You gems are wonderful, talented, helpful people whom I love so so so much. I’m sorry that I can’t help you through what u go through~💎


“-tap-“ You gems are wonderful, talented, helpful people whom I love so so so much. I’m sorry that I can’t help you through what u go through~💎

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i think this is perfect and i understand completely. when you watch your friends go through awful things and you have to help them through them, but then i feel like i can’t talk about my own. instead i keep all my worries and insecurities to myself to try and help people. i guess that makes me a good person, but then what about me? all me worries are still in me and i don’t have anyone to talk to because mine are just insignificant compared to theirs. and sometimes, they even make me feel bad about them when i brought them up in the past. but i don’t know. oh well. i hope you’re doing amazing or at least getting there✨✨💗💗💗💗💕💕
oof sorry for the rant😂
oof, this is so true for me
^^ same 🙌🏼
aww I know exactly what you mean❤️that deflated feeling when you want to help any way you can but it all seems so small compared to the problem. you wish you could do so much more naughty you have to help them through 💓don’t make it feel that your problems are any less important, every problem feels like a mountain no matter how big or small and different people think of it as smaller or bigger than you do. your friends problems may be huge but you still have a voice help them bit also confide in someone else about yours as bottling up is not the right thing. once you voice them they may not seem as bad as they are, even talk about your friends problems ❤️don’t feel bad, we can all help each other no matter how big or small
even listening to your friends is helping them get through their problem in a small way while they figure it out themselves. you can confide in someone else or even rant on here to get all your emotions out. lostening is sometimes a voice of the silent. 💗hope everything is ok. how are you? 💓☺️
oops so many typos 🙈
I’m always here if you ever need to talk 💓sometimes things can get on top of you all you need is to talk ☺️💗💗I’m alright so many tests so a bit stressed 😂so inactive on here 😂🙈
sometimes people just need to vent so u actually r helping just by listening. love your collages so much
your collages are always so amazing i feel like your actually helping me a lot with the way you present your collages and the messages they portray. you're amazing and also you wrote this in such a way that i connected to it. you're helping a lot of people here 💗
aw gem, i think youre doing the best you can :) as you can tell from the comments, your words and poems help people in so many different ways. don’t feel selfish; it’s impossible for us to help everyone. whether it’s big or small or you dont feel a difference from your actions, im sure others do 💕✨ hru? 🦋