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Cameron~ man dude your so fxcking cute 😩😊
you are hot
TROY!!!! yayyyy u posted!
I missed u awot Troy Troy
giggles- hi hi wywd today?
wets workout togeder
giggle- oh thanks for walking me Troy boy ❤️-bemds dowm to touch my toes-
I am in the car
bends down to touch toes further as my booty shiws under my skirt -
does jumping jacks-
Cameron~ *looks down and kisses you*😳☺️
ya bang is right I am go to see fam I FL
are you saying I am your girlfriend
let me think about it
i am think right now
Cameron~ *pulls you onto my lap*
wowza good job!!
u welcome
jumping jacks as my chest bounces/
no ? we have only had sxx one time man , chill out . I actually love her
okay , I got it . thanks
ok ? dude I have no idea who you are . go miss your boyfriend and leave me alone
Cameron~ what’s wrong cutie? *holds you close n tight*
Cameron~ it’s okay ❤️ *kisses the top of your head*
what?... -Oakley
I don’t use her for sxx! I fxcking love her your prxck
I so confused -scartaches my head- but he wuvs me
we literately only had sxx one time ? you think I fought for her just for sxx? wow , pāthetic
o-oh... dat not true ! he beary nice
why are you coming for me ? I didn’t do anything to you
and she’s my first girlfriend . and that’s her.
no ? I’m hugging her and taking care of her . sxx one time ! get that in your tiny head..
pouts- are u otay?
pouts and hugs you- don’t go
Cameron~ *holds you tight*
I gonna weave pic. goodbye
stop it. don’t weave. he’s not gonna screw me over m otay he nice ?
cwies hard-
chokes on my tears-
has puffy eyes and rubs my tiny eyes wif my tiny hands-
hi -Oakley