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*Sorry for the Copy and Paste* I’m so sorry to bother you but plz check out my account. Thanks! Have a great day 💜
hi! I just saw your comment! I’ve never really thought about making it but I love that recipe! I’m planning on making it later today
my bff loves those too! I’ve never had one but ima try it! it’s it’s what BB likes (and you) I will totally try it!!
also, I’m REALLY sorry I just saw it!! it is such a great idea and I’m excited to make it!!
hey... so I made it! I didn’t have any vanilla ice cream so I substituted with more vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream... when that didn’t work out... I kinda put chocolate in it. long story short, I have to wait until I get ice cream! I though I had some but didn’t... hopefully I get to make it soon