⚡️ TAP ⚡️
If you read all this I’m proud of uuu. QOTD-What is your fave month? AOTD-Novemberrr even tho it’s the only month where I’m at school the whole month normally, I love the vibes like the calm before the storm of December and the new year 🎉💕


⚡️ TAP ⚡️ If you read all this I’m proud of uuu. QOTD-What is your fave month? AOTD-Novemberrr even tho it’s the only month where I’m at school the whole month normally, I love the vibes like the calm before the storm of December and the new year 🎉💕

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congrats on 2yrs!!
oooh congrats!!! and nm you? x
Sounds like we joined at about the same time👍🏻 And you don’t want to see my first collage probably😂 I deleted a lot of my “first days” collages anyways lol😆(I strongly regret that decision😅)
aaaaawwwwwwwww tysm~💖
congrats choleeee
AOTD: November cuz it’s the month of EXO comeback, Rep tour and fantastic beasts
yup. I shoulda kept them.
AOTD: December or January
congratulations on 2 years! wow
Congrats on staying two years! I remember your name RosesAreBlue2, that brings back memories ahh! I’m so glad that you decided to make this account and stay for this long, you’ve helped me through a lot of tough times, and I hope I’ve somehow managed to bring at least a little light to your life. You’re already an amazing person that I love so much, but I know that you can become Chloe if you really want to. I believe in you, sister! Let’s heal together😆Love you♥️🙌
Aotd: December! It’s my birthday month, and Christmas is the best😂😊
Re/ yEET I really want to meet you! I don’t want to wait until I’m grown up lol
Yeah, they are!
thank you!
congratulations 💞✨
I’m goooood, how are you?
hmmm. December 25, January 30, or the day I was saved. Which I’m pretty sure is sometime in March...
and yea, it is kinda stressful. But I love leading up to Christmas and all the music and decorations.
ik 😂
god I feel ya
hi I'm goood 😄
I think it's wearing off....? 😂 my body seems to hate itself a bit less atm thankfully
ellllo 💕
and I was busy on summer
I’m okay ig, busy, wbu? 🙃
You alrighty
huh? no you haven’t! why would you think that?
So I’ve come to comment and talk about pointless śhît let’s go
sO I recently wrote a song in Spanish just to practice so that was fun
I’m in my second year of Spanish so my song sux but it’s all fun
I’ll send it to ya if you want lol
I feel like such a little kid rn lol
Since I’m more excited than I should be about the new Warriors book coming out tomorrow
re: thanks
😬if I haven’t been responding to your messages it’s probably because I’m busy with school or studying for test argh 🙄
Has something happened?
Wym, and aw I’m sorry. 💗
awh happy 2 years on pc! ♥️
I’m so glad to see you back! :)
happy november! 🍂
great! wbu?
lol good luck my fren & mom’s typewriter is life!!!
if you are up what do you want to do for the collab
hey! I love your acc! I’ve been on and off pc for a couple years now but people like you are the reason I keep coming back😂 man that’s cheesy but very true lol
love your account!
ugh rip man :(
I’m good!! do you want to be friends?
Yeah, it is. See a doctor if you aren’t already and feel like you need to, please
hey Chole!! I’m enya
you were the one who won the prize. You should pick
Alright, I hope so :)
you’re welcome! ♥️♥️
I’m great! I’m so happy because I get today off from school for Election Day 😝 how are you?
tbh, I’m not. I failed a dictation today and my mom yelled at me :/ she basically implied that I’m a failure and that her and dad have never gotten a mark as low as mine. :( she keeps comparing me to her sometimes and tbh I don’t think she even likes me...I’m not what she wants me to be to her that’s a disappointment. she never said that aloud but I can feel it
good and bad :/ hbu
Hi and congrats
Re/ It’s super basic because my Spanish is extremely limited, but it’s about finding hope after being devoid of it for so long.
