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also my tiktok is @prettyrad I'm doing a lot of crying over there rn
i wish the best for you 😚😚 also congrats on getting into GSU!! but i wish you a good recovery ❤️ (idk if that’s the right word but hopefully you understand 😅)
I’m sorry I haven’t been on in so long and that so much has happened in these past few months to you 😓 I’ve broken away from social media a lot other than snap chatting my animals haha but I saw you singing and I felt the vibes from it and I felt worried so I went to check on here. But you sound so beautiful and I hope things get better with you and James and that he goes to Georgia southern too. Ily, please stay safe 💙
and your instrumental sounded lovely, I haven’t heard the original song before so I’m new to it and it was such a cozy comforting sound. Are you thinking of going into music production at all? I’m hoping to do that