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sooo gxb?
wanna be boy or girl?
um I’ll be girl if that’s good
ok I’ll remix
you wanna start?
can you?
umm yeah
*walks into a coffee shop with some friends and looks at you briefly*
*im at a table doing homework with my AirPods in* *smiles at you kindly*
*a few of my friends start giggling about something and I turn away*
*ignores it and and walks up to the counter to order another drink*
*a few minutes later I go to get a drink and looks at you * *smiles at you*
* smiles back and grabs my drink sitting down*
*walks back to my table and sits with my friends *
* someone comes and sits with me and we’re talking*
* I talk to my friends then a guy comes up to me and kisses my cheek* *hugs the guy and he sits next to me*
* watches you thinking obviously your not single*
* I look happy and my friend looks at you and eyes you for a minute before looking away*
* looks away quickly when she looks at me*
* I look at my watch then start getting all my stuff together fast*
* my friend starts saying something to me quietly*
{your friend} do you know him * she points at me*
hmm? oh him? no
i got to go though *looks worried * bye baby *kisses the guy and walks away*
{ friend } okay -
* you bf * {bf} by babe
*goes to my car*
{ friend} she okay? * says to your bf*
{my bf} she has to go idk I think her sister is sick
{friend} oh, hm- okay well I’ll see ya later
{bf} okay see ya
* I get to my sisters house and I knock on the door*
* she comes to the door * {sister} hey sis
you okay? your text sounded urgent..
I’m sick…. really sick Maddie
w-wh do you need me to take you to the hospital? are you throwing up?
no, no not like that
like what..? are you okay
mom didn’t tell you??
no. what’s going on?
Sarah what is it??
I have…. I’m… cancer
w-what no no b- *start crying *
* she hugs you trying to comfort you*
* sniffs* s-so are you g-gonna be ok..?
I’m not sure yet hon
n-no.. b-but what about josh..? (her kid)
hey hey it’s gonna be okay, josh is gonna be okay…. okay?
I- you c-can’t leave.. *cry’s harder * p-please
I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving * hugs you tighter*
*hugs you too* you better not..
it’s hopefully gonna be okay…. just don’t worry about me * a couple hours later stuff gets more chilled out and you two are watching a movie*
* I have a bowl of popcorn in my hand and she is cuddled with josh*
Maddie? are you still with that jerky guy?
huh? oh James yeah.. but I think he’s gonna break up with me
oh god you should have broken up with him a longgggg time ago *she sighs* what makes you think that?
well the first part I think he’s cheating on me… and I like another guy soooo
I’m sorry madds * she taps your head* and who!?
a guy in school
wow…. which guy?
idk he was looking at me at the coffee house today
ohhhh himmm…. I thought you sed “ he’s too good for you”
wellll- {josh} r u gonna hab a new boyfweind?
*laughs* josh she doesn’t know
well Maddie I think dom is a good guy, much better than James.
and he’s got a lot of moneyyy * she giggles*
yeahhhh I know….
just talk to him
okay but first I have to break up with James
do it pleaseeee
*calls James and a girl answers*
{girl} hello?
who tf is this?
{ girl } James’s gf
what? *laughs* give the phone to James
*hands James the phone*
so you think your so fxxking slick
{ James } Maddie its- it’s not what you think
mhm so why did your gf answer the phone?
*he sighs* I meant to tell you today but your friend was there and-
and what? I had to go comfort my sister who I find out today has cancer?
I don’t know that Maddie…. I’m so sorry
yeah ik… and we’re done. *hangs up*
*walks into the living room* I did it
* she nods* really?
yeah that son of a bxtch is gone
sorry Josh
* she laughs * thank godddd
*laughs* yeahhhh
*the next day* *im at my apartment *
* you have to go to school soon*
*wakes up and gets ready*
* I’m up early going to school for 0 hour*
*calls my friend and we talk about the last night*
* she says she’s sorry about it*
oh it’s fine he was a d-bag anyway
kinda true ngl
but I like dom soooo
right righttttt are you gonna talk to him today??!!!
ig I mean did you see him looking at me?
