if it helps, his family’s supposed to be pale and have-had black hair
okay, I’ll try I guess * starts to sketch something *
*i look at you once and leave the room*
* looks at you, making eye contact and smiling a little *
*blushes lightly but smiles a little, then leaves*
* couple hours pass and I have a painting coming together *
*comes into the room you’re in, with some papers under my arm*
what are those * walks up to you pretty close *
family tree and some portraits I found *I try to ignore how close we are*
portraits of who * tries to grab the papers *
*dodges you* the family *shrugs and puts the papers on the table*
* grabs the papers looking through * damnn you look a lot like this girl * hands you the picture *
(sorry I haven’t been on much this week) *I shrug a little* I guess.. *looks through another stack and takes out a painting* this is the guy apparently *gives you the painting, lightly touching your hand*
( that’s okay! same here) * takes it and blushes softly * wow, he looks nothing like what I painted * laughs*
*laughs a little* at least you got the eyes correctly *i smile*
yeah, I guess * laughs * * grabs my phone texting someone *
*i start gathering all the papers and look at the painting* you know, he’d be handsome if he didn’t look like you..
ohhh, so your saying I’m ugly?
well, I’m just saying, that with some adjustments… *walks over to you and tilts my head* you might actually, be acceptable *i smirk*
is that right,, I’ll have you know, I’ve been told I’m very handsome bye many people
* laughs * but I don’t care what you say
of course you don’t *laughs* and continues packing papers*
* moves a bit of hair out of my eye* what are you thinking you’ll find again ?
I honestly have no idea *I shrug and smile*
hey, isn’t that outside theater tonight? we should go
*i nod* the get changed, we’re leaving in ten. *I leave to get changed*
alright * goes and gets ready, wearing something casual but it’s still in style* hey you ready yet?
yep *walks over to you, tying my hair in a messy high ponytail, wearing a summer dress* I just called the Uber, it’s coming in five
* catches myself starting at you thinking you look really pretty * right okay
*claps my hands a few times to get your attention* well then ? we’re gonna be late !
* snaps out * okay, okay chillll * walks towards the door *
*follows you and walks to the Uber*
* gets in and makes small talk with the driver *
*just listens and looks out of the window* *we get to the bottom of the hills*
* gets out of the car and thanks the drives helping you out kindly *
*smiles at you, a little surprised, and turns towards the driver, thanking him as well*
* smiles softly, walks towards the booth to get tickets *
*walks next to you, our fingers brushing softly*
* blushes lightly, not moving away and letting it happen
*nudges your hand slightly, and blushes brightly when I realise what I did*
* looks down at you a little smiling to myself* um can we get two tickets please * says to the person*
{person} *nods* 5 euros each
* we hand them the money and walk to where everyone is *
where do you want to sit ? *avoids your gaze and tries to act normally*
anywhere’s fine * looks around and sees a empty spot * how bout there
*shrugs* sure *walks over otro the spot and looks around*
you gonna sit down? * says while sitting on the ground*
oh um yeah *sits down. still looking around*
* you see me eyeing some girl in the crowd of people *
*I shrug it off and notice one of my friends* Javi ! *I get up and wave at him*
* looks up at you, then at your friend, he’s tall attractive, and it makes me feel some sort of jealousy*
*we start talking quickly in Spanish* and I present you to him* oh Donavan this is javi, we used to go to camp together
* nods and smiles kindly * hi, it’s nice to meet you * Is being fake but nice*
{Javi} *smiles warmly at you* hi, I hope Sena didn’t annoy you all the way here, she loves this place too much *i roll my eyes at him and he laughs* anyway I got to go, see you guys later *winks at you and runs over to some friends of his*
ahaha mm- she was prettyyy annoying * laughs * well nice meeting you * is wondering why he winked and just looks away*
*smiles at him and looks at you* sorry about, Javi has a thing for dramatics *someone motions for everyone to sit down*
* laughs * it’s alright * sits back down *
* leans over reallllyyyy close and whispers in your ear something rally funny *
*snorts and laughs softly, and one of Javi’s friends notices*
*he winces a bit and turns away from us, and I notice*
* smiles at your laugh and the movie starts *
* notices javi looking over at us, I didn’t move much after getting close to you *
*he whispers something to the guy that was looking at us before and laughs at him*
* moves away from you subtly because their weirding me out *
*the movie finishes and I call an uber* you good ?
huh- yeah I’m good, are YoU gOod?
