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can u please check out my account?I'm new here and u make icons so if you ever need one just ask me. Also,spam for spam?💖
contest on my profile
icon contest on my page as well :)
is it individual?
I'm really sorry, but team twenty one pilots just got filled up :( would you be okay with Fall Out Boy?
oh, Fall Out Boy is an amazing band! so far, only Libby-Boo is on that team ❤️
I don't understand what you mean?
no, I'm sorry, it's the only team left. :(
DisneyDancer56. YES. 😁😁😁
if you were still looking to join the band games on my account, please let me know asap because another person was interested as well and there's only one spot left. just a reminder that the only available team is Fall Out Boy.
what happened to the first round?
great idea!!
when is the first challenge?
what's the challenge?
u said there was a challenge up
yeah. u had that as well
I mean I
sorry got it down it was bad:( tomorrow it will be up
you won my icon contest in 2nd place!