new week. if you are a teacher, remix a project on here or on the teacher thing. i have some activities planned. also it’s time to join some clubs, JOIN THEM YO MAKE FRIENDS AND AFFECT HOW THE STORY GOES!
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new week. if you are a teacher, remix a project on here or on the teacher thing. i have some activities planned. also it’s time to join some clubs, JOIN THEM YO MAKE FRIENDS AND AFFECT HOW THE STORY GOES! - so join -

6 13
ima to tomorrow
bc i am going to bed
but i opened it now because i am lazy and don’t wanna do it later
goodnight 😂
my dad is crazy
I told him that I thought I was getting sick bc I have chills and my body aches and I feel light headed and stuff and all he told me was I should of wore a was 70 degrees when I left the house and if 70 degree weather is going to make me sick than I should wear a parka all the time indoors🤦🏻‍♀️
I'm boredddddddddd-Emma😑
showering in the morning is so weird
I was so tired I shampooed twice and almost forgot conditioner and literally almost fell asleep standing up like 5 times
I’m actually going to fail my quiz :)
I failed my algebra quiz yeet
I just had my science quiz and bruh I didn’t get anything
I got a 100 on my lab :)) and I’m so happy bc labs are like impossible to get a good grade on
oop but I got a 77 on my case study
probably bc I didn’t realize I didn’t do like four questions😅
I just did a math lab and used way too many of my one brain cell
i had five tests today cause the quarter is ending in like two weeks and I probably failed all of them
oh that stinks.. I’m sure you did fine. 💕
I had a math test today and I’m feeling iffy about it.
i keep reloading my grades but their all slow graders
lol yea
Sandra ate an apple in the kitchen. || Everly sat in her dorm and watched TV. || Natalie sat on the bleachers. || Owen did stuff.
My people walked- well dalton didn’t because yeah...
Everly ignored the TV and looked at her social media.
Sandra signed up for an art class.
and I’m sick.
with a 101 degree fever whoop whoop
I get sick way to often these days
I’ve never got sick before
yeah Iris?
Maya did an Inktober drawing.
speaking of Inktober I’m a day behind and it sucks
no. yes. idk.
i didn’t really like the layout so I wanna redo it.
i feel fat
i ate an entire box of cookies
but oh well
they were delicious
also hi
that’s a mood.
Maya wishes Dalton was awake. but he wasn’t. so she was sad.
and there was Zaylie. so maya was big sad.
h m
i am back
i shall wait
to my home
with your torture
Everly turned off the TV in her dorm and looked out the window. // Sandra walked around the school. // Natalie day on the bleachers. // Owen danced by the vending machine.
not day
well I feel a little bit better
but I still have chills and my body rly aches
Ethan sat in the music room playing ballads on the piano. Julian was in the library. Myra eating some apples on the roof
h o l o
I got a 100 on my AP essay arent we proud of me :))
good job!!!!
kamryn uh walked and Zac Erm walked
dalton was still unconscious in his comatose. But he didn’t have anyone there in his room. Hudson finally convinced their mom to go home and finally get some rest. Hudson was at the beach with Zaylie and they were eating ice cream and talking
Tobin and Nicolás were in the library. Nicolás was helping Tobin with his reading. And for once, it wasn’t dr seuss
Everly pulled her hair back and looked out the window, just thinking.
we need drama but what drama 🤔
Maya sat in her dorm.
yes we do
me can elaborate on maya’s sad
Everly opened her window. the cool air rushed in. she flipped through a book, glancing out the window occasionally.
b o m b
also i might make a bit of our own little high school type of mean girls drama cliche little click thing. idk
i feel like Carmina and Zaylie would be friends by reasons i don’t want to share just yet
n o
y e s
i wiLL pUt yOu iN tiMe oUt
skylars grandmother
i wiLL mAkE cArMiNa buLLy yOu
watch her be even more evil than skylar’s mom
Everly’s thoughts distracted her from her reading and she looked out the window for a while.
n o
who do you think she learned from?
suddenly another bomb feel out of the the sky
part of me is scared that in another timeline or something like that skylar is evil just like her mother and grandmother...
j k
your gonna do it when i’m not on
and i am prepared
i wouldn’ttttt
the school has made a bunker for these bombs
I’s entirely possible
since whennn
bc outside of the rp world she’s a demigoddess who loves in another dimension
so it’s entirely possible for her to evil like her mom and grandma
and possibly great grandma
and maybe her great great grandma
well now that i think about it, kira had dorothy, and dorothy had kids...kira would have been a grandmother but she is- err...yeah
so connor and skylar could be grandparents now too....
i mean i already made the entire callery~akin family tree once when i was bored
so that gen was created for fun based on my child of the three...but idk if i would use them
also now that i remember
skylar’s mom kidnapped her grandson
memory lane is fun
especially looking back at the things you forget
ok i guess
rp anyone?
let’s rp
zaylie and hudson were at the beach hanging out, they were probably gonna have a beach hang out or party later...hmmmm
Nicolás and Tobin were reading in the library
i ate crab eyes
because i got dim sum and kinda just ate them
Everly sat back in her bed and thought.
Carmina was texting someone.
