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caption: i said someone would steal that drawing for a college and but i never thought it would be me. anyways, i'm posting this before i got back and redo the text for the tenth time. i'll h•te it no matter what. we'll just pretend my last post wasn't in like...september. i guess i'm back though? i'm not gonna promise anything because i can't commit to making collages consistently because i'm really busy now (applying to colleges is a lot of work). plus i spend 24/7 drawing not because of art classes i take. which is probably not healthy but i don't really care at this point. anyway as a thank you for being so patient with me i'll throw some of my art in the remixes for you guys. i do post a lot more of my art on my extras account (@-stairwaytoheaven-) though if you guys want to actually see me be active somewhere. also we should start a petition for pc to give us a proper space for captions (which i actually had an idea for but they don't take suggestions).
oh d•mn that was way longer than i expected
also i should mention that this was inspired by sal's latest collage because i loved the colorful cutouts
I LOVE THISSSS- ooo id love to see some of your art!!
ive been trying to draw but i just feel like im so bad. i don’t think im as terrible as i think, but im definitely not good haha
that’s true. i wish i could come up with ideas to draw instead of looking at someone else’s drawing and trying to copy it lol
or get ideas from it*
Omg this is amazing!! You're so creative, love to see a collage by you again ❤
your style is incredible I love it 😍
yeah i guess it’s good so that you can practice with what someone else did and eventually work your way up
really? i also like drawing fairies lol that’s all i draw 😂
lmaooo maybe 😂
mann this collage is so cool & the way everything fits together is just aksnebdhhsh‼️
the colourss 😩
just put your watermark for literally everything because there are ppl that will def steal ur stuff no matter what.
also love all ur art as usual!
idc ofc the text looks amazing to me ✨
yo the college application process is so stressful. I’m still a year away yet everyone my age is already looking into thjngsss it’s so scary
well i kept drawing my fairy and now idk how im supposed to do the feet. they are in a weird position lol- i will try and figure it out
yeahh and i don’t know which way im supposed to draw the shoes lol
im so bad at legs and feet it’s insane
that’s fair, I spend hours redoing my backgrounds because it juicier doesn’t look right
good luck- I hope the applications go well🍀
of courseee this collage makes me happy lol
wow this is amazing
my mind is blown
LOVE the colours
chdhfjdhw Tysm!
thank you 💜
Hi! I just wanna say that ur collages are so beautiful! Keep up the good work, ur doing amazing -Me_4life❤️
yep 😀
ur mean
when u were a judge u said no every time
HEYYY im good just immensely bored as u can see
we both got it :// ^^
just great ❤️
this is amazing 😉
oh wait typo hold on
I would’ve cried
so kind of u
thank you!
ur the only one who answered it
Hi! I have a collage contest that I am doing because I hit 500 followers! I'd love for you to join! More details on my account
thank you 🥀
thanks so much!! :)
i love this!!
of course!☺️
I’m blocking you now /j
this looks so cool!!
can’t believe I just found this account wow
the vibes in this are so perfect
eliza :) hi, i’ve missed you so incredibly much
wow like nobody had snap when i posted, here’s my number: 281-779-0325
✨new post✨
dude stomach aches s u c k
Thank you! It’s fine Elisza that happens to me too!
Hey… Elisza, I have a question for you. Do you still have that one LoliRock drawing you did for me? it’s okay if you don’t I was just curious.
It’s okay I just was wondering
re your comment on @therpgang - i definitely won’t be a stranger :). once i’m legal i’m definitely down to meet up and exchange socials. until then i promise not to disappear for too long without notice !!
This is so prettyyy
we’ll look who it is
elisza:) hi. how’ve you been
Wow I really like this! Great work🧡