Lyrics: SZA


3/12/24 Lyrics: SZA

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I love this so muchhh
how have you been???
this is amazing!!
good questionnn I started sometime last year I believe
I went from writing song lyrics to js poetry haha
Love this!!
Thank you!!
amazingg (new post)
OMG HEYY !! it's been a while since we haven't talked, i missed you so much - how are you doing omg ?? i'm so glad to hear from you !! this is BREATH TAKING by the way, i'm absolutely in love with the vibe !! 🫶🫶
doing good actually:)))) my crush and I are texting everyday and have been for almost a month now????:D
okay well i have known his family for awhile now but only really met him a ne talked to him in december and then his mom asked if I wanted to go to youth group with him and u can’t say no to her so I went and then the group had a camping trip and he got my number and we’ve texted every day since and everyone says he likes me including his ex and i’m like whoa lol. the formal dance at his school was this weekend and I was informed that he thought about asking me but didn’t cause he knows I h8 big loud crowds like how sweet is that? anyway I was a photographer this weekend for the people who did go so I saw him in a suit:))) he is so sweet I love him
anyways what up with youuu????
it’s called landing. add me on there.