💜Collab with the talented....💜
Go follow her rn cos she is super talented and her drawings are amazing🤩

(See caption in comments xx)


💜Collab with the talented....💜 Delartista!!! Go follow her rn cos she is super talented and her drawings are amazing🤩 (See caption in comments xx)

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caption: I’m so so sorry for the inactivity!!! I have just been rlly busy at school atm and I literally have no inspo for collages. I even tried different styles and more complex collages but they turned out absolutely horrible lol (I think I’ll just stick with my current style) And I just realised I have reached 1.1k already so tysmmm! Also I am iN LoVe with Taylor’s new album sksjhjskslsljhsjssj I rlly love cruel summer, the man, I forgot you existed and paper rings
loVE THIS! and don’t worry about the inactivity, put your life before pc haha
this is amazing!
aHH this is amazing asf 😍 collab is so stunning!
l o v e t h i s 🦋
w h o a this is sooo pretty omg!!
tysm!!! this is soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!
aw thank you and wowza this is so beautiful
you’re welcome! this is fabulous!
stunning 🤩
this is absolutely gorgeous!
stunning💕@caption its okkkk! and yess those songs r bops
aw yay!! congrats to you too!!💕
aww no problemo❤️^^congrats🥳
ahh tysm 💗 this is absolutely gorgeous too
tysm!! this is incredible😍😍
thank you!!
wow so deep
woah! good job you two, this is a MASTERPIECE!!
hey I’m Collabing with you as that was your prize for my contest. if you don’t mind could you do the background? + quote
lu so much!❤️❤️❤️
aww thank you!!
aw no problem!
wow congrats this is amazing !!!!
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love ur collages!!
congrats on the feature! well deserved. this is soo beautiful
so gorgeous😍 congrats on the feature!!
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congrats on the feature!
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this is literally unbelievably gorgeous 😱😆 congrats on the feature to both of you!!
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