I think I might have a panic attack on the first day.  I'll probably faint.


I think I might have a panic attack on the first day. I'll probably faint.

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don’t worry. everything will be fine:) if you have any friends there that will help a lot. if not, your whole grade is just figuring it out too. they’ve never been to high school! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow! (sorry this advice kind of sucked)
I don't have any advice but I know how you feel because I start middle school tomorrow so I have the same feeling
first of all don't worry about getting lost just follow the crowd, second of all I'm sure the teachers will be fine, third you will make tons of friends because everyone else is in the same situation, fourth jus breathe and it will all be fine.
take a deep breath and just know that u can do it. who the frīck cares what people think. you gothic is girlie. we believe in you.
Aw, don’t sweat it. I was terrified going into high school this time last year (i’m a rising sophomore this wednesday 😬). My advice is a) just breathe. All the other freshmen are just as lost and confused and scared as you are. b) My school is huge, so I carried around a map that had my classes labeled. If that’ll help you I think it worked great for me! c) Get involved in extracurriculars. High school can be challenging and boring but extracurriculars make it all seem easier, I promise. Good luck!
ooh I forgot to mention but an added bonus of extracurriculars (especially in a large school like mine) is you can find a ton of people interested in the same things you are. Even though I was a nerdy awkward freshman this past year joining theatre and staying active in it helped me make super nice friends
I got the same feeling with you. my school starts in a few days. UGHHHH... still, I got control of my feelings. Of course, everyone gets nervous when school starts TOMORROW! But, there are still some advice. 1, take a deep breath to calm yourself down and say, ‘ I can do it.’ 2, try to do the BEST smile in your life and say ‘ good morning.’ 3, make yourself clean. this is a important thing because your classmates will stare at you like an idiot-like when you were full of smell of smelly gym-socks, and it is GROSS.* LAUGHS* 4, ‘enjoy’ in class. listen to the teacher so the classmates will think that you are a good student and be friends with you. P.S the contest results are OUT! LOOK WHAT PLACE YOU GOT !