heyy!! Long time huh? This is a AMAZING collab with @wondirwandgirl!! She did the CUTEST text and I did the background+finishing touches. I hope you guys like this collage, more caption in comments <33


🐣tapp!!🐣 heyy!! Long time huh? This is a AMAZING collab with @wondirwandgirl!! She did the CUTEST text and I did the background+finishing touches. I hope you guys like this collage, more caption in comments <33

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✨cap continue: so I haven’t been so much active on here as I used to, because I noticed that people are kind of coping my way for replying comments, how I say things… and it’s not just one person. I am suspicious of them being the same person but I am not going to say names. however, I miss you guys and being able to talk whenever. I HAVE SEEN YOUR COMMENTS!! I just didn’t have time to reply them, but I thank you all so much for everything!!💕 happy Easter by the way, Jesus Christ never dies!!! qotd: best friend or no? aotd: nahh😭
This looks amazing 😍
ahh so gorgeous!!!!
aotd: yes kind of!!
this is so so stunning!
happy easter! and aotd: hmmm no 😭
aotd: yeahhh, i feel like she kinda slipping away tho
this is so fresh
aotd: yes & they are so needed 🌷🫶🏼
chat page check!🫶🏻
how have u beeen
that’s good
thank you! I love your collages
ofc girly! also this is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!
qotd: I have one every ye during basketball season and then we don’t see each other so no 😭
I did your name on my recent post!
yeah ofc !! Tyy
aww thank u 🥹🥹🌷
stop that is so so sweet made me tear up!! i love you so so much thank u sm !! 🩷🩷🩷🩷
good luck on your tests!! but im homeschooled so school isn’t too hard since I don’t have to worry about people… but! I have a few tests and exams lately too and thankfully I’ve passed 🙏🙏 I’ve finished some of my subjects for the school year and doing some extra schoolwork to finish in time for summer !!
qotd: Two actually
98 is so good though!!!! and have so much fun with your friends! I’ve felt the exact same with it feeling like summer even though it’s spring!!
omg tysm, you’re so sweet
and i’ve been doing good :) hbu
heyyy! I thought I knew that but I was checking lol. it was fun! how was yours??
tysm! sure, we can b friends :)
I’m doing great, hbu?
I love my bio too ngl 🫣🤭
lol we played chess and cards and talked a lot🤭 we went to a super cute coffee shop and ofc they beat me at chess oml because they’re like a genius at it loll
we got to spend a bunch of time together Thursday night and took lots of selfies and videos and made memes hehe
and my break has been good! Thursday was fun lol
heyyyy i’ve been so tired i just want to hibernate for a few days lol
and that’s awesomeeee
aww that is so freaking cute that you cal them boots! I would too if my name was dora🙈
aww Tysm!
every single time I see your comment I’m like did she rlly just say that lol😭🥺🙈
I did your names suggestions!
omg girly how did you get so many followers 🙈😭
aww thank you!!
I’m pretty good tho! thanks for being a great friend! it’s just kinda weird with my ex rn and it’s so frustrating😂
hey doraaaa
so sweet thx u 🥰🫶🏼
thank youuu 😇
hey dora!! i love ur name, im sofia!! and aww ive missed u too 🥰☺️💗
im doing good lol hbu☺️☺️
yes I try to work so hard on school!! I try to ace all my tests lol 🥴
it’s going well! I freaked out on thursday bc our faces were too close together when we were doing videos lol. hopefully tomorrow I get to ride with her when our families go for an excursion lol. can you hope that we’ll get to ride together lol?????
aww thank you sm 🫶☺️
tysm Dora! haha srsly you are way to sweet here🤣🤣🤣
made us a change page
how are you?
Aahh thank you!!
it’s going ok thank you!! hbu?🫶
and yes i totally relate!! friendships can be pretty draining especially when they’re toxic :// i hope it gets better for you, including the study stuff!
TYYY 💓💗💞
yesyess stan NewJeans asap ! xD 🐰
omgh sure!…i’m mel and (forgive me if you’ve already introduced) what’s your name? (:
my life always is drama tbh. like tonight I cried to my mom on the couch for 25 minutes because of some stupid kids at youth 🙄 its disappointing.
I hope also that he spends his days happily. My friends dad also died of a heart attack last night..he was only 47. My friend is 13. good lord I can't imagine. he was such an amazing man and he loved his daughters and wife so much
well I'm glad school is going good for you, too. and the thing that happened in my family is that my grandpa lied to everyone about who he said he was. he has been saving innapropriate pics of young girls onto his phone. that's also disappointing. and disgusting. he has been flirting with someone younger than my mom too.weird af
there's a lot more he did but I'm not going to say it
and now for..✨zhe boi dramuh✨
✨ so one snowy January night I had logged onto a game with two of my friends and we played games for a while and then we started playing t or d and that got DEEP......
my friiends and i were on the server with us until one of the three of us left to go to bed that night, so it was jst me and this other kid (named dalton) and we continued the t or d game
we asked each other if we liked anyone and we both said yes. turns out we were talking about each other :)
anyway he was at a sleepover not long ago, and one of our friends said, "yk dalton, my girl would leave me for you any day" and dalton said, "nope. nothing can take me from my hannah... she's so cute" and I think he is just the sweetest thing ever
he said I love you, too :))
and yea I get the whole school thing. drama sucks.
ty! I’m good, hru?
hello dora!! hru today??
thanks dora 💕
yeah not much going on really! I have a bit of a cold at the moment what’s really nice! 😊 😂 I probably got it from swimming in the ocean when it was raining 🌧️ x hope your well!
ofc! anytime you want❤️
ahhh gorgeous 💗💗