🌊t a p🌊
🌊comment some unpopular opinions in the comments cuz why not?🌊
🌊QOTD: favourite song right now?🌊

🌊if u see this, comment ‘yEeT’🌊


🌊t a p🌊 🌊comment some unpopular opinions in the comments cuz why not?🌊 🌊QOTD: favourite song right now?🌊 🌊if u see this, comment ‘yEeT’🌊

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unpopular opinions: 1st I don’t think twice has to change their concept, if u don’t like it, then done stan them. 2nd Ariana Grande is overrated. 3rd I don’t like BigBang’s songs as a group but I like their solo songs. 4th, just bc BigHit makes a lot of money from BTS, it doesn’t mean that it’s a part of the big three or their competitors, BigHit only has 1 successful groups while the big 3 has many successful groups and solo artists.
5th most ppl don’t deserve to be on the pop page, they only have a lot of followers but most of their followers aren’t active and some of them don’t even have good collages. 6th I don’t get why ppl like bury a friend or her music overall. 7th ppl need to stop saying Loren Gray copied Billie Eilish, her style isn’t original (oof now those fans are gonna attack me but who cares).
beautiful 🤩
aotd: only want you & anywhere by rita ora ♥️
heyyy! I made a collage similiar to this collage style and I was wondering if I could have your permission to post it? I will obviously give credit and stuff❤️
idk about kpop, but I agree about Ariana Grande. contrary to arianators’ beliefs, 7 rings is not exactly a “friendship anthem” when you have lyrics like “ain’t got enough money to pay me respect” and songs called “break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored”, which is telling ppl to break up their perfectly good and loving relationships and definitely not about self love.
she gives me a sorta mean high school cheerleader bully that pretends to be real and nice and respectful and have good beliefs that goes with the trend, but inside she just does that to make people like her.
why are people so attracted to fake people anyway? despite whatever those people say, they really are. ever since what, high school? following people that are “popular” and mean. what has the world become? I would rather have someone who is true at heart and much more genuine as a person that I look up to, who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in and writes songs that don’t particularly cross any lines. did I mention she’s not afraid to be herself? (yes I’m talking about Taylor)
true true lately I’ve been really surprised at the songs that Ariana makes now a days, I mean just about all her songs her explicit 🤦🏻‍♀️
omg this is absolutely stunning😱😍 AOTD: Hamilton songs probably😂
aw thanks❤️
omg tho but self advertising is so annoying😂🤦🏻‍♀️
exactly bro and they say fake compliments bcz they copy and paste
it’s probs not
or maybe idk
bcz one of my collages got featured last time and it was like 10 likes only
if u search up how to get featured it says it’s based on if it’s actually a collage and amount of scraps and stuff u put into it
ikr! but pc should feature collage styles like this! I’ve only seen ONE collage that was only based off of text complexity and all the other features were horrible😂
what really? well it must’ve been good if it had 80 likes
true true at least someone finally noticed👏🏼
yeah and most features are t even as good as the ppl who don’t get featured so that completely destroys the purpose of features
love thissssssssssssssssssssss
aotd: i have too many to just say one
haha yeah it’s rlly sad how ppl who actually make good collages don’t get noticed for it
don't get mad at me but i like breathin by ariana a lot tho hAhaa
haha feel free to steal stuff people remix me 😂🙈
don’t mind at all- go for it
I KNOW it sux
omg lol
that is so true the amount of hatepages going on is so disappointing
eh dun rlly wanna say sozz
ikr so sad like my mum always says ‘if u don’t hv anything good to say don’t say it’
😂those kids need to grow up
huh like even if it’s legal it’s not original. why would you want to put it out there when you know it’s not creative or original?
also she doesn’t even write her own songs. she’s credited as an “American SINGER”, not an “American singer-SONGWRITER”
haha thx ALSO YEET
aotd// Someone you loved - Lewis Capaldi
oh rip why does my collage suck tho😂 unless ur referring to something else
you’re welcome ♥️
aotd: hMmmMmM Turbulence// Monsta X
@caption i really hate it when ppl use styles or aspects of someone else’s style without credit.... even if it’s just a chatpage layout or an announcement page.... it’s taking away the original persons uniqueness and creativity and turning it into smth anyone can use
haha thanks I just put random stuff in to fill up the space 😂🌟
@caption....I have no unpopular opinions
This suk tbh
bro you hv another frking hatepage
ew u copies gemquotes
go die
no one likes u
^im about to beat this persons 🅰️ss^
i got my own hate page
haha ikr
no one wants u here
^ i do
why do feel like it’s the same person
yes indeed
the wild idiot is lurking around the best corners of pc.
hey!! I’m sorry!! if your confused I will tell u why!! are u my hatepage?? If you are I’m super sorry cause I don’t know what I did wrong!! please if it is could u delete it and I’m very sorry💙
I feel that.
oh wait it’s not u I’m sorry for the long message!! it’s a hate page for both of us!!
haha i’ll start a go fund me
u ok meh dude?
