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Netflix and Chill outfit


❤️ Valentine's Series ❤️ Netflix and Chill outfit -PCKat

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hey I love the valentines series sorry it’s been a while I’ve been so busy with my music and college how have you been 💖
Thanks I don’t suppose you have Facebook so we can keep in contact do you I want to hear all about what I’ve been missing
What social media do you have I’ll try and add you on whatever I have
Yeah I’ve been great thanks my boyfriend and I just celebrated our second Valentine’s Day together and college is going great and I’ve been working a job for nearly a year now and I’m sure you’ll do great with your GCSEs I remember mine the best thing to remember with them is to stay calm during the exams
I actually have snapchat my name is faysalins9 and I work as a tour guide at a farm and for a year we were both working but the next week we had loads of mini dates to make up for not being together on that one and it’s best to get your exams out of the way before a job I’ve learned otherwise you can end up letting one of the other slip
wow amazing collage also please entry as many times as you want for the lab rats games
fsalins9 even
Yay we’re friends now it’s so nice to be able to chat with someone off here ✨
Thank you!!! I love your whole account as well!💖
Amazing collage also lab rats games mission 1 is up
Hi! my name is solangolo and i was wondering if you would like my " who says you cant dream" collage iit would mean a lot to me beause i a,m trying to get it featured❤️😁 and if you already liked it thank you!
lab rats games mission 7 is up
please join my contest
no theme for my icon
luv this outfit
thxs and I made it by myself
woah thanks for the huge spam!!!! love your account!!
lol I like people’s underrated songs too
have a look on my page ♥️✌️
tysm for the spam
thank you luv your acc to
sorry is the 28july
thx for the spam! 💖love ur acc!
Thanks for the spam!
ty for the spam!✨
thx for following me