I'm so stupid....


tap I'm so stupid....

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no you aren't
my dear, everyone is smart in different ways. it's just what school thinks we should value. some people are smart when it comes to being a good friend or math or like me just one style of writing but nothing else. but because school has a certain way of teaching and what they need to cover, we immediately jump to thinking we're stupid just because of THEIR values. yours are different from everyone else's. mine are too. everyone had different values from everyone else. that's what determines everything about us. and hey if you don't know what you're meant to do, don't sweat it. I'm still trying to figure it out too. you aren't stupid, sweetpea. if you're stupid, than so am I 💚
of course. I love hugs. don't even ask, I might already be hugging you 😊 *big tight warm hugs*
u aren t stupid fren
why on earth would you think that?! 🙊🙈