Mrs Jett was finally getting a good amount of sleep in her house, and The principal was taking care of some of her work and meetings while she got better and tried to fake care of this was already bothering her on how she was gonna pay those medical bills whilst paying a private detective to find the man who shot the kids, and paying bills, and helping pay for the school things, and trying to help her family and the situation going on in her cousin’s life, and of course taking care of her son’s mental health after everything that happened. because it was time to learn the truth
Kamryn was bored and on her phone and Zac was also bored on his phone. Kamryn was also idk-ONG
cRaB eYeS
can the private detective be blank?😂
she’ll do anything for the appropriate price
can dorothy trust her? and can she defend herself in dangerous situations?
im allergic to crab
i feel like someone with two dead parents and being over the age of 18 could possibly have a fair amount of money to spend since she would have possibly gotten some inheritance money
Everly cried for no reason.
oh no
does everly need nicolás?
it’s whatever lol
she can trust her if the price is high enough and she’s a bounty hunter and she’s quite a scary child
Sandra ate a sandwich in the kitchen.
Natalie cried on the bleachers.
dorothy is a scary person too, i feel like if she crosses dorothy, she’s in big trouble.
so sure
when shall they meet?
Nicolás and tobin were hanging out (where is everly?)
oh no natalie
in her dorm
everyone is not okay :)
we’ll see about that
Natalie’s a lonely bean
Owen twerked on the vending machine.
oh my Owen
what can I say.. it’s Owen. ✨🙃✨
idk they could meet now if you want
nicolás texted everly “hey, how you doing?”
tobin was walking around the school and found Natalie crying on the bleachers
Dorothy was in her house waiting for her new guests
Everly wiped her eyes and smirked. she looked at her phone screen and typed, “fine, you?”
Natalie noticed Tobin and wiped her tears quickly, picking up her book.
Blank or her more citizen sounding moniker- Bella Rae- approached the house. Her hair was done into a short bob and dyed brown and she wore contacts to conceal her mismatching eyes. She was dressed professionally, but instead of unconvient heels she wore steeled toed boots. She waited for her client.
kamyryn wa s still boredo
and u know Zac is doing that bull riding shenanigans
h i
and Kat was still el sicko and probably will be failing spanish
Bc somehow Spanish is like her lowest grade
I’m taking ASL next year
no way I’m putting myself through el espanol again
ASL is pretty useful 👌🏼
i like spanish
i’m pretty good at it
my peeps answered
I was good at it last year, but my teacher’s style this year is completely different then hers this year and I don’t understand anything we’re doing anymore :(
like I’m not bad at it
I just find it kind of surprising that out of all my classes it’s my lowest grade😂
I might head off soon bc I’m starting to get light headed again
aw ok
take care
Maya sighs. She wants to visit Dalton but doesn’t.
we need dramaaa
what about a tornado?
then start someee
oh um
the school is getting attacked by aliens?
people find a body?
Another bomb?
we raid Area 51?
car crash into school?
oh my
there’s a student teacher affair
hey the car crash into school happened last year :)
omg yes
um what elseee
ooo a zombie apocalypse
atomic bomb?
the car almost ran into Everly lol
all of those are spectacular
what about all of them at...once
now that’s chaos
the student teacher affair seems most dramatic but idk
brookes gonna hate me for this
lol yea
not more chaotic than Skylar’s grandma :)
oh all of them are dramatic 👌🏼
that’s okay though
skylars grandma and mom come to school 👌🏼
even more chaos
I’m so destructive
w h a t e l s s
h m
end of the world?
a sickness outbreak?
off road freight train runs off the track and slams into the school, diffusing a dangerous chemical that makes everyone act possessed and dead
off track
I like that kat 👏🏼
hey guys I haven’t been on on a long time. what’s up?
hello 👋🏼
just brainstorming destructive drama :)
ice age
man made ice age made to exterminate all life form
Area 51 raid but this time at Nasa
hahah nice👍🏼😂
Area 52 raid
l e g a s p
The hunger gamesssd
I’m seriously so bored rn
y e s
Area 51.5 Raid.
guess who watched the matrix and is having an existential crisis!
matrix kept me up all night after seeing it 🤦‍♀️
yea. its an interesting concept...that's for sure.
fun. I’m watching Captain America Civil War.
beep beep I should be asleep
Everly read her book and drank coffee. // Sandra walked around the school. // Natalie sat on the bleachers. her eyes were dry and she just didn’t know anymore. // Owen sat on top of the vending machine.
I have a 102.8 fever :((
how fabulous
my whole right side is bruised up
I have a black eye and picture day is Tuesday
maybe put makeup over it or if there’s a makeup date you can go there
and...I’m not getting any medicine...great
yeah I think most of the bruising will go away.. and I hope u get better soon!
i watched in the tall grass last night, it wasn’t scary but it was definitely um screwed up
productivity? we don’t know her
guys guys guys I have an idea for an rp.
a mafia rp. cause Mafia Ocs are big.
oh cool
y e s
yAy 😂
my mom just sent me a picture of my sister and said “you were so cute” and I was like “mom that’s *twins name*” 🤦‍♀️
oh wow lol
my moms frustrated because she still thinks it’s her
hey it’s Jamo. I made the Mafia Rp account.
lol me and my twin look nothing alike she’s even a head taller than me 😔👌🏼
I don’t have a twin hahahahahaha
my twin and I don’t look alike but I like when we were younger we were identical
Whoop whoop signups are up.
also I can’t draw right now everything looks wrong. TwT.
I’ll sign up soon jamo
I’ll do it later. I’m going to lunch.
I joined
r e e
whoop whoop I’m alone.
I’m... extremely confused rn..
there was this user who... commented on one of my posts.. she said that she missed me and she was sorry about what happened months ago.. and she wants to reconnect.. and her profile pic seems familiar but her username is not. I’m not sure if I knew her irl or met her on here but I’m so confused..
what’s the user? maybe we could help?