wow we are getting sO mUcH tRaCtiOn
our fundraiser IS TAKING OFF😂
ikr brilliant entertainment👌
it’s like for both of us! we have the same usernames urs in in capitals and has an _ and mine is in lower case and no _ so it is the -OCEANBREEZE- that’s sucks though!! we have done nothing wrong
5 out of 5 ratings 👏🏼👏🏼
ahaha and a dictionary too
yeah that’s a good idea
does this hatepgae sound familiar to u? someone called -apollo- a snake too
yea snakes aren’t bad😂
ahaha snakes aren’t bad lol I like them a little but not when they come into my house ahaha
ahah yeah that’s okay lol
ikr it’s so disappointing
😂😂😂ikr jeez these kids need some proper education
100th comment!
haha and they need to get their priorities straight
yeah well at least they’re not too bad others are like really bad
u got Pinterest?
tell me ur name😂I wanna add u
I added u❤️
re: it’s a squad @rose_panda created u can look it up @KDNAsquad
omigod u r so amaZinggg
Ahaha so true
ikr...like okay she’s nice and there’s no problem with liking raini, I mean you can like whatever you want. butte.ling lies and fake rumours plus making it a religion I staking it too far...it’s looking like worshiping more than stanning a fandom.
*but telling lies oops
*is taking it too far
what the heck is wrong with my keyboard today
that person is going crazy argh
now I’m arguing with her because she is claiming that Taylor plagiarised 1989 and Ariana plagiarised dangerous woman. she’s saying that it was “tragic because she was a mentor to these young girls” and that raini was supposed to release both albums when she was twenty years old
smh I feel like I’m talking to a crazy psycho
a:// water fountain
i absolutely LOVE your account! you’re so talented! 💕💕
omg ikr! i freaking blocked her because she’s so freaking annoying 🙄
it was lUncHtiMe pAdfood
why would I be hUngry after lUnch
no I mean I just had lunch
yeeeeaaaaa booooiiiiii kpop is gucci
Favorite song: oof. Idk. Last Of the Real Ones by Fall Out Boy, Idol, or DNA by BTS.
QOTD: idk a Taylor song
i was like i don’t want any more of your cräp on my account lol 😂😂😂
unpopular opinion: I hate soda+minty & spicy foods 🤮 yEeT
beautiful collage btw!
AWWW ❤️❤️
unpopular opinion: i dont like watermelon, or papaya, or any melon/squash type. i also dont like any kind of seafood including seaweed
i also maybe this isn’t unpopular, but i hate when ppl have fanwars and judge other ppl for being a fan of something, whether it’s like kpop or pop or books or whatever. also at times i dont like certain armies who dont rlly respect other groups besides bts, like ppl u dont have to stan them, but u should at least respect them! also i hate when ppl compare groups to one another like NO
honestly i have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to kpop fandoms cuz at times things can get so intense like aghhhh. also i wish ppl wouldn’t like judge stuff about things before actually educating and understanding them better.like u dont like kpop, that’s fine. but at least have a valid opinion after u actually educate yourself in what it actually is, instead of like listening to 2 songs and think “oh they’re just a bunch of chinese heartthrobs with brainless heads and autotuned voices”
also since I’m rlly not caught up with modern slang of the current young era, what is “yeet”? lol im sorry im asking you this
fav song: probably most recently: hala hala by ateez and crown by txt.
actually the other day i started listening to more like uh traditional chinese classical pieces that i used to listen to like a rlly long time ago. and I’ve been sort of obsessed with the song “The Butterfly Lovers” except I haven’t really found a rlly amazing orchestral symphony version of the song that rlly sticks with me on spotify yet
i play the viola, so like back in like 6th grade i was super into classical
but i opened my music tastes and genres later on, and it’s funny cuz now my favorite genre is like “EDM dance pop with a bit of a hip hop twist” which is nothing like classical
but i still rlly enjoy classical so yeah I’ve just sort of gotten back into listening to it recently
oh, but i mostly rlly just like traditional asian kind of symphonic classical music. i saw this one version of Butterfly Lovers that was like 26 min long and after the first 19 min i just sorta got tired of it haha
also like Ddaeng by bts, is seriously prob my most fav rap song of the rap line, cuz like it uses some traditional korean classical elements while adding hip hop and rap, which r like 2 super opposite things. but for some reason the way the song is and all is just absolutely phenomenal and amazing and i adore both musical sides of the song
actually i didnt rlly like rap/hip hop so much before kpop, and kpop rappers weren’t rlly my thing. but then the Agust D music video changed my life (and bias list) and i became more flexible toward hip hop styles and now i rlly love it a lot especially added with EDM pop, like it just sounds so good! which is prob why i like kpop songs so much, because i dont rlly know many american artists who actually combine so many specific styles into one. but with like kpop groups, there’s more ppl, and kore variety in each member’s own music taste
ok sorry for unnecessarily ranting about something as trivially unnecessary as my music tastes
oh btw, what’s like ur music taste?
200th comment 😋
please enter my contest
ur so talented