* still seems off in a way*
yeah… *shrugs it off and the Uber arrives* you coming?
yesss * walks over running a little * * messes up your hair and gets in the Uber *
* before you get it javi and his friends come to say goodbye to you*
*I say goodbye to them and get in next to you, fixing my hair* why did you do that ? *says it sternly but I smile*
because… you know you love me * says annoyingly and laughs *
*rolls my eyes* I love you as much as you love me Donavan
dammn, so you must really like me- * my eyes widen and I hope you didn’t hear me. but I didn’t say it quietly *
*thinks your saying it sarcastically* oh yeah I definitely do *smirks at you*
* laughs and looks down*
you good ? if it’s javi and his group then don’t worry, they’ll all idiots, besides this was a good day *i smile at you apologetically*
hm-.. yeah yeah I’m good, it’s no problem * smiles* they seem nice
*laughs softly* most of them are
* chuckles * most of themmmm? who you don’t like?
Hugo *looks out of the window and avoids your gaze*
why? * says while cracking my knuckles by habit*
umm.. *stares at my hands and then looks at you, still avoiding your gaze* why do you want to know ?
oh- no reason I was just curious.. did he do smth bad?
*shrugs and looks at my hands* doesn’t matter, he’s okay now…
* looks over at you * hey… you good? we don’t have to talk abt him if u don’t want
*smiles* it’s fine, he’s just annoying *says it with finger comas*
okayyy * sits back on the seat and we get to the house *
*I hurry out of the Uber and walk/run to my room*
* walks in a normal pace up to the house * why in a hurry?
im just tired, and I’d rather go to bed early than feel terrible tomorrow
fair enough, goodnight * smiles and walks toward my room at the other end of ten hall*
*smiles feebly at you and goes to my room* *I leave my things there then walk around the house*
* shuts my door gently and gets ready for bed * * gets in bed and watches TikTok’s *
*hears a loud noise coming from the attic and decides to go up there to investigate*
* comes to your room to ask where something in but your not there *
*remembers I forgot to bring a flashlight so I go back downstairs but see you in my room*
* is just walking our wondering where you are and sees you * oh I was just looking for you
why ? *walks over to a drawer and starts looking for the flashlight*
* stands in the doorway leaning up against it * where’s the towels? i forgot
*rolls my eyes and faces you* your closet, in one of the top drawers.
alright thanks, what ru doing anyway?
*stares at you a bit, deciding if I should tell u or not* looking for something
right, okay… what ru looking for?
i told u, something *stuffs the flashlight in my pocket, and walks towards the door*
* as you walk outa the room I grab you softly pulling you close * why do you need a flashlight??? hm?? * smirks annoyingly*
*rolls my eyes* do I really need to repeat myself ? again ? *sighs* for, something !
* chuckles * dang, your cute when your mad * let’s go of you *
and you’re annoying when you’re talking *smirks at you and walks over to the door*
Ah, I guess I’ll have to shut up * rolls my eyes and laughs *
*calls over my shoulder* that’s the best idea you’ve ever had, I’m gonna go write it down !
don’t waste your time!! * yells from my room *
*yells back at u after slamming the door* I won’t !
* a little while later I hear you upstairs and I want to see what your doing* * I find you in a room and sneak up on you* * I hug you from behind just to freak you out *
what the- *screams and elbows you in the side*
Oof- * laughs * did I scare you * chuckles * what the helll are are you doing?
doing anyway*
*rolls eyes* it’ll take more than an idiot to scare me *turns away from you* I told you before,something
ughhhh I’m bored and wanna do whatever your doing * stands right beside you * please
uggh fineee *hands you the flashlight* im looking for something
okay, how can I help * flashes it around aimlessly pouting *
fall down the stairs *smiles* and look for anything that moves
I’m really honestly curious, why do you h8 me sooo much? sometimes your nice and then you h8 me * sits on a table *
well, I could say the same about you. first your my friend, then you h8 me, then your actually nice now ?it doesn’t make sense Donavan
hey, I don’t give away my secrets and I asked you first so spill
spill your secrets to who, exactly ? besides, you were the one that started ignoring me and hating on my friend group first, not me.
to you. I don’t know what your talking about? back at the movie? because I was being nice and you were mean right when we got back here
it’s not just back at the movies, we were best friends in, I don’t know, 8th grade, then you randomly start ignoring me for no reason whatsoever !
it’s not for no reason, but whatever you wanna think, and also that’s not true, I asked you to the 8th grade dance but you sed no
and I didn’t realize that you cared what I thought abt you
i do not care about what u think, just because I did doesn’t mean I do now. *glares at you but blushes*
ohhh so you did care * looks at you like I’m proving something * all I’m saying is that I’ve been trying to be nice to you since were stuck together
*i open my mouth to say something but I hear a sound from behind you* what the-
*jumps down from the table and points the flashlight towards the the area * is it an animal?
probably *shrugs and walks slowly towards it* *looks behind a painting* aww, Donavan, look !
hm?? * walks over and looks over your shoulder * no, no, no not cute * looks terrified, even though it’s only a ( whatever animal )*
*rolls eyes* your telling me your scared of a baby lynx ?
yes, I am now like grab it and putt it out sideee * steps back*
oh come on, it’s not like it’s a street cat*looks at the lynx and then at you* stay here, I’m gonna go find some food for it, it looks starved
I knowww * watches you leave and just stares at the animal in pure terror *
*comes back up after 10 minutes and trips*
sxxt, you okay * walks over to you and reaches my hand out *
yeah I’m okay *smiles at you and takes your hand, not thinking much abt it* I’ve got some extra meat from yesterday, but we’ll have to go get more food tomorrow.
