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how old are you? (65)
what fandom are you in? (1)
thank you so much
there wishes: 1: for the coronavirus to end 2: make the whole world smile and 3: save the last wish✨
65: 12
sorry but what is fandom??
4: music 🎶, arts, soccer and basketball!
a fandom is pretty much a group of people that like something. like to name a few...
Book fandom: people that indulge into books.
musical fandom (me!): a group of people that love musicals
i dont have any questions...i just want you to know i hope you stay safe and stay blessed😊😊🥰😊😊
thank you so much❤️❤️
Hi i dont have any questions but you are soo pretty and i love live love love your collages ❣️