yeah he was LOOKING at you
*giggles* yeahhh ik
* later, at school*
* I’m in class laughing with my friends*
* looks at you briefly *
* I quiet down when the teacher walks in looking back at you*
* my friend points at you and I blush*
* laughs a little looking away*
* later, at lunch* * I’m talking with some friends*
* talking with some of the football team * * I go to the vending machine to get a Red Bull and you come to get one at the same time*
* looks at you then gestures for you to get your stuff first *
nah you can go * smiles *
oh ok *gets my drink and looks at you*
* the machine start to act up getting it stuck * damnn this thing can really s@ck sometimes
yeah ik it’s annoying *looks at the machine * maybe try to hit it?
* laughs a little nudging it * nope, ummm * nudges it again having the drink come out* dang finally
*laughs * they should replace that
they really should *chuckles*
*laughs * yeah..
well, I’ll see ya later * smiles starting to walk away* * all your friends are telling you to say something else to me*
wait..! I uh- my friend is having a party tonight and I was wondering if you’d be my date..?
*turns around* sure, send me your address * smiles *
okay *smiles and turns around*
* walks back to my friends *
* does the same and my friends start giggling and looking at you*
{ friend } ooOOoo what did you say to him?
I asked him to come with me to ur partyyy
{friend} no.way.!!!!! omg that’s great
yeahhh ik
tell him to invite his friends…. especially Chris * she laughs*
* I raise my eyebrows * oh really? how come?
oh I don’t know….. * she giggles * just ask pleaseeee
mhmmm * chuckles * I will *texts dom the address and asks him if he can come*
* I respond saying I’ll invite him and some other friends*
* i tell my friend that he’ll invite him*
* she smiles happy *
** later at the party **
* a few people are drunk asf and dancing on tables* * walks up to you* hey
hey * hasn’t had anything to dribk*
*looks down* so how’s the party..?
good… entertaining *laughs* u?
eh.. all my friends are pretty much drunk or making out
* laughs nodding * same here, but I was expecting it * smiles ^
*laughs* yeah ig *looks down awkwardly* * a few hours later*
* has only had one drink and is just amused * so why didn’t you come here with your boyfriend?
um- we broke up * I’ve had a few drinks*
oh, sorry * says genuine *
nah it’s fine… he’s a axx hole
* laughs * dam that bad huh
*laughs* yeah
so, *sits on the edge of a table* what do you like to do?
I dunno.. hang? *looks into your eyes*
*nods* yeah, that’s solid * yawns, notices your wearing a pretty crystal necklace* I like your necklace
*smiles* oh thanks! so what do you want to do..?
yeah, welllll we could always leave
that’s a good idea… * takes your hand and starts walking away*
where do you wanna go?
no clue *keeps walking and pushing through people *
I know a place * smiles *
you do? * looks at you and smiles*
* nods * yeah
*stops* well then you lead
okay * leads*
*smiles, still following you* so… where is this place?
uh you’ll see
letsts take my car * I have a superrrrr fancy car*
ooOoh fanccy *gets in, clearly a little drunk*
* laughs a little * yeah my dad got it for me
it’s nice..
thanks * starts it*
* we get to the place you want to show me* *gets out of the car*
* it’s a beautiful look out of the city, we pass a private property sign but I take us to a bench where you can see all of the city *
( hey so sorry I took weeks to reply, I have a terrible memory and have been busy )
(oh your fine) oooh wooow * I get out and sit on the bench*
* sits beside you my warm muscular body close against you *
* I blush a bit* so.. do you come here a lot?
yeah, I come here to think and just sit.. it’s nice * smiles *
so- why’d you wanna talk to meeee? when you where dating football jock?
