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I. don’t. give. 2. fūcks. about. what. u. fūcking. SAY. bįtch byeee
nahhhhh I’m gonna go somewhere that doesn’t have drama queens so bye👋
sorry I meant drama shįt u little fūcker
yo that was so cringey nįgga
u just another little fūck we who finna start shįt wit me
omg why rnt u dead yet^^^^😂😂😂😂😂
and no I’m the definition of hoe that ends fūcking fights
Preston~ no why? and she’s being rude to Anthony
Preston ~ they called Anthony ugly and they know how he feels abt his appearance so he cut himself 😰😰😰
Preston ~ yep
Preston ~ yep uhhh :’(
Preston ~ it’s ok well we all gtg... we are taking a break we are going private for a lil while
I’ve been good how about you?
that’s good
look, I’m sorry you’re leaving. but you have to understand that if they weren’t ok with you calling them names as well, then they dealt with you. so you can’t blame them for doing something that you were doing to them as well.
y r u leaving
no plz❤️
whyyyyyy we neeeed yooooooou
hey I miss youuu
Stan Peppa Pig to be skinny!!!
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