Collage by duh_its_briii


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hey so what should the theme be ?
i don’t care
ok so what if we do like a summer theme if that’s ok with you
yeah that’s fine
ok! so what do u wanna do ?
bg,txt, png, etc..
whatever is fine with me you could do the bg and find the quote and i can do png and text
ok that sounds good!
i’ve remixed the bg tell me if u like it!
hey sorry i forgot about this 😂
yeah i love the background!!!
ok great!
i’ll come up with the quote and remix it!
i remixed the quote!
ok i like it!
ok great! now u can do the txt and png!
you can add at pngs i didn’t add any
do u think it’s ready to post?
omg i am so sorry i totally forgot about this