have fun! 💗💗


-voting- have fun! 💗💗

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thanks Demi! I was kind of worried heheh
of course!🥰
do we vote on the original collage page where we entered them!
and yes ov course you can use my collage for your games I would be honoured 😊😊
ahh okieee I’ll try remix some but I don’t know if it will work because pic collage sometimes doesn’t let me remix things😅
Thanks you!
the bg or the collage?
Hey there! I’m hosting a battle of the collagers on my account! I’m wondering if you can join? If not, that’s fine! ❤️
hi! round 4 of Battle of the Ðreamers contest is out!
yes, you are correct!
ofc! and if you didn’t understand the message earlier, yes, you can use my collage!
hey could you please enter my contest it would mean a lot
hey,it’s -mintybubbles- and I am hosting some games and I would love for you to join! the signups are just one click away
Hi, I'm new to PC, my namw
Name is Millie, wanna be friends?
how are you? my name’s mayra:)
i’m great!! school is cancelled here in canada:(
yeah we should