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what I always do is I mess around with what I have :) I experiment with different pngs and effects until I find a style that fits. I tell people this all the time to experiment with new things :) and I’m sure you’ll find the inspiration you need 😁because something out there will inspire you and you won’t have to leave because I like your collages ❤️
you should keep everything and just start a new theme
I think you should start a new account but continue simple on this acc, I’ve seen your collages getting simpler I missed your complex collages. I’m sure there still beautiful xo
I think you can just start a new theme or restart bc if you start a new account you have to build up everything again like followers and such
Just try different things and styles that's what you doing
Also I'm looking at other ppl accs for inspo try that 😊
nooooo don't delete ALL of your collages. They're beautiful!! sometimes what I do is just delete a FEW of the collages I don't like, it really helps
I think personally live hour account and don't want to see you delete anything, but if you're account isn't making you happy feel free to start fresh , but you can also think of your account as a record of how you've grow and how much you've accomplished
*love your
I think you should restart. Maybe don’t delete everything, just keep your favorites. then you can get a fresh start!