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your so nice for making my bestie madihah456 a fanpage thank you!!
bless you ❤️ she totally deserves it 100%
Round 1 results are up!!
😳☺️ thank you, I thought it was a little too much
no problem you’re welcome
hi I recently changed my username and now I need a new icon to go with my username will you come join good luck from Descendants_queen
Okay I'll enter again sorry
Round1 Results are up!!
Kk I'll try again lol
re~ oh ok
round 2 is up
sorry it’s bad I was rushing
Round Two is out!
hi lovely! I would absolutely love it if you could join my games but hurry up entering closes soon! And plz spread the word! thanks so much ❤️
teams are up
sorry I entered st the lasts moment