reposted from _theblestskies_       PLEASE READ THIS!!!


reposted from _theblestskies_ PLEASE READ THIS!!!

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Thank you so much 💓
I love this!!
ofc! and yw~ 💞
tysm! I totally agree with this message 💕
however, I also feel that by posting these, we’re giving the h••epages what they want: attention. I still think reposting this is the right course of action, but I think it’s a good idea to just block and ignore the h••epage and move on. :)
thank you!!
Like this isn’t social media💀It’s a colloge making app😭
100% agree!!
definitely agree with this! can’t believe many talented ppl left bc of the amount of h@te they received, unfortunately :(
hey how are you.
totally agree
Sure we can collab! Do you mind if we start like on the weekend though?
Ok sounds good!😊
aweee I’ll miss you too!!! I’ll be active tho!!! how are you?
im pretty good wbu
wow thank you so much!!! i’ve been okay thanks!! hbu??
and i couldn’t agree with this more!!!
Ty evelynnn!!! your'e so sweet!! how are you?
I’m great thx!!!
Sure do you want me to make the chat page?
heyyy evi!!! im doing great! hbu?🥰
Ok, I'm going to have to do it tomorrow though!
aww evi, i think while im online im not gonna post or collab since it wouldn’t be fair if i accept some certain ppl to collab with. i hope u understand my situation 🥰🥰