11-25-18 - long live rep era β™₯️ - tap!
i miss the rep era already! 😭🐍
i took every tour picture in this collage 😝πŸ₯³
listening to American Top 40 and the lineup is really good!
QOTD: are you excited for ts7?
continued in comments β™₯️


11-25-18 - long live rep era β™₯️ - tap! i miss the rep era already! 😭🐍 i took every tour picture in this collage 😝πŸ₯³ listening to American Top 40 and the lineup is really good! QOTD: are you excited for ts7? AOTD: YES 🐍🐍🐍 continued in comments β™₯️

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caption - lots of things have happened in the reputation era! i’ve met friends for life (you two should know even though one of them won’t see this β™₯️), i went to my first Taylor Swift concert (aka the best day of my entire life!!), and most importantly, i’ve found myself through this album! this album has helped me through so much (literally everything haha) i will never forget the reputation era because it was special for both Taylor & I! Taylor found herself & I did too. anyway, the reputation era & tour will hold a place in my heart forever. i cannot wait to see what Tay comes up with for ts7! β™₯️ #karynwillbethereints7 🐍🐍🐍
^^ btw the hashtag is trending on TSL so i just put it here too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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those dogs are so cute
agggh is so sad it’s ending but I just know that it’s gonna be even better! can’t wait for the β€˜next chapter’ ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
ahh colds suck
try and get some rest ❀️❀️
This is amazing! Also can I ask your opinion on something, which app is better (I'm aware you may not have these apps of not is their another app that's better?) Ok so anyway which do you think is better picsart or phonto I want to get one but I don't have enough storage for bothπŸ˜‚
Sorry for the long caption😁
AOTD: Yasssssss
AOTD: Totally
Thank YouπŸ˜„
entry audreyhepburn24’s giveaway !! oh and I use Phonto
So pretty! It makes me so sad the tour is over tho especially because I went opening night 😭! But I want to see Taylor grow and change with ts7! πŸ’•
aww tysm❀️
How are you today?
thank you!
Ok woke up sick 😷
'ok to 'Okay'
You doing anything today?
Lol that sounds nice! what do you listen to?
WowπŸ™€ those are all great singers
Today I just kinda played in bed watched YouTube and cleanedπŸ˜’
lol. I'm still sorry πŸ˜‚
sure!!! I will do a background and quote but what style do you want
wuu2 πŸ’—
I would love to start it now! I can do text!
Can we make it about Begin Again
Just do it however you want! I think the style of this is good
well I men there kinda the same. I just need to know what kind of pictures you want for the background. I will do it it my style so you can either pick a color, person, season, or such
ok sorry I didn't start until now
so do you want to make a collab account or not
I would love too but only if you want
lol. I hoped at least someone would notice
also the collab is still in progress sorry πŸ˜‚
also after spamming you I realized that I don't like you collage enough. I love them but I am the kind of person who is too lazy to double tap and I never really just scroll down my feed.
Made the baclground and remix it and the quote. Sorry for the wait. I spent forever trying to find pics that showcased Tyalor over the years.
Tysm! Just so you know I will be doing an 800 contest so be on the lookout!
the name definitely need so to related to Tay but I don't know how
ok. Do you have tomorrow off?
also I will think of ideas for avollab account username
lol your mash-up name is cool though
yay cuz I get tomorrow off, but not that I am glad you are sick but... I kinda am. I am free all day until I have Nutcracker rehearsals in the evening
lol I love how basically all of your comments are from me and all of mine are from you πŸ’•
I love tea 🍡 too!!
Am I picking the quote for the quote for the collab?
lol me too
I'm cool with finding a background and text... what do you want the theme to be?
and yeah take your time on the prizes, it doesn't have to be done any time soon... thanks again!
ROUND 1 is up! 🐍β™₯️
lol sorry I didn't see your message until now or else I would have said hi
ok. I need to work on my collage for Rhiannas games too.
audreyyyyyyyy oh god😭 I had two dvds and I got rid of all my 1D stuff because I would have been bullied..
omg no I love all of it!!!! The colors are so bold. When do you want to post?
I think I might add a transparent when I post to match my theme if that is ok with you
ok I will post now too
lol. I love how you thought out loud for the whole filter thing. I could litterally not care less. I just did it to match my theme
that sucks. I don't think there is really any point in final exams bc if you are passing the class you know it and if you are failing you don't know it and your score on the exam will reflect how your doing anyways so there is really no reason
love to the rep era πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•