I’m hungry my legs are so achey I can’t get out of bed
it’s realLifeproblems
idk idk.. she commented on someone else’s post apparently and they didn’t know her, so I’m guessing I knew her on here?
oh ok
well if you need some advice or help or anything we’re here
turns out she had the wrong person
anyone wanna rp?
i might keep this open on monday because i have off
i may or may not
also ima stay up late tonight
so i can rp
and if your reading this
I have Monday off too yEET
i guess i’m talking to myself again
Oh hi
how are you?
Maya reads a book. like always. cause that’s just how I start with her?
I don’t have school off
but I mean I’m sick w a fever so maybe
ooh fun.
I don’t have off on Monday :(
Everly chatted with Sandra in their dorm. // Natalie looked out at the football field. the bleachers were like her safe haven because she could never embarrass herself, and it didn’t matter if she had friends or not. she was just there. // Owen flirted with a chair.
why is Owen a mood.
Owen is.. Owen. 😂😂
Kamryn raised an eyebrow, genuinely concerned for Owen. She looked back down at her tablet only to find something she didn’t want to see...
Owen waved at Kamryn cheerfully.
Natalie stared at the lines on the field. she wanted to be anywhere else but there. living. lonely. sad. she looked up at the sky, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath in. she liked being on the bleachers. it was a place to escape. to escape life. to escape loneliness. she breathed out, and picked up her book. oh, yeah. reading helped her escape too. she loved reading.
I’m kind of having a crisis right now bc my legs hurt to much to move but I need to take a shower and brush my teeth but I don’t want to wash my hair bc it takes forever to dry but I need to wash my hair and stuff in case I fall asleep which is quite likely
mood. :(
but literally I can’t move without dragging my legs and feeling really disoriented
that stinks
that’s not good.
somehow, reading wasn’t helping Natalie. she put down her book. a breeze blew through her hair. she tucked it behind her ear. she wrapped her arms around herself and closed her eyes. why did no one care? why did no one like her? why couldn’t she make friends? why did she have to feel this way? she stared at her shoes, thinking dark thoughts.
Owen cartwheeled around the school.
i’m bored but i don’t think i can start this rp tonight cause i’ll probably fall asleep and i’m watching aladdin hehe
i started watching jane the virgin
i like the show
also how are y’all?
ooh nice
I’m good, you?
name your disney crushes when you were little in 1 2 3
ngl Cameron Boyce 😭
the boy from phil from the future
mine was aladdin and naveen
also sorry i wasn’t on today
there was a spider
big spider
i didn’t
it went away
i don’t know where it went
i’m scared
there are spiders in my room all the time
it is the size of my phone
uh oh
oof that sucks
also my brother wants a pet snake and everyone is saying no to him
uh good
rp anyone?
whoop whoop Brooke are you gonna join my rp?
~the mafia is cominggggg~
I’m proud of this rp idea tho. like, the mafia is cool.
also my crush keeps texting me and I don’t know what to do. I think he likes me. but like. it’s weird. he never texts me.
aww that’s nice
let’s rp
so who do you guys wanna rp with of my characters?
can i start drama
i have hudson, zaylie, carmina, tobin, and nicolás
ooo please
i can’t trust anyone with bombs now
but oh well
oh yeah
Everly scrolled on her laptop in her dorm. Sandra stood by the window in the dorm and talked her head off to Everly.//Owen ate Skittles.//Natalie sat on the bleachers, her safe haven.
okay hold on let me finish this movie first
hey guys what’s up?
nm, u?
nothing much
who want to rp because I’m so bored rn?
r e e
Everly and Sandra are in their dorm, Natalie is on the bleachers, and Owen is by the vending machine.. of course.
you can approach any of them
Myra waves at Owen as she passed him in the hallways. Ethan was playing a ballad in the common room. Julian was in the courtyard burying something. Millie was behind the bleachers drinking something..
Owen waved at Myra and smiled.
Natalie looked out across the field, still depressed. she heard something behind the bleachers. she got up off her seat and crouched down to look under her. she saw Millie and her eyes widened. she cleared her throat.
“I feel like you live at the vending machine.” Myra says.|| Millie completely startled falls backwards and the liquid spills onto the grass it was red.
i haven’t done any of the assignments this year
Harley’s in a good mood and starts to sing while heading towards the kitchen, “WE’RE DANCING LIKE WE’RE DUMB! YOU KNOW WE’RE SUPERSTARS! DJ TURN IT UP UP UP UP!”
remy is eating pancakes // eliza outside in her car thinking
Owen laughed. “I basically do!” // Natalie frowned. “sorry... I just... I don’t mean to be a goody two-shoes but.. you’re underage, and this is school property. she shrugged and got down to help her up.
I meant a quote symbol between property and she
Harley makes it into the kitchen, goes to the freezer, and takes a big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
“No, I’m not drinking alcohol...” Millie laughed. “I’m not that stupid,” || “Do you have a dorm or something?” Myra asked.
Ethan knocked on Eliza’s car window.
Natalie smiled and helped her up. “well, that’s good to hear.” // Owen nodded. “I do, but it’s boring. and you can do so much with vending machines.”
eliza jumped, tearing her eyes away from the steering wheel and over to the window, seeing ethan
Harley starts to sneak out of the kitchen with the tub of ice cream and heads towards her dorm
“Yeah, my parents wouldn’t be too happy about that,” Millie laughed. || “Like get snacks?” Myra asked.
