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my teacher asked me if she was from sabrina and like.. nah fam i don’t watch that show 😬 

👏🏽lil nas x is once again my pfp 👏🏽

bye bye <3


8 : 2 8 my teacher asked me if she was from sabrina and like.. nah fam i don’t watch that show 😬 👏🏽lil nas x is once again my pfp 👏🏽 bye bye <3

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@ caption// you should draw lil nas x man
your coloring is so freaking pretty :)
i love ur art frfr
your art is powerful.
also thanks man🙃
sjskksjsksmsksksksmsk talent
u should draw lil nas x ^^^^^^^^
@bio: oh no it’s stuck in my head now
oh wait that’s a good thing
idk man I have talent or some sort of talent but I’m not getting casted so I guess it is about looks
aww thanks sm and you have some major art talent❤️
helllloooo eyalalalla
miss you
eyala if you ever comeback I’ll hug u
Hey eyala i’m back if you even wanna chat! miss you!!
this is Kayla btw i’m using my old account
I miss you, and now I’m leaving pc and it makes me sad but I want to thank you for all those endless laughs and smiles we’ve had together. thank you for pulling me into a virtual hug. thank you.
*new post*
hey eyala, I miss you and I just wanted to say hi. hope you com back soon. ily 💞
hey there eyala. you probably won’t read this for a bit, and that’s okay. I just wanted to wish you a happy New Years. I have missed you so much, and it almost physically hurts that there’s no one to call me logibear 😂. it used to make me smile, even when I was sad, and I hope reading this will make you smile. I hope you’re doing well, and I love you so so much 💞💞💞
hello there matey how are you? I miss you sooo much so if you get back, make sure to stop by! even though this is late, I hope you had an amazing Christmas and a happy 2020💗💗💗
I miss you eyala and ik that you probably won’t see this for a long time but that’s okay and completely fine as long as you are fine and healthy and happy. I miss you and the whole family misses you. love you forever!!
eyala I miss you so much you don’t even know💕
just checking in you know? haha how are you? wowww it’s already march... I’m good I guess jeev and Jat are slowly coming back... it would mean the world if you did too pc family always missing AND loving you 💖💖
hey eyala. again. I hope you’re okay. we’ve all missed you. 💕
hey, I know you don’t know you at all but I’m Anna, and from what I’ve heard you sound really awesome. so yeah. if you ever come back I’d love to be friends. I hope you’re doing well. :)
Hey Eyala. idk if you remember me but I’m Jamo. just wanted to check in on you and say hi. so uh, hi. 😂 everyone really misses you. a lot. when you come back we’ll be here with open arms. 💖
hey Eyala! wanted to check in again with you.. idk if you’ll see this but ily 💖
check this out
checking in to say hi and ilyy 💖💖
happy birthday!!
missing you :( ♥️
happy birthday eyala:( i miss you
happy birthday, Eyala!!! I miss youuuu
just found ur account, don’t know u but happy birthday😊❤️
damnn take that portraits temperature cuz it’s looking SICK
and it matches my bio😂
Happy birthday Eyala! sorry i haven’t been on but i miss you ❤️❤️
Hello! I just posted on my account, asking for some new account names for a new start, and I’d really appreciate it if you helped a sister out. It can be anything, and every suggestion is appreciated. Thanks so much! (ps happy birthday)
imy eyala💞💞
I posted something for your birthday on June 14 but I deleted it bc yk you’re gone
but it included a melting sponge bob
don’t ask because I don’t even know
but the whole pc family obviously misses u bc you were such a huge addition 😌💗
hey i miss you <3
i hope everything is going well for you.
oh shtt this is kat by the way
eyala :)