Inspired by @_rae (tap)
Follow her!
She’s so talented!
And so kind!


Inspired by @_rae (tap) Follow her! She’s so talented! And so kind!

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thank you. but I’m not the one you should be apologising to since you did nothing to me. but I see you’ve apologised to them so that’s good.
this is beautiful! uhm this was inspired by rae? she’s untalented.
whoa beautiful and omg yay rae!!!
ikr rae is so talented!! facts
it’s fine :))
woah this is pretty🤩
this is rlly cute :)
also I know we hv our differences in the past but I know you were just defending your friend so thank you (she’s my friend too lol) but I was Indeed not bullying or being mean just to let you know! if you don’t believe me I would be happy to explain but if you don’t care than yayy I don’t love fighting :)
oh wait I didn’t see your apology ahahah I’m so sorry😂
yasss friends would be good!! u can call me Becca :) and ur obviously sierra😂
I’m gonna miss you too!
no problemo💖
eheheh thank you so so much! you seem like an amazing friend so I’m glad we’re friends
your posts are amazing!💖💕
hey there! I have a fall 3k contest on my page and I was hoping you could join! 😁❤️✨💕
thank you so much!! this is pretty!💕
awh thanksss!
i love this!!