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What is the difference between the reference and thematic though. i don’t get it
reference is designed so you can find general information about places and there’s two kinds of reference maps. And thematic shows aspects of information and there’s a lot of different kinds of thematic maps. does that make sense
a little bit. what are the two reference ones tho
1) political map- it portrays human created boundaries like states and capital and cities 2) physical map- this one shows natural geographical features such as lakes, mountains, or a desert
ok i get that now. and i think i get what the thematic maps are except what the difference between a dot map and the graduated or proportional symbol map???
the dot map is used to show specific locations and distribution of something across a territory. and each dot represents a specified quantity. the proportional symbol map information that is put onto a map arranged on a scale, like it uses different sizes to indicate different amounts of something. Does that make sense??
Yeah i think so. God I need to start paying attention now lol
you can say that again 🙄
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idk. he thinks that vampires are weird! i was like wth?? edward is wayyy better than jacob!!
I know!!!
i gotta show you something hold on. it’s gonna make you cry though!! i found it earlier and i was like awwww
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