*helps you up, but our hands stay interlocked* yeah, okay… waittt your not keeping this thing
*laughs a little* of course I can’t, I’m not sure a akin would like her, but on the other hand, you don’t have any pets, so you can keep her when this vacation’s over
hèll noooo, I’m not even touching that thing.….
oh don’t be such a baby *smirks at you and walks towards the lynx, dragging you with me*
sena, sena, don’t you dare * winces * I don’t want it to look at meee
it’s gonna look at you more if you keep on whining Don
* your pushing me toward it * fine * whispers * * I’m close to it now and I just stare at it * what was the point of this?
the point, dear donavan, is that you’re gonna conquer your fear of an adorable baby lynx, apologise to me, and by me Starbucks tomorrow.
dear Donavan? * laughs * fine I’ll pet the little thing * reaches my hand out and pets it’s ear * there, and no im not buying you Starbucks
you are, dear donavan the coward, and if you don’t, I’m locking you in a room with this lynx for 15minutes
god dxmn, fine I’ll buy you Starbucks * rolls my eyes * your mean
thank you *smiles *let’s go of your hand and picks the lynx in my arms, walking towards the stairs*
* follows behind you * that things gonna kill us no doubt * sighs and walks back to the hall where are rooms are with you *
kill you, more likely *walks over to my room and puts down the lynx on my bed*
* stands in the door frame * yeah probably just me * laughs *
hmm *smiles wider and walks towards you* you gonna be able to keep an eye on her, ?
me? * looks at you, both of us getting closer *
nooo, the ghost of my ancestor and the dirt on your face
* laughs * I’m not gonna “keep an eye” on her youuuu are
*gets closer* didn’t know you were such a baby *smirks*
I’m not, I just don’t like that thing * smirks, very close now *
*rolls my eyes and takes a step closer to you* coward *smirks even more and looks up into your face*
mhm? * our faces just inches away from one another I lean in closer *
*i stand taller* you heard me *stays silent for a second* cowards *smirks even more*
Hm * kisses you, not even thinking, just doing *
*opens my mouth in surprise and stares at you with wide eyes, but not pulling away*
* pulls away and bites my lip looking down at you * sorry- I shouldn’t hav-
*stares at you and kisses you again, not really thinking about it*
* puts my hand on the back of your neck, kissing you softly surprised *
*blushes brightly and pulls away a little* I’m so sorry, I really shouldn’t have done that I-
* smiles a little * sena I’ve been wanting to do that all night
what ? *stares at you, surprised but not blushing as much*
at the movie, I couldn’t stop looking at you.. and honestly you don’t have to feel the same I’m just telling you
you seriously think that *laughs a little* I don’t feel the same ? come on donavan, I thought u were smarter
* looks at you confused * huh? you do? you like me… I mean really like me? * looks down at you my jaw dropped as a joke * hah! I got you with my charms * is still finding a way to be cocky even though I’m being venerable*
*laughs more but doesn’t smile* yes u idiot, and I guess you did get me with with ur charms
* smiles * what does this mean? us? * looks at you *
*runs my hand through my hair, brushing yours which is still on the back of my neck* I have no idea tbh
* sighs and leans my head against the door frame * we have… what? a week and a half left here together, then we have to go home…
then we’re gonna have to make the most of it then *smiles and holds your hand, slowly taking it off my neck*
* nods and smiles, kisses your forehead* I’ll see you in the morning
*whines a little* in the morning ? you sure ?
ohh~ I wouldn’t expect this from you * smirks and kisses you again*
*kisses you harder, cupping your face with my hands*
* you pull me into the room and I shut the door behind us* * kisses you with tongue *
*moans a little into the kiss and wraps my legs around your waist*
* sits down on the bed and bites your lip*
*closes my eyes and smiles, playing with your hair*
*laying you down on the bed taking off your shirt *
*lifts my arms to help you, then starts taking off your’s*
* runs my hands under your bra straps *
*my breath hitches and I break the kiss to breathe*
* my lips are to your neck to catch a breath, I then kiss your neck *
*smiles and undoes your belt, tilting my head to give your better access to my neck*
* leaves a small trail of hickys on your neck *
*throws the belt away and runs my hands over your chest*
* smirks, just letting you *
* gets self conscious about it and stops doing it* (sry I responded late, school’s been horrible)