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this is different! i've never seen a gecko be the main focus of a collage! it's always cute, cuddly things like puppies or cats. nicely done!
that’s adorable😂😍
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I absolutely love this
it warms my heart the more I thing of geckos ❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this collage
omg i love geokos!!!! Good pic too.
that is so cute
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this is so true
luv dat
why you say that
you can say that again! I love LIZARDS! ps. follow me! pps. I’m getting a pet lizard!
omg so cute
so cute
love it
reptiles and amphibians are the sweetest baby pets!! I have a frog myself.
this is so adorable
Awww! my teacher has two of those!
it’s so cute❤️
Your collage is soooo goood! Do you mind checking out mine too?