Collage by CreatingPoetry


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me to me: so you'll write a poem named winter and then make a super summery collage for it, got it?
this is amazing ahhh
LOVE how you crossed summer and winterrr
cute, cute!✨✨
omg this is so pretty!! how are you doing 🩷
WOW THIS IS SO PRETTY !! it kinda reminds me of the song "snow on the beach" <33 & ofc, that sounds awesome !! we don't rlly have a special tradition as well, when i was younger we always searched the eggs in the garden but it's been a while since i haven't done this ♡
i hope you had fun with your family !! how has your week been so far ??
i like this, so cute and simple!
so stunning !! ⭐️🩷