10.05.19 「t a p」
check out the remixes y'all I have too much to say with too little space
QOTD: what's your talent?
AOTD: knowing drama but not getting involved

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10.05.19 「t a p」 check out the remixes y'all I have too much to say with too little space QOTD: what's your talent? AOTD: knowing drama but not getting involved

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ooh I know the one in the bottom right corner (I think)! is it Marla?
oh wait this is all ONE youtuber ! I GUESS MARLA
hahahah somehow I don’t know who this could be
aw thank youuuu! is the youtuber marla catherine? I love her videos! this is such a cool idea btw
the middle right is doodie?
thank you💕🤧
Marla Catherine
mArlA cAtHeriN I love her
and thank you so much. im not physically hurt but mentally am. a random guy said things to me that he shouldn’t have but I had friends to confront
thank you 💞 I’m Lydia but I go by Lyds
don't forget to click the caption for the QOTD. answer if you can ❤️
I’m gonna look into your books ty
aw thank you so much!🥰💗
yay! that was a fun puzzle!
wow thank you so much haha
thank you :)
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thank you !! ❤️❤️
awww thank you
thank you!
marla catherine? i luv her
AWWW tY 🤧🤧❤️
so do you 😫👉❤️👈
thank you!! 💛
re:// aww tysm🥰😘💓
thank you omg that made my day💘
I forgot to tell you earlier but your so sweet
thank you @-Soulfulvibes- did the text as it was a collab
also thank you for all the other comments 💕
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thank youuu love
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I really don’t know🤣
aww tysm! 💓✨
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Indeed it did... 😪
And ty! 💚
thank you!
marla Catherine or avrey ovard?
thank you!!!
thank you!!!!
I like simple and I thought other people would too, so tysm ❤️
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thank u so muchh
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Marla Catherine or Aspyn Ovard
AOTD: I don't know probably flexibility
Also tysm!
omg tysm ur so sweet💓✨
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tysm!!🥰 and np
andddd aotd: soccer
I have no idea😂 this is how i know ima phycopath kpop fangirl, ive llsy all the conection to the rest of the world
lol did this a while ago but never answered the QOTD but probably flexibility, evil looks, wasting money, and judging/roasting people in my head lol
just realized I said lol twice oops
Marla Catherine
oohhh Marla Catherine? ☺️
Avery ovard?
aotd: being akward but in a way that people don’t think I’m being awkward
Marla Catherine
AOTD: complaining
word: singing
Marla Catherine!!
it’s either Marla Catherine or Avery I add
avrey ovard* (stupid autocorrect)