hot chocolate.
just sayin’


hot chocolate. just sayin’

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Hey... wanna talk to a guy or girl???😂 -Harper
how are you tina? :)
i’m also quite good
you’re really tall aha
i don’t think it’s awkward in any way. i’ve actually wanted to be very tall but ah. somethings just never come true
we should definetly trade heights
clair de lune? thought i was the only one who had a huge things for that piece 👀
i learned the piece in one of my music classes. i didn’t know people jammed to it in their cars haha
i play the acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano. how about yourself? / oh and i have my voice aha
yeah? you should the hang of playing a guitar since you can play the ukulele right?— i’m sure you’re an amazing singer
hm, is there any favourite animated characters that you adore?— you should. i’m sure you’re amazing
hm, i don’t know what suggestions to give. but patterns are also nice, unless you put in some creativity to it
that would be absolutely beautiful :,) ah, now i really want to go ahead and attempt designing my guitar haha
sadly i don’t really got the time to be doing that aha. have you thought of anything yet?
“bad tv”?