Tap !
I found that quote relatable now no ? Even if the situation is not as good as we want we can found “the light” !


Tap ! I found that quote relatable now no ? Even if the situation is not as good as we want we can found “the light” !

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love this and the quote!
aw thank you!
aww that means a lot thanks so much 😘😘🤧
hey thanks so much 🤩🥰🥰
Thanks this looks awesome btw
cool! u speak French! Je parle anglais et aussi français (don’t know if I got my grammar right 😂)...and oh yeah! I’m not mad at u, no offence but I’m not French 🤣. I’m Filipino in ethnicity :), et toi?
and thx 4 the remarks,
this is also soooo maganda (beautiful in Filipino)!
wowww this is sooo amazing!!
and this is AWESOME
20: I’m not sure
23: my personality
35: any compliment really
Hey!!!! Thanks for the comments!!!!!
I love YOUR edits!!!!!!!!
My fav character would be Bellatrix in the movies (bc I love Helena B.) Or maybe Hermione or McGonagall on the books
oh that’s so cool ur from Northern Africa! J’habite à Asia
:), and 🤣 maybe try watching peppa pig it helps :), I have a taglish accent so it’s not very British but I’m learning from peppa 🤣
and yes it can be quite hard 2 speak English, can’t believe we actually have something similar! I speak Tagalog (originally) but is learning English 2
and thx ur just as kind and sweet :) :) :) :)
okay! thanks sm!
Thanks and I’m doing okay how are you
yeah, he’s kinda a duck tho lol
haha I have a little sister (sœur) 5 yrs she learns through Peppa pig 😂
yes let’s be friends! is friends in French amies?
I’m Anna, comment tu t’appelles?
thanks :)
thank you so much❤️
Yeah the whole work load is just tiring
cool! so how old r u? and hmmm...French?
I just really don’t know
and I want more job opportunities in the future so yeah
Asia jobs r competitive
thanks 😊
ahh tyy🥺💖
oh that’s cool! I’m 12! do u take any extracurriculars? I take tennis, voice, and online coding classes. et toi?
I love heathers! the songs are so catchy! and THANK YOU SO MUCH 💛
hahah thank you :)
thank you
awww thanks so much ur comment made my day 😘🥰😍
cool! je lire encyclopédie et livre psychologie
my hobbies are singing, tennis, reading, coding, and design
but I want to help other people from all over the world when I grow up :)
aww thx! wut r ur ambitions?
and my fav food is fine French food and Mediterranean food. I don’t really like Asian food it has MSG 🤣
btw, Wuts ur religion? and wut time is it there in Algeria?
oh and thx 4 the wishes! I think u have the talent :)
sure! what would you like on it, OR...
i do very much like it
Would you like me to surprise you?
oooooh alright! I gotchu :3
you is special because you gets 4 icons :)
aw yw! I’m glad you like it!
luv ya too 💗
hehe thank you my dude🥰
hey wanna chat on the chat page?
r u online?
pls I really want 2 talk 2 u
nah it’s fine! I mean of course he was never the guy for me
like seriously the guys that I know are just 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Like they’re either good looking with a bad personality, or bad looking with a bad personality so there’s seriously no good options for a crush (which is why I don’t have one now HALLELUJAH CRUSHES ARE STRESSFUL)
but then again I am only just in 7th grade so he might change??
yeah he’s like, “oh here’s Caite, yeah she’s not good enough I’ma swipe left” 😂😂😂😂 and then for any other girl he’s like, “THIS IS THE ONE I MUST MATCH WITH HER”
and you’re right, relationships can ruin everything 😂 been there, done that!
and yeah but it wasn’t my idea to confess on April fools it was my friends so she’s actually the smart one 😭😂
ok here’s a bigger paragraph YOU’RE WELCOME
sometimes I think I’m crushing on someone but I just end up really wanting to be their best friend
I don’t know WHY
sometimes I feel like dating is just a waste of time
like my brother is COMMITTED to his gf
like nonstop
some guys have already matured, but they’re just kinda...boring
you’re luckyyyy that you’ve never been in one they’re just kinda...eh
I don’t know how to describe it 😂
It hurts so bad the pain is unbearable 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
yeah love is kinda just not for me yet
his gf isn’t that bad (I mean who am I kidding I’ve never met her 😂)
I think you can be friends with your ex because I am, but it’s kinda weird sometimes
I agree with you on that one
Thanks for all your comments! You're so sweet
Sorry for not reading them lol
My favourite book would be order of the Phoenix maybe... not sure
And movie... deathly hallows pt 1 is really cool
I liked Half Blood Prince but I honestly think they ruined it in the movie
I mean, like they focus a lot on "WonWon" and Lav
Yeah I read the cursed chiled... I mean, the story is kinda cool but I think they ruined it, they could just leave it like that...
Have you read any of the other books (fantastic beasts, quidditch through the ages or the tales of beedle the bard)???
I read them all!
And yeah! Magic became true with this movies!!!!!!
Do you have a wizarding world acc?
I'm a Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a Siberian cat
And they have been doing podcast and videos of actors reading the philosophers stone
AW THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️
oh then sryyy
I would but I only have on air channels on my tv 🙂😂😭