OMG!!! She's back! Go follow her! I'm so happy


TAP OMG!!! She's back! Go follow her! I'm so happy

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bio@SmileBrightEveryday: *dares to touch your chocolate cake*
(yes i know) *dares*
okey, i wanna die anyways
and I will defend her
yup homeschooled
Ya I'm back but not for long I just hurt one of my friends feelings so bad she blocked me I probably shouldn't have came back...😭
And plus mom caught me so I'm actually going to not be on much. But I'm back, yes. Not the happy me though
hi sis
*hugs* hru
*touches your chocolate cake* hehe
*giggles then pouts* (ik) i wanna slice...
*smiles like Honey-Senpai from Ouran High School Host Club*
(never mind) yay~!
(okay. just search up Ouran High School Host Club Honey)
it was good!
yep. I had an audition during acting today
oh, yeah...I didn't know what Good Friday was until just a little while ago. I asked Siri what it was and she told me
heh... *scratches the back of my head* yeah...
really? wow
eh. it's okay. I didn't know what it was either
Serenity: Hello!
re/ i think jules hates me...
we got into an argument earlier and then she stopped talking to me...
...i was depressed and she got frustrated...
*looks down*
*hugs* ...
... *cwies quietly*
don't tell jules i said that...
did you see it...?
hey sorry to have to say this but whenever you read this look at my second last post
hey! I'm not trying to be one of those ppl but can you plz enter my contest! Ty!❤️🎁👍😂😝👌🍦🎉