“Sorry, I kinda startled you.. How are you?” Ethan asked
Natalie looked at the spilled liquid and nodded. “what is that, anyways?” // Owen nodded. “well, of course. but I can hack them. like, Doritos for free any time I want. and I twërk on it. and dance on it. and sit on top of it. and so much more!” he grinned.
eliza released her grip on the steering wheel and ran a hand through her hair. “a little stressed.. it’s okay.” she glanced over at him again. “you can come in if you want.”
Harley is almost at her dorm until she sees a mouse scurry in front of her, so she screamed soooo loud and dropped her ice-cream
“You know some.....tomato juice,” Myra says and picked up her thermos.|| Myra laughed, “Twërk?”
“Alright,” Ethan smiled and opened the passenger door.
Everly and Sandra heard Harley scream. They exchanged glances as Sandra stopped talking. They raced to the door. Everly opened the door and peeked out. “oh!” she looked at the ice cream bucket. Sandra came to the door, too. she saw Harley and the ice cream and said, “are you ok?”
Natalie stared at the thermos. “oh..” then she smiled brightly. “normal enough!” // Owen nodded. “yup! we had a very intimate session today. it was great.” he patted the vending machine and laughed at Myra’s expression.
“THERE WAS A MOUSE AND IT WAS GOING TO KIIILLLL ME!” Harley looked down at her ice cream and made a sad face, “the mouse killed the wrong person. May you Rest In Peace ice cream...”
eliza smiles back slightly, “it’s not the prettiest thing you’ll see but it runs.” she says, referring to the run down old jeep.
Everly gaped at Harley for a few seconds, then smiled sympathetically. “that’s too bad.” she picked up the ice cream and looked at the expiration date. “this expired two weeks ago.” she glanced at Sandra. Sandra said, “hey, we have good ice cream in the fridge. want some?”
“What do you mean normal enough?” Millie asked.|| Myra’s eyes widened, “Lovely..”
“I love jeeps,” He smiles, “They work pretty nicely?”
Harley looked at Sandra and Everly, “More ice cream?! Yes please!”
Natalie shook her head and smiled. “people normally don’t drink tomato juice... not where I come from, anyways.” she paused. “I’m new—from New Jersey. not that it matters... but yeah.” // Owen raised an eyebrow. “yup!!”
Everly smiled. “alright! come on in!” she waved Harley in.
Eliza laughs slightly, "As long as it doesn't flood." she turns to face him. "You okay?"
Harley walks into the dorm with a huge smile, super excited to get ice cream
Sandra gets the ice cream out. “hope you like mint chocolate chip.” she handed her the bucket. “take it. we don’t really eat it anyways.”
“Oh....I’m from Canada, maybe that’s why.” She nervously laughed. || “When did you and your vending” Myra asked
“Yeah, just a bit anxious about colleges that’s all,” Ethan smiled weakly and reached for her hand.
“wow!! Canada? I’ve always wanted to go to Canada. that’s really cool. so, you’re also new this year?” Natalie crosses her arms, for once feeling comfortable in school. // Owen thought. “well, first day. we hit it off immediately.” he smirked.
Harley takes the tub and hugs it, “I LOVE it! I will seriously eat any flavor of ice cream. thank you sooo much! I’m Harley by the way.”
Everly laughed. “I’m Everly.” // Sandra smiled. “I’m Sandra.
"You're already looking into colleges?" she asks. "I haven't even started, then again I doubt I'd last."
“Yeah Canada,” Myra smiled back. “I live in northern Canada so it’s kinda boring,” Millie shrugged. || “Hit it off? Are you guys dating?” Myra laughed.
“Yeah I’m almost done with applications my Dad said getting them done earlier is a good sign,” He shrugged.
“So... do u guys like parties?”
Natalie nodded, then said, “okay but Canadians are so freaking nice.” // Owen laughed. “well, you could definitely say that.” he shook his head and smirked again.
Everly sat at the table. “yeah, parties are cool.”
"What are you going to major in?"
sorry I was making cookies I’m back.
no sorry
“History, or Biology,” Julian shrugged. “What do you want to major in?”
aw I gtg
bye 💕
“I mean nice is kinda a lie,” Millie laughed. “And yeah this is my first year,” she smiled
“Wait are you actually serious about this?” Myra asked
aw kk bye 💞
"I don't even know if I'm going to college.." Eliza muttered. "I can barely get myself to write this assignment about my past."
“That’s alright college is optional for reasons,” Ethan shrugged
Eliza nodded and smiled slightly, "Where do you think you're going to college?"
“Hopefully, Nyu or Columbia,” Julian says.
"I know you'll get in." Eliza said, squeezing his hand reassuringly.
“I hope so,” Ethan sighed. “I’m not in any clubs this year though,”
"Are there any clubs you're interested in?"
i am playing roblox
i am trying to get the new legendary loomian
h I
“Not really..” Ethan shrugged
what’s roleplay center?
also who wants to rp with me?
anyone on?
or is it just me?
either you guys are on another rp
not on
or typing
but what is the answer for each person?
the world will never know
p e p pa
human life form
how strange
d e p p a p I g
q e q q a
g e g g a
also an update
found a duskit, already have one so it wasn’t worth it. and no ikazune yet
1/4000 chance
but i have a charm on so it’s now a 1/250 chance
Brooke you should join my mafia rp. :DDDD
i will, i have an idea on who i want to do
also will this be like the game mafia or like m a f i a, mafia
m a f i a mafia.
as in assassinations and stuff.
I got the idea from all the mafia ocs on tiktok and a webtoon I read called blood ink.