It’s called “Yo Fui” which means “I was,” but idk if fui is the right kind of was in this situation so bear with me😂
You need....book recommendations?
Oh honey do I got some books for you!
First off, Trigger by Susan Vaught is one of the best books I’ve ever read, I highly recommend it. Next, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is absolutely amazing and timeless. nEXT if you haven’t read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, give it a shot. Also, there’s Twisted Summer by Wilo Davis Roberts, which is an aWesome murder mystery. Also, if you like murderer mysteries, Murder House by James Patterson is a great novel. Then we have The Raft by Coningsby Dawson, which is a lesser known but still amazing book that I highly recommend. fINALLY, there’s the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, which I hIGHLY recommend. The first book is called Into The Wild if you’re interested xx
oOH WAIT there’s also the book series Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, the first book being under the same name as the series. It has four books as of right now (I haven’t read the fourth yet ahh) and it’s a dystopian and romantic series that’s really intriguing, even to someone who doesn’t like romance in books😂
(Also if you want to read more James Patterson, Second Honeymoon is a really good novel).
If you’re looking for a not-so-serious but still fun book, I recommend Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne
aLSO if you’re looking for something that falls into more realistic fiction, there’s Guitar Notes by Mary Amato.
If there’s s certain genre you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll probably have something😂
Yeah I read a lot😂
good you x
Hi🌿nice to mean you too💕💖
it was really yummy haha
aw thanks!! and I absolutely adore the name Chole💞 can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I had a pretty decent Halloween, didn't do much but the week of school was a relief lol
aww thankssss
and yes flashback to when we both had 300
that’d be ideal lol it can be hard tho
u too:)
yeah :)
I just laid around doing nothing all day haha 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
that’s a good idea! ♥️
hey 💕
I saw that! ♥️
thanks....it wasn’t English dictation btw lol
I’m doin well, but super stressed with school stuff atm
hbu sis?
if you want something different tell my this is your collab
aksjsksjs omg ripppp
just friend shīt. oof. other than that, life is fine
that sucks tho 💕💕💕
ahh I’m Australian and im 15!
I went to a (rather) local annual fair on a field that has like a massive fire and fireworks though turns out it was the last one this year because they’re building on that field now which kinda sucks because I’ve been going as long as I can remember :// Did you do anything?
Yeah, it’s kinda sad 😅
Omg, you know what’s weird?? My name is Chloe!!
thank you! 💗
Lol ik
Ooh no I haven’t, I’ll check it out
good u?:)
re//: I said yes lol 😉
Im such a tryhard love that
helloooooo xxxxxx
hey 🤘🏼
re//rip akjsjshsw
thank you! :)
thank you so much! also congrats on 2 years even though I’m a little late 😂
i've been feeling sad so i havent been online sorry
ah, i didnt leave. i just needed a break.
i miss ya too tho
skskks s it’s okay
hey!! how are you? ♥️
thank you! you’re fine, I’ve been inactive, like, forever.
How was your birthday party?
i’m okay :) i have a cold and it sucks haha
ikr 😖
nahh, you still have many people who care about you on PC, and to me, that’s what matters most.
how tho? u already rlly good
not really😂
oh, no problem! 😀 hru?
superimpose and phonto
Oof yeah we’re thinking of moving there and so far we like what we’ve seen of it. We’re thinking about going back in the summer :)
re// Dāmn rip
not to great rn thanks for asking what about you xxx
hey, i might leave. idk. hmu on insta tho. @hamnah.__
me have no chocolate :(
whi?? does it require phone number?
Woah haha
thanks for the suggestions! I’ll listen to them now♥️
hey! how are you? ♥️
sadly nope do you?
AOTD: December
awww girl you’re absolutely amazing. thanks for being so kind and a good representative of PicCollage!💕
no prob💕
omg man you made me crying by this flow of pure honesty it’s so beautiful wow
i am just so impressed by you and your person 💕