~* risco *~ 
@ eye shät are u proud of me


~* risco *~ @ eye shät are u proud of me

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beautiful 😻
you’re welcome :)
hey 💕
np ;)
Good, I haven’t logged on for like a month lmàö
i thought you saw it on pc!!
lol whoops
ok!! you can add my email account, daisyg2396@gmail.com
oh i said this on the hangouts cuz i think daisy or ayse asked but i just cant figure out how to hide u guys per se. i have to keep in mind that my parent can and sometimes will look through my messages or even my lock screen. so yeah yall r too big to hide lol sorry
^^^ there’s a way to turn off alerts for certain chats i think, if u have an iphone you click on the chat settings and there’s a little switch or smth idk. also idk how to hide it on the messages app sorry !! but i hope this helps
thanks I hope you feel better soon too ❤️❤️
yeah that’s the d00d :(
mkay. sorry :((( tell all the gc that i luv them and miss em :((
Come check the results of my icon contest! 🥰
thank you!❤️
i love u
hey 💕
hahaha don't worry you definitely will be
yasss i see queen in there!!
so excited to put this playlist together! ♥️
awh thanks :)
this happens to me sm