AlsO dOn’t bE AfrAId tO mAkE cOmpEtIng mAfIA mObstErs and gAngs.
i wanna make 1 character but if i die i die
if you die you can make another character lol.
also i keep switching between accounts.
i literally had the worst family game night ever. my mother has to read the instructions for everything, even if i already know how to play and am willing to teach her and my dad, and then correct me every 5 seconds. you can't move, talk, or make any noise during her turn because i guess it distracts her (from playing Uno?) and she literally has ruined it for me. and the moment i won, she went back through the instructions to tell me that i did something wrong four turns ago. so then we played again and she won. which was fine on its own, but then she had to show me the instructions and point out exactly how well she did and how she didn't break any rules.
I don’t really follow those fandoms..
and she wasn't even nice about it.
your mother is me in anything that happens to be competitive at all
idk if you follow the things I like though
it just hurt more because i could tell she wasn't even joking. she told me if i wasn't so busy on my phone (i wasn't even on it?) then i could have read the instructions and known how to play. I'VE BEEN LAYING SINCE KINDERGARTEN. FIGHT ME MOM.
that’s honestly my sister
i just don't understand. it was supposed to be fun, but she literally didn't even want me to laugh during her turn.
and then it was over and she locked herself in the office to go back to her paperwork.
Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys
so that was my night. peace out my dudes. im gonna go contemplate stuff.
aww I’m sorry logan I hate playing with people who don’t even care about the fun of it
when i play games like uno and someone uses a plus 4 color change, i play the big time rush song because of obvious reasons
also anyone on?
just me i think
that’s fun
just me
whoop whoop
just me
whoop whoop
i’ve gone crazy
well i shall wait
wanna rob
that’s two completely different things
so who do you wanna rp with?
i have zaylie, carmina, nicolás, tobin, hudson and an unconscious dalton
zaylie and carmina were talking at the bleachers
Maya walked around.
hudson, tobin, and nicolás were talking in the library- studying actually
dalton was still in his comatose with his mother by his side. she held his hand and she then felt a tiny squeeze by his hand. she then smiles and says in a low voice “you always scared me...”
Millie was walking around and opened a closet and found a dead body, she screamed.
i bet the dead person was killed by a bomb
Zaylie saw Allie and gave her a bit of the side eye and then quickly smiled and went to her good girl act. Carmina was not so much...looked evil as always
n o
The boys heard millie scream and tobin says “what was that...” and nicolás says “don’t know, should we-“ and hudson jumps up and says “RACE YOU!” and starts running and nicolás chases after him and catches up. tobin not so mucha
maya can run with them
maya can help them figure out who died this time
Maya saw Zaylie Carmina and Allie. She didn’t go over to them tho.
nO I chAngEd mY mInd 😂
Maya is gonna stalk- I mean watch- I mean find out more about Zaylie... in a kind manner.
then i change my mind to
Millies eyes were widened she couldn’t breathe and she was couldn’t move she was so scared she’d seen plenty of bodies but never one this...graphic
Zaylie smiles and says to Allie “Heyyy, how are you?”
Carmina says nothing. she could sense she was being watched...but didn’t know who or why. she the. stays silent and says nothing to Allie but just looks at her with a disgusted face
Zaylie says “What battle?”
Zaylie says “And who’s drago...” she was confused. she was new and knew really no one
The boys then got to millie and saw the dead body. Tobin was scared, Nicolás was shocked, and Hudson wasn’t affected at all
Zaylie does a quick scream and takes some deep breaths and says “what. the f***. is that.”
Carmina looked emotionless and when drago came out she smirked. i won’t say what she wanted to do to drago
“D-Do you know who that” Millie sallows nervously.
Zaylie backs up a bit and then gets up. she says “I have to go...” she then walks away. And carmina says “Your not normal...” she gives them a look and goes after Zaylie
please don’t akhmaziekdmdme my people
i don’t know what it is and i don’t want to know
Maya slyly follows Zaylie and Carmina.
pfft Carmina is a mood.
good night
Carmina catches up to Zaylie. The both of them were what they thought alone. Zaylie wipes away her smile and had a bish face on. she says “some people are weird...i mean can’t they try to be normal or something...” and carmina laughs and says “they’ll gets what’s coming to them...”
night ✨
good night
carmina is going to end up killing allie and drago, so be prepared.
she will burn the ball
in the gaps of h e c k she came from
everything can die or be destroyed
so someone gonna have to stop her before things get bloody
she gotten away with i murders and kidnapping before
idk what the show it
just know, everything can die or be destroyed
carmina has a way to destroy it
a black goop that can consume anything that comes in its way. once you touch it, you can’t get out
don’t worry
but if you attack first she will defend herself at all costs
also ima head to bed
to good night
~ and then brooke went to sleep ~
fun fact, apparently this is a tilda ~
aight I’ve been dead
Everly was in the bathroom, getting ready. she opened her makeup bag. something was in there. what was it? a paper? she pulled it out to find a note scribbled on it. “you’d better die soon,” it read. Everly stepped back and gasped in shock. who would do this? she tucked the note in her back pocket, not sure what to do. she put the makeup bag away and went to her bed. she looked out the window. whoever put that note in the bag really didn’t like her for some reason. whoever did it had been in her dorm. she took the note out again and stared at the messy handwriting.
did you know almost all the original voices of princesses were in ralph breaks the internet
also did someone go on private recently?
