✏️8/26/21✏️ [tappp]
collab w…. Seaflower99!!!!
you’re so talented, loved making this! have a good day everyone :)


✏️8/26/21✏️ [tappp] collab w…. Seaflower99!!!! you’re so talented, loved making this! have a good day everyone :)

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I loved collating with you you make stunning collages Hope we can collab again!😁
hahahahah stressed with school 🥲🥲 hbu??
collage improvement ✨
amazing collab !!
can we do a collab?
hi @dreaminghappily! can you please join my icon contest?
text me on my page if u are available for collab <3
Hey girl! I'm back!!! How are you?? Since I'm back I was wondering if you would be able to do the collab we had talked about a little while ago! :)
do want me to make ur chat page?
Ok sounds good! What aesthetic should we do?? Do you want to do the bg or the text?
I made the chat page for us dreaminghappily!
What about the aesthetic that most of your collages are? 🤔 (This one) I don't know what this aesthetic is called sorry... or maybe beachy!! And if you don't want to the bg I can do it!! 😁
Ok let's do peachy aesthetic! I thought this was peachy aesthetic but I wasn't sure because it also has a little floral theme to it and not all the pictures were the really orangey pink tones so that's why I wasn't sure! But sounds good!!! 💕💕
I'll get started on the bg today!!! 💕💕
I love this sm
hey dreaminghappily! r u already working on bg?
iam in love with ur acc!
I’d love to collab sometime!☺️✨
ok! we can do it maybe next week! cuz with the school starting it’s kinda busy!! so I’ll try to remember if not then pls remind me:)☺️
beautiful 🤩
Hi! I'd love for you to join my extras account name contest! The winner will get a prize and the deadline is September 8th. (so sorry for copy and paste, feel free to delete
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love your collages!!
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*sorry for copy n paste feel free to delete* Hey! @peachyxeditz here and this is my extras! I’ve got a contest going on so I’d rlly appreciate it if you could come check it out 😁
hey are u on the other girl mini mushie and extras side???
why are they even arguing
thanks so much you have amazing gorgeous account
well I’m on the other girl side Sxmplii_clxuddii side bc she is actually nice
that doesn’t have to cause problems between us does it??
thank u :))
also this is stunninggg ahh
okay coollllll
lol love ur comment on my page😆
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tyssmmm and yes we should!!! i'll let yk whenever i'm finished w the collab i'm working on atm!
would you like to collab w/ me?
what theme do you wanna do?
So pretty!!! Please enter my contest and follow!! I’ll follow back <3
would you like to enter my contest on my account due date 17th of September
I’ll do bg if you don’t mind:)
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ok I’m gonna work on bg
new post!
Hey girl! Quick question for the collab we're doing should I do a collage or more of a simplistic bg?? What do you think??? 😊
can we collab??