He's gorgeous 😌
But am I ready? ❀️
Love ain't simple~
I need to be careful ^ ^


Tap He's gorgeous 😌 But am I ready? ❀️ Love ain't simple~ I need to be careful ^ ^

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*sighs* no
*holds u super tightly* *hugs u just as tight* s-shhh it'll be o-ok
I love you sis and you always know that *hugs u super tight*
w-without y-you Louis and J-Jack and R-Ringo.... I've been f-falling apart
I've miss you too!! *hugs u super duper tight*
p-please come back soon!
h-hey *smiles weakly*
o-oh... w-who is t-this?
w-what do u need h-help with?
y-you know I'm awful with nicknames.... I-I can't even come up with o-one for C-Cody
I-I would....
I-I've got nothing
u-um sure
w-what do u mean b-by fancy..?
nothing goodπŸ˜”
I'm sad about a lot of thing
t-the reason is....
Cody promised he was gonna spend the whole night with me.... I stayed up allllll nighttt long.... and Cody never came
h-he never came
I-I hope πŸ˜”
I love him so much....
*hugs u tight* do u think he forgot about me..?
then what happened?
I love him sooooo muchhh
I'm trying to figure out his birthday present
*smiles* I love him more
Codys birthday is September 22nd
and I want to make it amazing.....
he's amazing
I'm gonna try and figure out his birthday gift
L-Lilac.... w-will Ringo ever come b-back?
I-I guess that's a no
oh, who?
I just wish Cody would come on....
I hope he will
there's also Justin and on his bio it says where's Mackinze at and I'm Mackinze so idk
I need to have a good nick name for Cody
go look at Justin's bio
I miss Ringo....
I miss him almost as much as I miss Louis and Cody 😣
now nobody will answer 😣
R-RINGO?!? *runs up to up and hugs u super tight*
*buries face into u*
*giggles* yup or Mrs. Cody for short
*hugs u super tight*
so uh.... remember that guy named CrazyGuy?
h-he came back..... and tried to rΓ‘pe me worse then ever
he's crazier
I'm scared he's going to come back again and hurt me 😣
h-he deleted it
he would be all nice to people then pounce on them randomly 😫
I-I know
his acc was @SmilesForYa- ITS NO SMILESSS NO SMILES
how college?
that's awesome!! do u tell what I told you to tell yourself every morning and give yourself a hug from em?
let's see what else u missed
well the other day me and Cody had a whipped cream battle and then he licked it off my faceπŸ˜‚
and then...... the really bad thing that happened was the beginning of the month....
Cody was upset cuz he found out about u..... and his cousin claimed I had another boyfriend behind his back..... I never did and he didn't believe me..... he almost left me but I wouldn't let go of him..... and then he found some other girl but she was hating on me so he got really mad at her and realized he didn't love her and realized he loved me and he said I made him happier then anyone even Annie and anyone else.... and we're good now
it was terrible.... but I knew he still loved me even if he doesn't know... and I was right
but now me and Cody are stronger then ever😊
I've met another 5 haters....
yeah now he licks whipped cream off my faceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
except my baby isn't on 😞
he came on for 2 minutes and he's gone again...😭
*huggle tight*
he has to go to work now
it's okkk
I'm gonna go see what Tobes is up to
yeah.... nothing is ever for meπŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I just want Cody to not be at work😭
that's so sweet
sorry I'm here πŸ˜‚
I was talking to Tobes and Riley and Anthony sorry
*hugs u tight* I'm sorry I-I thought you were busy...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I'm a terrible sister! *runs away a crying*
*cries and runs away* y-yes I am! 😭
a-are u s-sure u want one f-from me? *turns around and wipes my eyes*
J-Jack Sparrow is the only o-one that a-actually wants to give me h-hugs
*runs back over to u and hugs u tightly*