Maya hid and listened to Zaylie and Carmina. -So... Zaylie is a bxxch...- Maya thinks
not that I know of
I don’t think so, why?
rp anyone?
i was just wondering because i planned on getting the soulmates pairings together before the rp started but a bunch of forms were missing
i think
I still need to sign up hold on
hi 👋🏼
can someone pls explain to me when I went to bed my phone was at 100 percent and I didn’t touch it until now and now it’s at 25
I feel like I missed a lot
soulmate pairings??
I finally signed up for wastelands
i rolled my ankle 👌🏼
aw jat
I don’t have a fever anymore, so my parents are probably going to make me go to school tmr even though my legs are pretty much dead weight
you could always go to the nurse during the day and just stay there for a bit or something
my head is pounding and I have a mass of homework that is due tomorrow 🤦🏼‍♀️
i just had shake shack for the first time and i instantly thought of sal and tyler yelling at me because i’ve never had it 👏
Shake shack is amazing 👏🏼👏🏼
oNG shake shack is mY liFE 😭
i’m so proud of you ava 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
b o r e d o m
d e a t h
I’m at a dads house this weekend and my dad doesn’t have any ice or ace bandages so I’m basically crawling around the house 👌🏼🤦‍♀️
i fell asleep i’m sorry
I really need to do h
but i just feel to drained to do so
so my phones dead
but if you guys could give me your oc's names, personalities, and sexualities then I'll be able to figure out tattoos and pairings and then quickly post the laws and hopefully start the rp
im on my computer right now so I can't see remixes
I’m gonna die rn
why :(
so most of my friends don’t know about my disorder and they were talking a lot about it on ft anddddddd I don’t wanna leave cause like they would be like why did you leave come backkk
aw jat :( 💓💓 maybe you can ask to switch the topic or bring up some amazing salads u tried the other day or some terrible tea u tried
aww Jat that stinks..
yup 🤦‍♀️
im sorry jat, maybe bring something else up or if you want to leave come up with a reason to why you had to
idk I guess could try that next time if there is a next time
j e e v u s
j e e ev
im screwed
my friend sent me the data for our lab thats due tomorrow and I never opened it so I don't have it saved and my messages aren't working atm
no im trying to calll her to email it to me but thank you :)
hopefully everything works out ava 💓💓
i am back
is maya still sad
Big Sad
also does anyone wanna rp?
tengo un sí
jamalama (that is what i’m calling you now) sí o no?
i have a yes
i wasn’t talking to iris
depressed weeaboo artist is jamalama
sorry for the misunderstanding
yes. Maya is still sad.
sorry I was talking to my sister.
that’s okay
siblings are time consuming
Maya is still big saddd
wanna rp?
¿sí o no?
answer me
. . .
am i alone?
bc y’all silent
who do you wanna rp with
of my cost
Yeah sorry. I’m responding on my Mafia rp.
but yeah let’s rp.
respect the drip, Karen.
Hit or miss, Karen took the kids huh?
awww man
aa... aaa... aaaa
tobin was reading the library like usual
Maya was big sad
should maya have some dRaMa with Zaylie and Carmina
BeetleJuice BeetleJuice Be a doll and spare the lEctUrE
okay back
Maya walked past Carmina and Zaylie.
is wolfie a wolf right not?
Gtg or brb idk.
if o don’t come back I left haha
Zaylie quickly went to her sweet girl look and says “Hey Maya! how have you been?” and Carmina rolls her eyes and goes onto her phone
what does she look like?
i want to be prepared to know how he should react
because i think most of the people at this school aren’t used to magical things or believe in it either
so your ocs make a bit of new experiences for the people. like how they traveled to the eleves and them home world
you guys here?
estoy solo
I’m here I’m just spectating though
oh hello there
y’all left me alone and jane the virgin was on so i got distracted
im prepared for an f because im not doing this lab
email your teacher
Tobin saw Wolfie and just assumed she was wearing a costume since it was spooky month and halloween was coming up
I did but she always has a stick up her aśś
did she reply yet?
that’s not good
that’s bad
I just told her that I left early and my group barely has any data for me to work with
im this close to just waving that associates degree goodbye
part of me has another character idea. but i already have 5 alive and working, dalton unconscious and practically dead at this point. and then the two adults who are side characters
don’t give up
i believe in you
: )
tobin was confused, but he gets confused easily
12 is too much for me
ideal is 3
thanks Brooke. im already failing this class and if I happen to fail another *hopefully not* I won't be able to get a college class on main campus which means I'll probably get kicked out and im fedkbrjk
i have around 50 - 100 ocs in general, but i normally use 3-5 in each rp i’m in. or if i am lazy 1
oh no
but good will come eventually in this
just trust your gut
i won’t
she replied and told me to just use the data my group collected but that doesn't help ahh
because then each gets a good amount of attention and i don’t have to keep switching between a bunch or people
i wish i could help but i hate group work
everyone is different in rps
some use a bunch like you guys and cc
and some use like 1 or 2
oh sorry
tobin says “superheroes aren’t real."
oh okay
well help iris
welp im giving up for tonight and I'll work on it tomorrow before the class :/ half percent is better than none
anyway goodnight guys
good night gl with the project ✨
might keep this open tomorrow
and good night
sorry i meant hello iris. not help
Tobin says “No they aren’t...”
me too
also can you have your ocs join some of the clubs
or at least make some clubs
Maya smiles. “Hey Zaylie. Do you know where Hudson is by any chance? I have to ask him a question.”
i made football team sign ups
i did my research so it could be correct
Tobin says “No i’m not...superheroes aren’t heroes. they are villains. they are all villains.”
