01.07.19 「t a p」
TYSM FOR 500 🥰🥳 check the remixes 
QOTD: what's a food you don't eat anymore?
AOTD: bacon - I had a really traumatic experience


01.07.19 「t a p」 TYSM FOR 500 🥰🥳 check the remixes QOTD: what's a food you don't eat anymore? AOTD: bacon - I had a really traumatic experience

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October babies 😂✊🏼
you are low key so relatable tho
we’re pretty relatable 😂❤️
your name is so beautiful!! Lol I’m such a neat freak and I love to listen and show support xo
aw no worries!! ha yeah!!
wow this is so cool! and I love your name it’s really pretty 💘🍃🌷 lol I’m very organised and I love making jokes tho not all my friends think there funny 🐚🌞 wanna be friends!
(sorry that last part sounded really forceful lol) and I love ur Acc btw
no prob and tyyyy
Ur names so pretty!! Congrats on 500 you deserve all of your followers!💕🥳
ooooo I’m a Libra too💗
aww loveee your name it’s so pretty💗💗
this is me(besides New Zealand, Libra, birthday, and name)
AOTD scallops and if u don’t mind me asking what happened with bacon?
haha that sucks
it’s ok I’m soo scared of riding horses and spiders
*not scared of riding spiders lol
well now that I think abt it I kind of am
thAnk youu
awwww thanks!❤️
it would be so cool if we were friends
ty 🌸🍃💘🌷 I’m Ash!
congrats on 500!🥳💗
aw thank you and np💞
omg thanks sm!!
sorry I don’t have instagram😩 my parents won’t let me get it
I could always make us a chat page💕
thank you❤️
thank you
tysm for your compliments on my page!! your collages are gorgeous and very helpful 😁
thank you! 💕🍃
thank you so much! and I love your name btw (:
awe thanks for all of your comments 💗^ that’s me if you didn’t know lol
tysm for the spam sis♥️♥️
thank you so muchh 💜
aww thank youu💖💖
I feel like we would really like each other in real life
AOTD: same bacon!
awww thankyou so much ❤️❤️
aww thank you beautiful 🥺💓
thanks!! ❤️
haha right conan is the bestt
awww tysm
awww, thanks!! I really appreciate it all!
thank u❤️
thanks so much!!
awe thank you!
thank u! ☺️💓
awe thanks and yes I’d love to be friends!
good! hru?
thank you
thank you!!☺️✨
squeeze pops lol
lol thankssssss❤️❤️
thank you😁😭
aw thank you
aotd: peas, I once had a something with peas in it and it got stuck in between my wind pipe and my tonsils, also they just taste eww and they have a weird texture
aotd: omg milk. traumatizing experience. haven't had it in yeaRS.
i got really sick for about 3 days afterwards. it was horrible.
tysm!! 💞
honestly , I don't know. i was crazy sick and figured it was the milk and I've just never had any anymore. I don't even eat things like ice cream or melted cheese anymore.
😱😱OH NO. that's terrible!
aw thank you hun!💗
no problem!!! it was fun answering your qotds lol. yeah i noticed a lot of similarities too haha :p
thanks for the nice comments!
oh, thank you so much! appreciate it💜
of course !! and girL thank you sm ☺️✊🏼❤️
you’re so nice thank you!
Thank you!
aw thank you!!
thank you :)
I swear to god anpanman is such an underrated bOp!
hii, omg I know😭
how have you been?
wait..wanna chat on the chatpage I made a while ago, I’ll post it
Thank you so much for the comment.💜❤💜☁
thank uuu! I’m a Libra as well and u have a beautiful name !!💓
tysm ♥️♥️
thank you so much for the sweet comments ❤️ it made my day!!
well thank you☺️💗 I will dm you
thank you for the spam!!😊 your so sweet
tysm 🙈💞
I’m not asking you to give up your whole life here, just try to do little things like conserving energy and reduce plastic by using home brought cutlery when you go out for lunch or coffee or something
I mean it’s not something you can just throw aside and abandon whenever you feel like it 🤦🏻‍♀️
wow tysm for the spam!💛
thank you soo much for all of the spam! I greatly appreciate it! I love your account!!
no prob
thank you so much🥰💗
aww thank you!!
aw thank youu!!
aww thanks 😅
a: dairy because I’m allergic now 😭😭😭😭
your name is beautiful bye💖💖
aw thank you!❤️
aww thanks!! :)
your collages are so cute and unique!💖 , also thankyou for putting nice comments on my collages , it means a lot!😊💖
TY :) ... I just realized I am somehow not following you which is bs cuz your acc is FUN let’s change that
exactly!! thank you for agreeing!
thank you!
thanks ♥️
thank u 💞
Thank you so much!!❤️❤️
Thank you so much for being consistently supportive.
re://thank you!!😁💕
aw thank you 🥰
you’re welcome! I’m Abby 💗
I’m a Libra 💜
heyyy I’m ur new Libra friend 😂🥰
Haha I’m from Chch too
wow we’re actually really similar!! I’m also a libra born in 2004 wow
except for that I don’t live in New Zealand pretty much everything else is correct or kinda similar to me! wow
I love all the cool pictures behind these!!!!,! they are so cute!♥️
omg!! I was born on October 4th, 2004 and I’m a Libra too!!😆😆
and I oop I’m from New Zealand too
ooh our names are so similar😂😂 my name is Alana!