💗 T A P 💗
make sure to enter my contest!! I’m pretty proud of this even though there’s no quote...
qotd: what movie did you watch last?
aotd: monty python and the holy grail

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💗 T A P 💗 make sure to enter my contest!! I’m pretty proud of this even though there’s no quote... qotd: what movie did you watch last? aotd: monty python and the holy grail 7•23•19

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AOTD: men in black
this is so pretty!!!
and thanks💗
aww thx for standing up for me from my hatepage
aw thanks!! it means lot!
AOTD: Spider-Man into the spider verse!!!
hey! I’m having a followers control my collage on my page it and would help me out a lot if you votes on my first poll!
this is amazing!
I like your new icon too!
aotd: spider-man far from home
p r e t t y
aotd: Spider-man far from home
wow beautiful 💞
this is really pretty ❤️ and thank you!
awh thank you
thank you!
awww ty 😘💙 luv ur icon btw
no problem
np and tysm for voting
omg totally agree with you
Come check out the next poll💕
aw ty
thank you!
thank you
thank you!!
aww tysm 🥰💞
Aww I know summer went by too fast
thank you!
💖💙💘💚💙wanna collab hun?
thank you
hey Thea can I get a little help I have made this collage and I think it looks really cool but it’s missing some
ok yay I’ll show you the collage
hehehe tysm
yeah it just doesn’t look complete
I tried outlining the girl with white but it was like too much white because of the border
and then I tried it with black and it didn’t look right
and I feel like I chose those colors because they are pastels and they kind of make it pop you know?
yeah yeah I get what you mean
I also kinda feel like it needs something big
haha thank you so much love💕
like there is a big element missing you know?
I could add some more pngs but like idk what to add
let me try some flowers real quick
I feel like the lettering is the pop of color
and then the background is yellow and pastelly and light on the eyes
so it needs something big and Neutral
it’s still missing something tho
before we collab can you teach me how to do something
two things actually
idk how to explain it but like how do some people’s text look so fluffy
like 3D
do you catch my drift?
like I know how to layer and stuff but I feel like there is a difference between when I layer and when other villagers layer
why does that look so 3D
I don’t have that I have an app. called good fonts but I can try that app
oooooo fun
it’s okkkkk
are we besties nowwwwwww?
we need a bestie ship name lol😅💛💛
hmmm okay so
it has a nice ring to it😂🧡🧡
ok so collab now?😂😂
text or bg?
that sounds perfect because I really want to crack in this phonto thins
okie dokie💗
oof same tho😂💙
what do you want to do
ok so I kind of have an idea I probably should have asked you earlier tho
so I was thinking we could do a series of collab a together
so like you know how people have vlogmas on YouTube
and we kind of have collabmas on here and if that isn’t a thing IT NEEDS TO BE A THING
but that is besides the point😂😂
my idea is we can do rainbow collages so like we would do a red theme then go through the rainbow and when we are done we can make a rainbow theme
ok perfect💘
come check out the next poll!
thank you!!
So the 2nd Place winner for the Disney Contest gets a spam of likes and a follow I follow you already and I will Spam you with likes right nw
Just realized you got 3rd but whatever everything I liked I actually liked
no it’s gorgeous ❤️
can I start on the Orange backround?
beautiful 🍃🌻
also thank you!