Here’s a bad edit for a fine yoongi...tap ⬇️
-that awkward moment when your friends are having fun together and you can only watch from the videos they send to the groupchat 😬😔-
also hatepages are really annoying :/


Here’s a bad edit for a fine yoongi...tap ⬇️ -that awkward moment when your friends are having fun together and you can only watch from the videos they send to the groupchat 😬😔- also hatepages are really annoying :/

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thank you
Hey, this is ifwe_burn, I deleted my acc my accident🤦🏻‍♀️ so here is my new acc, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience (sorry for the copy and paste message) tysm!!!
woah this is awesome
my eyes are 😍😍😍
thank you
I love this
loveeee this
yeah I agree
this isn't bad, it's GORGEOUS 👍❤️❤️
aw thanks ❤️❤️loVe u! and let’s hoPe
dang 🔥
re:// Thanks so much!
thank you for all the support
thank you!!
thank you!!☺️✨❤️
I’m incredibly sorry..please forgive me I never wanted to hurt your feelings, it’s just I don’t know what to believe anymore. I know many people who have faked their hatepages and caused unnecessary drama, so when I see one clue, I jump to conclusions. I already apologised several times just in case I was wrong, it was just a theory not an accusation. o think you took it the wrong way, but I don’t blame you. sorry again. also did she leave and come back in 24 hours? I was asleep so I don’t even know what happened. I never followed her so I didn’t know her father had cancer :( I never even mentioned anything about that so I have no idea what you’re talking about for the last sentence oof
Re: Sorry for the late reply!💗💗 😂😂☁
hey! for the bts edit requests I’m going to post one each day! btw I really like your edits and think yours are sooooooooooooooo much better tha mine! keep up the work and I am here to support you!
omg thank you so much for leaking me I had no idea that I did that and to let you know I do not support that page
tank chu 🥺 but THIS IS SO STUNNING 🤯🤩
this edit is EPIC
Haiiii just one thing.... The collect button does not come up for me i tried it with like five different pngs and I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still did not work do you know what too do now?
thx I like urs to
Congrats! You got nominated! Would you be available to join the Summer games and its first round?
@CAPTION EXCUSE ME?! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! and yes I’ve seen at least 4-5 hatepages this week. I don’t understand why they think it’s ok to lash out and put all their resentment on one innocent person who didn’t even do anything to deserve that hate. im just sick of it and those hatepages r MESSED UP bro. ):<
re://yess ikr :( it’s honestly just depressing to see pc has sm hate lately. it’s like go get a life bro why r you hating on these ppl who don’t deserve any hate at all? they just want attention tbh. but like y’know you can just create an acc and post colllages bc you won’t get hated on if you do that! ugh this is all just too messed up I just can’t-
create a regular acc*
thanks and I deserve it not you your not hating on anyone
so you don't deserve a hate page
thx and tysm for the love💖💕💗😄😝
thank you!!
tysm for the spam!!!
no you have nothing to blame yourself for. I’m just glad that she forgives me🧡
RE: It's okay, don't worry about it. I'm on it! Tell me if you like it ^^
RE: No worries. I think only Jeno is left. I had so much fun collabing even if it did take a while ^^
sadly I didn’t eat cake because it was the cake I hated...
I’m back by the way!
nuuuu i dontttt
thank you so much 💕
aw thank you~! 💕
nuuuuuuu I’m notttt
RE: Oh, I thought we already finished. Oops 😂 Sorry! Tyt. 💞
lol thx
thank you 😁 and yess catss, their affection means more because you have to work for it unlike with dogs
thank you so much!☺️✨
thank you 🥰💖
:> thank uu
Thank you 🤪
RE: To be honest, I'm excited too, but I'm worried SM is gonna screw it up somehow. I mean, already, adding the nct members was a little bit weird for me, since their group is still active, but it was such a smart play. Bringing NCTzens, EXO-Ls, and Shawols together is just too smart. I bet the stocks are already repairing themselves.
thank you 💜💜💜
omg ur so amazing!
hint hint: seokjinnie
thank you 🥰💘💖
hmmmmmmmmmm maybe 🤗🤗
I just got it yesterday
re: sis our quarterly exams are on aug 29 and 30
school is cramming 😫😖
I didn’t get them 😔
but they had other flavors tho
Re: Really? IS IT REAL- THANK you so much. It means alot.💗❤💗💜☁
you’ll find it when I post content soon I noticed everyone’s having that problem
do you have an android or an iPhone I have an iPhone 8
re:// aww really 😕
omg haha thank you so much😂❤️🙌🏼
thank you! so is this🤩
re://awww tyyyyy 💗🙏💗
it’s really good, hopefully you’ll get to see it but don’t worry too much about not seeing it 💞
aww thank you~! 💕✨🌸
ok thx for telling me because I see great edits from people so I guess that’s what a lot of people use I’ll see if I can download it later when my mom gets back from work
thanks sm
Haha thanks for saying that but ehh 😂
also thanks so much❤️
yasss u r an amazing person I’m so glad I’m alike u👏
It’s alright
it was giving me serious ocd and didn’t really match the theme I’m about to do, but thanks lovely ahah 💞💞
re/ lol same 😂
re:// thanks honey bunches
thank you!!❤️
Thank you💕
Oh my gosh, thank you so much and thank you for your constant support!💜💗☁
thank youuu
re:// thank you
awwww tysm
sksksksk the talentttt this is really pretty!! i love all the detailed layers <3
@caption then there’s that “who cares?” moment when you realise you can have more fun by yourself bc you’re the world’s most awesome potato 💫🙌
gee thanks😊