Entry for lemonwater- s contest!!


🤍1/23/22🤍 Entry for lemonwater- s contest!!

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this is so pretty!
this is gorgeous! i love these vibes😍😍
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omg this is STUNNING
so pretty and tysm!
This is so pretty!
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Thank you so much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💗💗💗
hey alzz how are ya? btw this is beautiful
Thank you!!
thank you! and yea im doing great!
bc actually today during school at music class the teacher asked us if we want to audition for choir i think and then both of my only close friends raised their hands and wanted me to also join
at first i didnt hear that the teacher said that it was choir so i said no but then one of my friend explained to me that it was choir so i said fine so i join
there was me, my two friends and there was also 2 other girls that i would talk to them(i’m close to them but not sure i i’d say friends)
then the music teacher said that for the audition, the host teacher is going to test my vocals and i knew that i was going to be bad at it
we also had to sing any song of our choice, when we went to the room when the audition happened i felt comfortable bc the teacher host was a girl and all of us who wanted to participate was girls
1 by 1 the teacher tested our vocals and i was very nervous but at least i had friends to cheer me up then at the part when we had to sing 1 by 1 i panicked and started thinking of any song i wanted to sing
fr i chose to sing sofia by clairo idk why that what popped first to my head and it was so funny when the teacher laughed bc i said that i was going to sing sofia by clairo
it was a great experience tho, the first time i’ve ever tried to participate in something like this and that time i havent ask for my permission yet bc i kinda knew that they wouldn’t let me if i get picked
so when my parents picked me up from school today I confessed to them about the whole thing and they were almost starting to disagree then i said that there was only 2 options singing (choir) or dancing which is true, so i asked my parents politely that they would rather watch me dance or listen to me singing
so there they let me join when i get chosen by the teacher
ik!! it is and they told us that they’ll tell who’s in after our school break which is 1 more week😱😱