Pride poem 🏳️‍🌈
Will add some of my thoughts on pride in remixes/comments. Also credits to Kat (goofygenius) for the idea of the different colours glow.


Pride poem 🏳️‍🌈 Will add some of my thoughts on pride in remixes/comments. Also credits to Kat (goofygenius) for the idea of the different colours glow.

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I know this is the same poem as last year and while that's also me being lazy, I haven't figured out a better way to celebrate you all. This poem includes as many sexualities and genders I could think of and while it obviously doesn't have every single one in it, its intention is to show that everyone is valid. I wanted everyone to feel seen, feel supported, feel loved. My page will always be a safe space for everyone. I don't care what you identify as, what your sexuality is. I love and support all of you. You are so, so valid and amazing!! Happy pride cuties ❤🌈 This year feels a bit different. There have been some more discussions about lgbtq+ and it's become a more sore subject on here. I want to state here that I will always stand with the lgbtq+ community and that h*mophobia, tr*nsphobia or other forms of h*te are absolutely not welcome on my page. I'm always willing to keep the conversation open, but do not come at me with anything disrespectful. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, you can always unfollow me.
Some affirmations: You are valid. No matter your sexuality, your gender, your size, your ethnicity. You matter and you are valid. If you are still questioning, that's valid. If your sexuality or gender changes over time, that's valid. If you feel comfortable with a less known label, you are still valid. If you have known since you were really young or only find out later, you are valid. If you are lgbtq but in a straight relationship (for example: you're a bi woman dating a guy), you are still lgbtq and still valid. If you've never been in a relationship before, but just know, you're valid. If you've been in straight relationships before and only later realise you are lgbtq, you are valid. If you're still in the closet or only out to some people, you're valid. If it's not safe for you to come out, you're still valid. If people tell you your sexuality or gender is disgusting and that you're not normal, you are still valid. If you grew up in a h*mophobic environment or struggle with internalised h*mophobia, you are valid. If you are bi/pan/something else and people say you should just choose, you are valid. If people say your gender doesn't exist, you're still valid. Just know that you are valid as however you identify, no matter what the world might tell you. I believe in all of you.
seriously love thisss
this is so good <3
I love the affirmations and positive messages anouk. I believe you are truly using pc as was intended; to spread love and kindness.
how is this so amazing??!!! anouk you are our resident poet, writer, and motivationist!
this was so beautiful and honestly does the job of making me feel seen, u represented so many and the message is so strong and positive 2 !! ur really such an amazing creator ! 💞
ahhh your writing is always so good!! it feels so powerful and sincere <3
ofc anouk! 💗
i honestly wasn’t expecting to find pride content on pic collage but i love it so much!! thank you <33
I figured it out tysm!
THANK YOU!!!! and ofc!
this is amazing
crying rn literally in love with this poem!!! your writing always makes me tear up 🫶
yeah i’ve had quite a few accounts from 2016-2019 but then i moved to instagram and explored a lot of different editing styles and coming back to pc feels so weird
it’s like i have experience but i still feel completely new, it’s strange
read the poem, and I was like wait a minute why is this so familiar. @ comments don’t call yourself lazy for not coming up with another poem, no stress honestly. this is like what my second pride month and honestly I don’t even know how to celebrate it too 😅😅 but your poem, your words, yea im sure that is what helps those who are in the lgbtqia+ community. i think your point (which is to show that everyone is valid, loved, supported…) is definitely shown in this poem and in your words. and ofc, your writing is amazing <33 so glad to be able to read this agn
thank you <33 happy pride month back to you again
i suppose u could say that HAHA
thank you so much!!!! 💕💕💕
ohh i see, thank you for letting me know :) and understandable (sorta), it takes ages to make a collage so for you to do the layout and then fill in the rainbow part by hand, it would ofc taken ages :”)
yea i know HAHA pride month isn’t the only month that we shld show our support, love and respect and we should still be there no matter what. definitely agree abt what u say haha but I try my best to celebrate pride month with everyone on here, cos I don’t rlly have any one to “celebrate” with irl, more like I don’t dare to raise the topic lol
i remember that contest, that’s so insane! i think that’s about when i started properly getting into writing and now i’m applying for uni and considering creative writing courses, that’s so crazy
thank you🫶
haha ty!! :)
thank you!
I was reading this and it sounded so familiar for some reason and now I guess I know why! This poem is so good and is one of the best ways to celebrate this month ❤️🏳️‍🌈
WOW! this is so incredibly well written and well spoken! that last line really hit. a truly beautiful message. 🏳️‍🌈