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 *claps for Tobin’s logic*
Zaylie says Cheerfully “I think he’s at the beach. He’s been there a lot recently. Probably planning a party or selling something.”
“Okay. Thanks.” Maya says. She smiles and walks off.
Tobin says “If superheroes save lives and everyone, why does bad things happen to me and my family? huh. why does death always seem to come. my brother is in a comatose and might not wake up. i almost died. my dad is dead. my entire family is dead but my mom and brothers and one of them is practically dead. superheroes don’t do anything good, at least nothing good for me...”
Hudson was at the beach. he was swimming in the beach talking to some people and stuff
Maya ran over to Dalton. Her fall type outfit was not right for the beach but she didn’t care. “Hudson!” She waves to him
tobin says “no your not. how can you be sorry if you just met me.”
Hudson turns around and says “Yeah?”
“Hey. Um, hows Dalton doing?” she asks.
tobin says “see...not even superheroes can have superheroes to help them. life is the biggest villain”
Hudson says “Getting better. He moved earlier today. Very slightly, but it’s still good”
I b o r e d
Tobin says “This is one weird school...sometimes i wish it was normal again. then i can read my books in peace and i don’t have to worry about random fires”
me too
wanna rp?
I guess 🤷‍♀️
Tobin says “normal is boring anyways...but the again it helps you fit in and make friends”
i have carmina, zaylie, and nicolás
Tobin didn’t see Clawdia and says reading his book. “I am tobin, and cookies are in the cafeteria i think. unless i ate them all”
zaylie I guess I haven’t rped with her yett
Zaylie was in the commons packing up her cheerleading uniform in her bag
Justin was sitting in the common room and glanced up at Zaylie. “Are you new, or something?”
“That’s good... Um... so... About that Zaylie girl... are they dating? Dalton and Zaylie?” Maya asks, then regrets it.
Zaylie says “Yep...came last week. How about you?” she gets a paper note on a book called The Giving Tree. she didn’t look happy, just disappointed
“No, I’m not new this is my second year,” Justin laughed.
Hudson says “Used to. On and off relationship. He broke things off when she cheated on him and then we moved here. Now she’s back and guess what she wants?” he laughs a bit and opens his water bottle and drinks it. he then says “i don’t know what girls see in dalton. i’m way more hot than he is!” he then looks at some girls that walks by and smiles and waves and they wave back. he then says “Why you wanna know about Zay?”
Zaylie laughs a bit too and says “Must have been fun. What was it like before i came here?”
Tobin says “Likewise, so how has your day been?”
“Oh, um....Pretty Chaotic....” Justin laughed.
Zaylie laughs and then asks “How so?”
Maya shrugs. “I just... I don’t know...” She sighs. “Promise you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to say, okay?”
Tobin was confused and says “That’s good”
Hudson laughs and says “who am i gonna tell? most of my friends go to the other school in the neighboring town. None of the people here are my friends besides my brother, Nicolás and Carmina, and Zaylie. Literally no one at this school acknowledges me”
“You know spree killings...the end of the world almost. The usual.” Justin took a sip of his coffee and laughed.
Zaylie laughs a bit and says “The usual, yes...” she then says “This year must be interesting i bet”
Tobin says “Lonely...”
“Okay... Well, I’m asking about Zaylie cause I like Dalton... and I feel like she’ll get in the way of that... but if he decides to take her back I guess I wouldn’t be surprised...” Maya says.
“I mean it’s been interesting so far...a fire...a shooting...a bomb,” Justin says.
Tobin says “Not your fault. Most of the guys here are big and buff, and i am not so big- or buff”
Hudson says “Well if i were you, just be careful. Zaylie gets what she wants- that’s one thing i learned from when i met her parents. Very scary people. And if your wondering- i don’t know anything about dalton’s love life. and even if i did it’s bro code not to tell”
Zaylie says “This school seems dangerous...but i wouldn’t really have a choice if i wanted to be here or not...”
Maya nods. “Yeah. Okay. Thanks Hudson.” She smiles.
Tobin says “I don’t know...depends what you have planned”
“I mean it’s a great high’s just dangerous..What do you mean you don’t age a choice?” Justin asked and looked out the window
Hudson then says “One last you really love him? not like a simple crush on looks or something like that, but like love love...”
Zaylie says “My family doesn’t listen to my dad works here so i have to come here with him...”
Maya blushes slightly. “Yeah. I just... Ive never been the best at telling how I feel to the guy I liked. and then they always were taken by the time I had the courage. so I don’t have much hope to end up with Dalton. But yeah. I really really really like- love him.”
“Scary family with a lot of power?” Justin asked and looked back at Zaylie.
hudson says “good...because as much as i like zaylie, she doesn’t care about dalton. he is just a toy to her. i just don’t want to see him hurt and keep falling for her games...sometimes i wish someone taught her you can’t get everything you want. i just really don’t wanna see him hurt and in a bad relationship again.” he then gets a towel and says “but first we just need to hope he wakes up”
Zaylie says “Yeah...exactly...” she looks down for a bit and says “how about you? what about your family?”
oh sorry
Maya nods. “Yeah.”
tobin says “well we need something to do”
“Same sort of idea,” Justin sighed. “It’s like my entire life has been planned out and I can’t say no..”
Hudson then says “Wanna visit him?”
Zaylie says “i know right! and you cross out of line once and your the family disappointment forever!”
“Sure!” Maya says, happily.
