- fly me to the moon -
i love you guys


- fly me to the moon - i love you guys

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I’ll miss you on here but I can still talk to you on Insta ehehe
it’s always sad seeing collagers leave.... everyone here is so special. i don’t know you, at least i don’t think we’ve met but idk maybe on my main?? hm. bUt i’m still sad to see u go but wishing u well❤️ keep rocking~
reading this almost made me tear up jeez
aww:( I wasn’t that close with you but your edits always brightened my home feed and were the prettiest 🥺 I’ll miss you so much, stay safe please💞💞
we never really got to know eachother that well but i enjoyed the time i got to spend with you, even if it was short. and hopefully we'll be able to stay in touch through instagram :)
i’ll miss you lots on here :(
I’ll miss you 😭😭🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
Even though we don’t know each other well, I hope you have an amazing journey outside of pc. Stay safe cc 💗🥺
ily sm and i can't wait for you to pop in. you're so important to me. xx
tho we haven’t talked much, this made me cry omg T^T i wish nothing but happiness and i hope you take great care of yourself. you were incredibly sweet and your edits were out of this world. i also have an insta acc, so i was just wondering if you’re cool of me following you. anywaysss, take care 💘!
I’ll miss you so much bro but we can still stay in touch via insta🥺
stay wild and remember you are loved 💕
i’m still in shock. this is crazy, like the fact that we never knew until now blows my mind ahahha
honestly like i’m literally so happy. i’ve kept pc my secret and i can finally talk to someone irl about it hahaha