🧸✨ 𝑪𝑳𝑰𝑪𝑲 ✨🧸

hey bbs!! hope ur doin well😚 here’s a collab w @onlyangcl (aka alexa 🦋💞) check out her playlist post :)) comment below, let’s b friends ! -luv, ella


🧸✨ 𝑪𝑳𝑰𝑪𝑲 ✨🧸 hey bbs!! hope ur doin well😚 here’s a collab w @onlyangcl (aka alexa 🦋💞) check out her playlist post :)) comment below, let’s b friends ! -luv, ella

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i love collabing w u🥺💘💞💓
ur so talented omg period QUEEN OF EDITING IDC IDC change my mind u can't🙈
nothing much just online school
hiii bb! what are you up to?🤍
awww a bunny?🥺 bunnies are so cuteee
awww🥺 tell him i love him🥰😂
eVeN tHe rAbBiTs ArE aTtRaCtEd To Me😏😂😂
ily moreee🤍🤍 hehe ummm my fav part is not waking up early😂 hbu??
i luv u🥺💘💕💞💓
ikkk but i kinda miss school ngl🥺😂
IKKKK i wouldn’t be able to function man🥺
right 🤮
bro same but then again I kinda need it
since I’m in HS it’s stresses me out a lot
welll ur nicer😤🤍
thank you thank you but sometimes it’s hard to open up to people when you can’t even put your feelings i to words so instead of letting your mouth word it your eyes do more of the talking
ahhhh drugs and the internet is SO GOOD
awwww tyyy!!! golden is my favorite on the album 👀 💖
aww thanks! my favorite album atm is definitely nfr by Lana del Rey, and right before that it was golden hour by kacey musgraves 💖 hbu?
^ oh I almost forgot I’m also loving kid krow by conan gray atm
brooo my mom used to always play same drugs on car trips 😂
^ lolll I literally just decided to listen to it because I forgot I heard it and it started and it awakened memories I didn’t even know I had hahaahahqhhs
yesss fine line is amazing
hello! I want to be friends with u!!!
aww thank you so much!! 🥺🤩
I love your account 🤩🤩
eeee! I live the name Ella! just call me jo
sooo should I send my mom on a plane or ¿
^ hahahshshsj kiddinG
I was learning bout human history
but at least history was more interesting today :))
//today all i have is online school, and im basically stuck in my house because of the quarantine 😤 im kind of drying rn i want to get out and see my friends but i cant 🥺
i know, our history teacher made us take a selfie of ourselves and put it on the discussion post ugh
yeah me too! our teacher always assigns us soooo many things!
well, I gotta go sleep now :)) good night 😘
good morning babyyyy🥺💕 hows you sleep?✨
that’s good to hear😚 ooo how’d that go?
no problem xD im seesee btw :)
I’ll try to send her after this whole corona thing ;)
yay!! that’s good💕 how has your morning been other than thattt
Hey ella I'm SYD it's nice to meet you and I would love to be friends!!
oooo what kind of tea? i’ve been packinggg ugh we’re moving this weekend
Aww Ella is such a nice name 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
How are ya
ahh man i bet thats not true you probs look good all the time🤠
and ahhh yes it has lil lights around the ceiling and i have like a whole window area where my desk will go
Nothing much actually just trying to get some homework done wbu?
hehe cheetos are amazinggg
I’m awake now!
i really wish there was an uno reverse emoji cuz NO ur perfect😤🥺💕
hey! I’m Audrey! how are you? ❣️
also I just followed you on whi + pinterest ♥️
hiiii! also, I just wanted to tell you that that’s also me up there! ^ 😂♥️
aww lucky i just started and i woke up super early cuz it took me like 6 hours yesterday :(
Nothing except I'm doing this online maths thingy and it makes u do it until u get 100%,and the questions Change each time! Ive done it like four times but I gave up😂😂😂😂
aww you have a pet rabbit!! 😂 That's awesome, What's his/or her name?
it doesn’t get any more perfect than uuuu babes🥺💕
stewie That's so cute, My aunt has a cat named stewie 😂
thank you so much; I’m really wanting to get better but I’m at the point where I can’t control my urges at all :( I don’t plan on suicide though, I do want to live, but want to hurt myself still. I try not to overdose too severely because I want to stay alive. I tried to find a rehab but it would cost $4,000. my husband and I are gonna talk to someone in the military soon because he would help us find resources hopefully.
mmm no ur perfect don’t deny it🤍
hey hey hey i gotta question
are you so perfect🥺💕
It's so tiring ughhh they set us so much work! 😴😣
That's what I'm doing rn 😂😂😂😴
hi babyyy i’m goin to the park to play soccer w some friends hbuuu?🤍🤍
danggg😳 have funnn do live close to a beach?
well i mean i assume so but😂
thank you babyyy🥺🤍 and ahhh that sounds so funnn i wish i lived close to oneee
aw thank you!
hey Ella !! 🥺💖 today I did some algebra hw, wrote my friend a letter, and listened to dua lipa’s new album. wby?
ooo i’m sorry bb i fell asleep, my day was pretty good :) i put some finishing touches on my project and did some more packing, hbu?💕
wanted to let you know I didn’t overdose any time yesterday :) 💪🏻 thank you for the encouragement, I’ll be taking things one day at a time
hehe me tooo😂🤍
what are u up to angelll🤍
heyyyy Ella!
Hey Ella, I’d absolutely love to become friends with you thanks for asking me it’s nice to meet you My name is Rosie 💖😘😍✨🥰💗🤩
I got a few questions to ask you Sou can get to know you and I’ll give you my answers
so question 1. What’s your favourite animal : mines a dog : 2. what’s your favourite colour : personly for me I don’t have one I like all colours but I really like blue : 3. What’s your favourite emoji and book : my favourite book is pig the pug it’s just like a whole memory I don’t read them anymore but I used to when I was younger I used to obbsed with them and my favourite emoji are they ones 💖😍🤩😘🥰✨💗🐻, thats all my questions for now I might have more later but I hope you enjoy
haha yeaaah that’s me! + thanks! 🥺♥️
hi Ella! and awe thank you so much, that’s so sweet🥺💗
That’s soo cool Ella and thanks so much, I can’t wait for our friendship journey to begin
ikr lmaoo
ahhh tanning is funn i bet u look stunning bb🥺🤍
heyyy Ella
awww ty 🥺 ly too bby 💖
oh hi Ella! how are you?
ofccc how are you?🥺💖
heyy! I’m Gia :) I’m good, wbu?
I’d love to collab some time xx
ahh same here, we’ve been moving in all week and today we have to go back to the old house and clean it😓😂 how was the beachhh
hi hi
ok ma’am I will
also tyyy hehe
no I don’t think I will make complex edits again💗 it’s too time consuming and my life has changed a lot ):
sameee😂 how are youuu?🤍
hi babe just read your message! 🤍 I don’t know when I’ll be editing again and if I will do it. I am very busy and other than that quarantine has been influencing my mood. I’d rather take some time for myself. but thank you for the kind words and, if you ever need anything I am here 🥺 if you want to send me some edits and need advice, feel free to do so
ahH THANKS 😅 hru Ella?? 💗
i miss u too🥺 and YAYAYAYAYAY i’m so excited for ur edit🥰
AHHHH I’m excited 🥰🥰🥰🥰