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why exactly where you looking there on him? 🤷🏼‍♀️
also your pics are from the internet unlike what your telling him..
I’m not saying YOUR fake I’m saying the pictures are
I have actual proof
I’m not trying to be rude or anything
her thing is ray ray 9406
stop looking at my dîck, your so gay
I have actual proof
and don’t call me stupid.
guys leave him alone oml He’s mine
❤️ loves u
ok Ethan? I know I asked u this a while back and u said no.. I was wondering if maybe we could email then people wouldn’t be able to read our messages.. ya know.. for some privacy
this picture tho 😂👌🏻 nice but ew that’s actually gross 😂
uh no
right now your currently bullying all the kids out there who do have autism. and I was just sticking up for someone, I never called you fake I called your pictures fake cause you can tap the photo and a gray bar shows up with the pic so that means it’s from the pc photo search
ya. he did get them off the internet because he forgot to backup his old phone to keep the pictures 🙄😒 people these days
Ethan I need to ask u somthing
ya babe?
you better leave peyton tf alone
I called your photos fake
babe? Lucas said I’m ur side bïtćh please tell me he’s lying! I don’t want to believe him but I’m just making sure
yea great
back off of peyton before we have a problem and you know your making fun of kids with disabilities? it isn't funny. I suggest you back off before we have a problem
excuse me?
*want to
defineltlt best friends
I’m not backing off of paten or however u spell her name so I guess we have a problem (;
how r u raz
🌈just forget about them. they’re all stupid
lol. where is Jolene?
o ok thought so
don't be mad cause you were found out to be fake
😁 I’m back
that guy is literally from disney channel 😂
I’m back babe❤️
it’s called a fxcking cup and you’re so fake bro
mhm sure 🙄
but first we need to see the face
I have black friends
just cuz ur black doesn’t mean anything
🙄 I was trying to get my sister a boyfriend
and goodnight baby I love u❤️🥰
it depends Ethan...who do u have in mind???
I already follow him. I don’t even know what he looks like XD but I guess I could try to get to know him lol
same.. but ya know tryin to be a great sister and get her a boyfriend
😁morning people
because of this pic
so are you and her together or what