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olive don’t leave, please don’t. I’m sorry for what happened, but we haven’t talked in such a long time and I’m happy to talk to you but idk
I don’t understand why, can someone just please explain. Am I in the wrong?
but even if I don’t feel the same right now, why can’t we still hang out and talk? I took the time to figure things out and I’m better now- I wanna spend time with her
yeah I understand that, I still wanna be here for her. I don’t want her to leave 😔
can someone tell her if she could come on for a second? just so me and her can talk calmly and just clear things up. She doesn’t have to stay if she doesn’t want to even tho I wish she would. I just don’t want things to be like this
thank you
*smiles softly and holds u*
*bites my lip and looks at u*
*grins and holds u* have u ever fxcked someone b4?
heh so that means that I’ll soon be ur first?
*smiles and kisses u*
*chuckles and nods*
*smiles as I watch u*
yesss maddie
babe? i really miss you...and i could really use some time with my daddy rn 🥺🥺 /Parker
saraaaaaaa i miss u beautiful. /G
how about you make me 🤣🤣
hey babe❤️
I was doing somethinggg
hey anyone I’m hunter
heyy hru
I’m better what’s up
no with you
dang I’m sorry love
I won’t ignoring I cuz I told u I was doing something 🤣
actually I did ^^^
went out shopping, had to go pay something off, went to see a couple of friends, etc.
yes ma’am
all boys except hunter are taken atm
what’s upp anyone :)
what even is that
🤣🤣🤣idk how tho
for the 100th timeeee I’m not hot!🤦🏻‍♂️
I haven’t really wrote anything yet *laughs* I’m too lazy
appreciate it
baby cake? 😂😂💀
I’m a man😑💀
that’s better *laughs* I actually have chest hair so I’m a MAN
mhmmm like
sorry he’s in the hospital
i miss you and i just wanna spend time with u. i get ur busy but i feel forgotten because everyone else talks to their significant other...its not fair...if im in the way just say so.../Parker
*nods* alright
okayyy *laughs and squeezes you tightly in a hug*
he’s always had bad health problems, I think he’s told you that, too. but I’ll let him know you said that
he does love you, he just gets busy. I’ll let you know as soon as he’s out of the hospital though
*smiles* how’s your birthday been so far
ahhh that’s gooood 😁
it’s okay *hugs you*
maybe it was an accident *shrugs* Yk sometimes that can happen
aww maddie *frowns* well if you’re leaving then...I’ll miss you *kisses your cheek*
nah no u didn’t but I think Quin actually loved u, he just got tied down to that girl cause she was pregnant, she was probably a rebound chick since y’all broke up he jumped to another girl and did the dirty without using a condom
*nods* if you think so, then go it love
mmm okay
not really
what’s the matter *pouts*
well hey girls