august 9, 2020

i’m really happy with how this turned out !! this is a quote by me that i made at like 3 am . how have y’all been ?💙 favorite netflix show ?


“tap” august 9, 2020 i’m really happy with how this turned out !! this is a quote by me that i made at like 3 am . how have y’all been ?💙 favorite netflix show ?

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Ooh loving this!! And the quote, woah ❤
this is breathtaking!!🌹
the quoteee😍😍 someone’s got TALENT
fav netflix show? ugHhkn i don’t have one
np :) how are you?? what did you do today
npp!! i’ve been busy but things are hopefully calming down now😅how are you?? anything fun happen recently?
ahh thank you so much 🥺💕 THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL 😍
thanks for sharing that with me, I rlly hope it works out for the best💓
aw well thank u😊
yeah i have some work i need to do before school starts too🥴
choc chip :0
awwww u good bro?
this looks awesome btw🤩🤩
ahh love the deep stuff😌💓💓👏
haha yeah when my friends need to vent or anything im up all night calling with them
it’s good that you’re so caring of him🥺🥺
oh well i cut my hair to my shoulders and it’s a little shorter than i wanted but i thinks it looks ok:) also i had volleyball tryouts today and idk how i did
wow this is so pretty!! 😍
hmm not great... how bout u
stage 4 is when u can't go out of 5km around ur house, hv a curfew, can only go out of ur house for essential medical care, food, exercise (one walk for one hour a day), and work or education if u absolutely cannot do it from home
and i hv all online skl
woah this is so cool!
wow wow wow I am amazed 🤩
that’s a good idea, i’ve been trying to do my school work but it’s been a real struggle😅and aw, i’m glad you’re feeling better tho🧡
ooooh cheer sounds fun!! are you having online or in-person school?
awww that’s good🥺
I’m glad y’all r still friends 💞
I've been pretty good, and you?
woahh gorgeous
pshh i've been ok just got heaps of work to do which sucks
how'd u go with the summer school work?
you’re welcome :)
Oh, good luck with the school work. Hope it gets better soon, breakups can be so rough.
thank you!! and ooooh yeah i get that, i wanted to do half in-person half online before my school just decided to do full online until like october
This is beautiful
holy moly i love this
wow this is sooo beautiful 💕
and omg I’m so sorry to hear that, i hope you are doing okay❤️if you ever need someone to talk to I’ll always be here for you 🤩
of course!
i’ve been good, how’s your summer going?
yeah it's cos of the lockdown and just other stuff
awww i'm so sorry🥺 that's good that you're still frens tho
i live in australia :) what about u!
oof yeah, the intense guidelines make sense tho
and ohhh do they not allow u to do cheer if u wanted to do online?
I’m good, hru?❤️
awww that’s so goooodd
ur so lucky u get to stay up😤
aww i’m so sorry! break ups are tough, i hope you’re doing okay :(
and thank you!!
ohhhh so true !! most of my extracurriculars are cancelled :((
i’m glad!
mmm it is annoying
I’m doing good! how about you?
adoring this quote🖤❤️🤍
aww that’s sad, but I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better!
I’m going to my friend’s house later so that’ll be fun😌
Nono I got what u meant 😂👏
but that’s rlly nice to do that for him:)
u should slep doe >:0
if u don’t sleep, ur brain goes insane and then u die after 24 hours without sleep😂😳😳
ughhhh some ppl r poo poo
at least u still hv 2 friends to talk serious withhh
emilyy hii:)
yes u do >:)
im goodd i have some exciting news!!!
i made my high school volleyball team 👊🏼👊🏼🔥 and the way they told me-
it’s like they added on extra stress
thank you!! 🥺 im really proud of myself too because they had to cut more than half of us
oOf when r u gonna start school now
dang writing papers 🤡 i h@te
it was! but it was a little sad saying goodbye to my family
but they’re only half an hour away so i can always visit when i want
💗💗ty for the tips
oOO gl in schooool
dang us history is so fascinating ngll
oh woww how was itt
omg u wrote this?? i- woaaahh
you’re so talented wtfff
I’m doing well! I’m online for school which is disappointing but I’m still alive and well so I’m thankful❤️
are you doing it virtually or in person?
I’m doing well! I’m glad to be back from my trip and not rlly ready for school to start tbh
ooh that’s nice! did you like doing it virtually?
oh and that sounds fun that you have something to do after school! it’s good to have something good to look forward to😂
Thanks for submitting! I’m doing well! I just finished my first week of school and it’s going alright so far! How have you been?
OMG I love this 😆💗
thanks man🥺💞
ahhh I’m okay hbu😌
Oh no! Hopefully they’re all ok. You have all in person classes?
i’ve been pretty good!! i’ve been trying to get my sleep schedule back on track since school is starting soon but i got up at noon today so i guess it’s not going very well ahah🤡🤡 hbu?
I have mine online
well corona might be the reason idk just a thought 😳😂
oof how is it so far😬
anyway it’s better than to risk ur lives 👌👌
round one is out for my games! come enter before the deadline!! 💞
i mean i don’t think they can expect y’all to social distance 100% of the time like its still an enclosed space😂😂
at least it’s some semblance of normalcy with normal school ig?
your collages are gorgeous
round two is out for my games!! come enter💞