Tobin says “then i’ll go with you. i’m a good wingman”
“And don’t get me started about family reunions how everyone is skeptical because you accidentally slipped and mad a mistake.” Justin added.
Hudson dries himself off and says “your ready?”
“Yep. Let’s go.” Maya says.
Tobin then gets up and follows Elizabeth
night 💫💞
Zaylie laughs and says “Oh and don’t get me started on the comparison and competition between family! i mean you can’t do a single thing without someone saying my sisters name and how she did it better!”
Hudson then leads the way to the hospital
Tobin asks “Why are we in the hospital?”
Justin smiles, “I’ve never met anyone who has similar family issues.”
Tobin says “Oh god, when?”
Zaylie smiles back and says “Me too...oh yeah, i’m Zaylie by the way...”
“Nice to meet you Zaylie, I’m Justin.” Justin held out his hand
Zaylie shakes his hand and says “It’s really nice to meet you Justin”
Tobin says “yeah sure, not like most people would believe me anyways”
Justin shakes his hand and than gets up from his seat and walks over to the window. “It sorta feels free being away from them....They live back in France so, I get little more freedom.” Justin shrugged.
Maya follows Hudson.
so I had a low grade fever but I think it was rly close to a fever idk so I’m staying home today
I don’t have school today
same neither do I
y e e t
I have school.
I t s c o l m b u s d a y
back man
but my grandma is taking me shopping because i’m special and she wasn’t there for my birthday because she lives far away and works a lot
so EEE
i guess no one is here
now either your in school
not on
or on something else rn
but we wait and see
h I
hi jeev
I lowkey forgot how to draw
Myra walked into the theaters as well little bit after Owen. “ like theatre too?”|| Millie passes Everly in the hallway noticing something off, “Are you..alright there?”
s al
“Are you audtioning for the autumn show?” Myra asked. “I mean it hasn’t been like announced,but are you?”
“Are you look a bit shooken.” Millie said.
Millie was speechless at first. “ do you know who could of written it? Anyone who doesn’t like you or someone you might have upset?” Millie asked. “But don’t take that note seriously...because you shouldn’t kill yourself.” || Myra smiled slightly, “You did the musical last year right?”
Kamryn and Zac were like ajenkwkjdne cause idk what to do w them
“Hm....maybe someone’s trying to get revenge or something...have there been any other threats?” Millie asked. || “My bad I blank out on a lot of details sometimes,” Myra sighed.
h i
should we have another bOmB
I swear my characters are going to die at this rate before they actually meet anyone😂
no kat kfjdkskwmsjfjdjdn don’t kill off you characters severely injure them 👌🏼
and then they still won’t meet anyone cause they will spending their time dYing lol
“How do you feel about it? Do you think you’d consider it?” Millie asked worried. || “I’m kinda worried how quiet school is today...for like once school isn’t a safety hazard.” Myra said
Justin waved at Kamryn and Zac.
d o n t k I l l them
Zac and Kamryn were sitting down, talking about something...Kamryn then noticed that someone was waving at them and she waved back
“That’s good,” Millie nodded. “Maybe you should tell the principle or some teacher.” || “What if it’s really quiet but then something bad is gonna the fire happened out of now where I was just trying to enjoy some dinosaur chicken nuggets..”
Justin walked up to them, “Have you seen a box of Mac and cheese?”
“We could investigate if you’d like try to figure out who did it.” Millie offered. || Myra nodded, “This school is so unpredictable..”
Kamryn furrowed her brows, “A box of Mac and Cheese?” Kamryn shook her head, “No, sorr-“ However Zac interrupted her, “Yes! I have some,” Zac said, pulling out a random box of max and cheese. Kamryn blinked a few times, “Why-“ However Zac interrupted her again, “Popcorn?” he asked.
“Ah, thank you so much,” Justin read the mac and cheese box making sure it was the type he was looking for. “How can I ever repay you?”
Millie nodded, “Do you think something else is gonna happen?” || “It was crazy last year, so many deaths...” Myra shivered at the thought.
Mille raised an eyebrow, “has this happened before?” || “Yeah... I really hope it doesn’t happen again this year I lost a close friend of mine.” Myra sighed
“In the movies?” Mille asked confused. || Myra shakes her head, “It’s alright, I’m past it now..somewhat,”
woah what’s did he do
well actually they’re just allegations, but they’re pretty bad allegations
he threatened to kill his ex wife and himself
oh my god
bruh why did I procrastinate everything up to today
me too sal 🤦‍♀️
“Did something else happen or..?” Millie asked. || “It happened almost a year ago, it’s alright because it was awful at first but it’s okay now.” Myra said quietly
ahhhhhh I have my high school interview todayyy
good luck 💫
“Oh, just making sure.” Millie said and took a sip from her thermos.|| “Alright.” Myra said and weakly smiled
i’m stressseeedddd
science :/ 61%
sorry about that...maybe you can turn your grade around by getting A’s on other assignments
aw sorry. does you teacher do extra credit assignments?
I put off two major projects till last minute so that’s fun
aww I hope it gets better, maybe ask for extra help?
I have also uh- found myself in a bit of a predicament?
what happened?
Collin sipped his tea
Karma watched as a ladybug crawled onto her hand
I’m backkkkk
so the interview wasn’t THAT bad...
Well either that predicament is gone or it just got a lot worse
we’ll see
I’ll explain later
I’m not gonna rp for the rest of tonight something really upsetting happened today and I’m not in the mood anymore I’m sorry 🤦‍♀️
aww I’m sorry jat I hope you feel better💞
and kat I hope everything works out
and good job JaMo🤪