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oh then see ya my mates!😂I’m off to the younger kidsss
welp, i’m nearly 13. I’m off to talk to ppl who’s 8-10 ig 😂
Well, I’m only thirteen 😂😂💕 I will be fourteen in four months, see you then! I’ll be with the younger kids.
heyyy kids😃
see ya kids
Hey! The 2018 Awards have entered nomination round #2! This is the final nomination round before the voting begins. Make sure to come nominate your idols, friends, and anyone you think deserves to win😁. Yes this is a copy and paste and I know you hate it but I’m a rebel so deal with it😎 jk you can block me if you want if this is annoying
dang I’m 13 BUT IM TURNING 14 SOON
ooOoo this is interesting
also I like your icon lol
IM 14