we broke up. remember? I- I needed to tell you… *looks into your eyes*
I know, but likeeeee why me *laughs* I feel like you would date some smart guy
* looks at your eyes then lips* because~ ^ turned your head and kisses u
* surprised by your kiss but kisses you back softly, I’m a good kisser *
*I smile into the kiss, putting my arms over your shoulders *
* kisses you harder * * pulls away a little, looks guilty in a way but keeps kissing you*
* I bite your lip gently *
* putts my hands on your hips French kissing you*
*smiles softly and sits on your lap*
* cups your neck in my hand * * kissing you deeply*
*smiles into the kiss* * raps my legs around your waist*
* hear someone coming, and see a flashlight *
* I pull away and look into your eyes, frightened * * still sitting on your lap*
oh sxxt * looks at you then where the lights coming from* come on run back to my car
* I get up and grab your hand*
* runs with you back to my car before anyone ca catch us * * laughs out of breath * damnn that was close
yeah *laughs* too close *kisses you *
* chuckles into the kiss, you pushing me against the outside of the car*
* giggles * my turn
mm? * kisses your neck * your turn?
* let’s out a small moan* oh forget it..
* smirks * looking at you and kissing you again* I should take you home..
*frowns * aw come on can I come to your house * gives you puppy dog eyes*
I’m sorry * moves hair out of your eye * my parents are home and they’d kill mr
you can stay at mine then baby… * hugs you with my head down*
baby? * laughs a little and smiles knowing your drunk * I can’t I’ve got a game in the morning
fine.. * let’s go if you then kisses you * * walks over to my side of the car *
* watches you * * gets in the car * * whispers * are you mad at me???
huh? *looks over at you *
you seem upset * starts the car *
no I- I just wanted to spend the night with you * is clearly still drunk *
I know you do, I want to too, but your drunk and really we just met
I’m not drunk
right… * smiles and drives to your house *
* smiles and gets out*
* gets out as well * by * kisses you * see you tomorrow * gets back in the car *
bye * walks up to the gate* * goes into my window, sneaking back in*
* watches you then goes home *
* I fall asleep right after that*
** the next morning at school ** * I’ve been at school for a zero hour practice and I’m just finishing up*
* I walk up to you smiling *
oh hey- * smiles but looks surprised to see you *
hey * I look hungover *
you feeling alright? * I’m shirtless and wiping my head with a towel *
yeah.. I don’t remember much about last night though
* bites my lip smiling * yeah you where very drunk * laughs * but we had a good time
nice.. * laughs* was I crazy?
no, just very, touchy * winks and starts walking *
what?! * I walk after you* what did I do?
nothing, nothing, don’t worry * grabs a shirt out of my bag putting it on*
* scoffs * mhm… I didn’t like um..
* putts my hand on your shoulders * no you didn’t * laughs *
okay. I get really bad when I’m drunk.. * smiles*
* smiles * no worries, well I gotta go I’ll see you in class
okay *smiles * bye! * walks away*
* my friends come up to me and start talking to me about you*
* they say I look nice *
she is, she’s really nice but like… I’ve never been in a real relationship
{your friend} seriously?
I mean one night stans don’t count guys
true.. I don’t know. just try it
* bites my lip and nods *
** later. at school **
* you see me talking to your ex *
* I look at you and then look away. not wanting to have my ex see me *
* were not talking about anything serious and I don’t even realize he’s your ex *
* I walk to my friends and we start talking and walking away*
* sees you and runs up * hey
hey. what’s up? * smiles*
Uhmm, nothing rly * laughs softly *
ooookay.. * laughs *
you wanna hang out after school?
sure! your house or somewhere else?
(I changed my username btw)
we can go to my house
okay.. we could do that!
alright * smiles * I’ll meet you after school
* smiles back* see ya!
* says under my breath when you leave * holy sxxt… I’m In love
* I go to my friends and freak out * Omg he is so cuteeee
* they freak out for you * I can’t believe the FOOTBALL captain likes you and your going to HIS house
I know!!!!! * laughs* he’s going to meet me after school today
girl your so lucky, every girl wants him… doesn’t he live in like a mansion?
he does?! I didn’t know that
Yeah his family’s like richhhh
oh damnn * laughs a bit* that’s why girls want him
that’s true, that’s probably why he doesn’t like dating anymore
bc of all the girls who used him
good lord.. do you think he thinks I’m gonna do that?
I mean you never know.. but if he really likes you probably not
yeah. I guess so